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Better Summary: Ichigo meets two soul reapers for America. He founds out something interesting and new about the Soul Society. He starts to develop feelings for one of the American soul reapers but something is keeping them apart.

A World Apart

Chapter 1

A Introduction

A girl with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes was sitting in a chair with her feet propped up on a table. She was in a tank top with 'Country Strong' written in big letters with glitter on them. It was orange and had a horse at the hem of the shirt. She had on a pair of normal jeans and a pair of white tennis shoes. Her hair was in a ponytail. In her hands, was a book with Hunted on the front of it. She yawned and put the book down. She got up and stretched.

She faintly heard footsteps coming down the hall. She sat back in the chair and closed her eyes. The door straight in front of her opened. "CURTIS!" She fell out of the chair but got up and saluted.

She smiled. "Captain Aldean, hello sir!" She said then bowed.

He scoffed. The man has on a yellow cowboy hat with a brown stripe on it. He had a plaid country shirt on, tucked into a pair a plain pale blue jeans. He had on a white long coat behind him with a black 8 on the back of it. He had brown hair with soft brown eyes. He had a beard that connected with his mustache. He looked back at the blonde hair. "Wheres your Zanpakuto, Curtis? We're going to Japan for two months to help out with the hollows. They need our help."

The girl looked confusingly at him. "Why? When does Japan Soul Reapers need help from American Soul Reapers?" She asked him.

The man shrugged. "I don't know. Ever since they got that substitute soul reaper, they think that they are so much better than us!" He yelled with an annoyed voice.

The girl rolled her eyes. "Captain, you should really calm down. You never acted like this when you were the famous Jason Aldean. You die, come to American Soul Society and get cranky. What happened?" The girl put her hands on her hips and thought.

Jason cringed. He glared at the girl. "You need to be careful with what you say, Lieutenant Curtis. I'm your captain and I expect you to follow my orders. Head-Captain Jean wouldn't want to hear about this." He sighed.

The girl laughed. "I really wish I met you in real life so I could have gotten your autograph. I would have wanted you to put: 'To Brittany Curtis, Have a good life. Jason Aldean.'" The girl giggled at the thought.

Jason sighed remembering when he was alive. "Brittany, you really need to stop that. You been dead for a few years, besides that, you are a lieutenant and your supposed to be adopted by the Lily clan. You have everything in the palm of your hand. Don't lose it. You are favorite my lieutenant." He smiled at her.

Brittany gasped then smiled at her captain. "Thank you captain. That is an honor I will not take lightly. Now, let's get going, I'm ready to go to Japan to get this over with." She said then slid her palms across each other

[In Japan]

Head-Captain Yamamoto was sitting with an expressionless face. He had wrinkles all over his face, while he had with a beard coming down from his chin. His lieutenant, Chōjirō Sasakibe, came in and bowed to his captain. "Captain, I have been notified by the head-captain of the American Soul Reapers that Captain Aldean and Lieutenant Curtis of Squad 8 will be coming to help with the hollow situation in Karakura Town. Should will allow them entrance to this Soul Society?" Chōjirō asked.

Yamamoto nodded but stayed silent. Chōjirō nodded and shunpoed off.

[In America]

Lieutenant Curtis was packing her stuff to go to Japan. She had an outfit for every country that had soul reapers, so her closet was pretty full. She shook her head when she thought about wearing the black kimono that the Japan Soul Reapers wore.

Captain Aldean came in wearing a black kimono and his captain cape but with a Japanese number 8 on it. "Are you ready, Curtis?" He asked in his husky, country-twang voice.

Brittany squeaked and jumped about. "Sorry, captain. I'm almost ready. I just need to get my mortal clothes ready for when we go into our gigais." She pouted but thanks to her captain, she had to go anyway. "Why didn't we send third seat Bailey Bofoey or forth seat Holly Bell. They would have been would have been better than sending a captain and lieutenant to Japan." She sighed as she talked.

Her captain rolled her eyes. "Suck it up, Curtis. Besides, you need….er…. to get out more. You kinda stay cooped up all day. You never get out and you need to." He said to his lieutenant. She stared into space. Jason could feel a vein throbbing. "CURTIS! Get ready! We're leavin' in an hour." He said. He then walked out of the room.

Brittany sighed. She was the only woman lieutenant there was in the American Soul Society. They say her power is to that of a captain but that can't become one until she is trained properly, reaches bankai, and straightens her attitude. Her Zanpakuto is called Bailia Aira. She loved her zanpakuto but she never told anyone.

She sighed and went into her room. She grabbed her orange suitcase and left the room.

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