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Final Goodbyes

Brittany looked at the houses from the road. She remembered the vehicle that came by and shot her. She walked slowly to the house she lived in once. She jumped and went through the wall of her old room. She looked around at the room, her sheets were untouched, her clothes were still all over the floor, her book-bag was in a corner and her closet door was still open.

Her captain long coat followed behind her as she walked around the room.

Brittany heard footsteps coming from the living room. She stood still hoping that no one could see her.

A girl with brown hair to her shoulders, blue eyes the same has Brittany's, an oval shaped head, and the girl was almost 5 feet tall. She looked around Brittany's room and her eyes stopped on Brittany. "Brittany?" The girl said.

Brittany turned to the girl. "Little one, can you see me? Nod your head if you can." Brittany commanded the girl.

The girl nodded. "How can this be? You're dead! Wait, are you a ghost and what is with that white coat with a 6 on the back and why do you have a sword on your hip?" The girl asked,

Brittany smiled. "Brandi, I know I'm died but will you like to know something?" Brittany asked her. Brandi nodded. "Well, I'm captain of squad six in the American Soul Society. Each country as their own soul society and soul reapers. I died about a year ago and became a captain, got bankai, and have been to several countries already." Brittany explained to her sister.

Brittany gaped at her. "So you are here right now and you're not lying to me?" Brandi asked.

Brittany shook her head.

Brandi gasped. "That is so cool! My sister is someone who is really powerful! Maybe I can be powerful to when I come to the soul society." Brandi shouted.

Another pair of footsteps came from the living room. "Brandi? I hear two voices. Are you okay?" A woman with grayish/brownish hair walked in. She gasped when she saw Brittany. "Brittany?" The woman walked over and held her hand out, feeling on Brittany's shoulder. "You're solid. But how? You're supposed to be dead."

Brittany laughed. "Brandi can explain later. I just had to see you one more time before I lost all my memories. I'll see you later, momma." Brittany said.

"Wait! Brittany, why don't you stay for a little while?" Her mom asked.

Brittany sighed. She walked over to her mom. "Fine but I'm not doing anything for you. The answer is no to anything that you ask me to do." Brittany snapped at the woman.

Her mom dropped her mouth. "Excuse me. I am your mother. I can tell you whatever I want to. If I tell you to get me a drink, I expect you to get me a drink." Her mom snapped back.

Brittany scoffed. "Listen old lady. When you die and come to the Soul Society I will be the boss of you. Family ties don't matter. I'm a captain. I could have you killed if you insulted me. Got that?" Brittany said to her mom.

Her mom gaped at her again. "What do you mean you're a captain? Young lady, I'm still your mom. Died or not. Now come help me put dishes away." Her mom said to her.

Brittany shook her head. "No."

"Don't tell me no. Now come on."

Brittany turned around and started walking towards the window. "Listen, momma. I can tell grandpa Davis how you have acted all these years. I'll see you another time. I have several more people to visit and the next one is about to get off work soon." Brittany flashed out.

Brittany was in a gigai, wearing a usual tank top with ripped pants and white tennis shoes. A man that was really tall walked out in a Burger King uniform. Brittany walked up to him. "Daddy?" She called out in a quiet voice.

The man dropped his car keys when he saw Brittany. He quickly picked them up and walked over to his car. He got in and Brittany got in too. "Daddy?" This time she touched his arm to let him know that she was solid and real.

The man looked at her with hazel eyes. "Brittany? Are you truly here?" He asked.

Brittany smiled and started to tear up. "Yes, daddy. It's me. I'm truly here. I came to kinda hang out for a little while. Is that okay? You know, I talk while you drive." She asked him.

The man nodded and turned on the car. "So how long are you staying?" Her dad asked her.

Brittany thought for few minutes. "I'll be seeing a few more people. Like grandma, grandpa, Jacob, Uncle Greggory, Aunt Cachelle, and some others." She told him.

He nodded and pulled out of the parking lot. "So how have you been? Is everything okay in heaven?"

Brittany nodded her head. "Yes, but it isn't actually 'heaven'. There is a society called the Soul Society and I'm a really powerful being there." She told him.

He nodded. "Cool, are you going to spend the night at my house?" He asked Brittany.

Brittany smiled "Do you want me too? It can be like old times. You can dropped my off at grandma's and grandpa's. I can pay you the gas money. I am paid a lot in the soul society." Brittany suggested.

Her dad looked at her. "Sure."

They drove towards her dad's house. When the car stopped, she got out and noticed that nothing had changed. They went inside the house and everything was still the same but more pictures of her were around the living room. She saw a picture of her when she was with her brother, posing for a picture. He still had two cats, Squeaky and Tig. Brittany smiled when Tig ran up to her and started purring.

Brittany walked into the kitchen and noticed that a little cat statue she gave him before she died was still there. She walked into the family room and saw that there were Wii games everywhere around the TV stand.

Brittany walked into her old room and saw just a simple bed with a small TV and a dresser with a light. Brittany sighed. Her dad was behind her and gave her a shirt to use. Brittany smiled at him and went and sat down on the bed. She got up again and gave him a hug. "Night, daddy." She whispered in his ear.

He dad hugged her back. "Night, sweetie. I guess you have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow."

Brittany nodded. "Is Jacob going to see his dad this weekend?" Brittany asked.

Her dad shook his head. "No, so you should be able to see him." He looked back at her. "Hey, have you lost weight?" He asked.

Brittany nodded. "Training does that." She giggled and watched him walk off. She pulled her clothes off and got into the shirt. She looked around the room some more. She noticed her closet door was shut. She opened it and she saw some of her old clothes that she had down here. She smiled and went and plopped down on the bed. She got under the covers and drifted off to sleep.

Brittany was shaken awake by her dad. He told her to get dressed and get ready to go. Brittany got up and changed into some of her old clothes. She grabbed the clothes she wore the day before.

She met her dad in the living room and they got into the car and drove to her grandparent's house.

They got there in less than 15 minutes. Brittany took some money out of her pocket and gave it to her dad.

Her dad took a 100 dollar bill. "Britt, I can't take this much." Her dad tried to hand it back but Brittany wouldn't take it.

"Daddy, that is not much from where I am. I get paid a lot during the week. Keep it." She shook her head and sighed. Her dad and went and unlocked the door to the house and they walked in.

Brittany turned to her dad. She hugged him. "I love you, daddy. I promise to come and see you another time." She pulled away and kissed him on the cheek. Her dad hugged her and went to work.

She instantly head footsteps walking towards where she was. Lights turned on over head. She looked at where small brick stairs lead to the main part of the house. In the doorway, stood her grandfather. He looked shocked to see her. "Britt?" He called.

Brittany ran up and hugged him. "Hey, grandpa. Don't have your usually 'Dang, forgot to lock the door'?" She giggled and looked at him. "Nice to see you grandpa." She went and sat down in a chair as her grandpa sat down in his computer chair.

He looked at himself as if he was crazy. Another pair of footsteps was coming towards. "Larry, who was-" Brittany's grandmother stood in the doorway and looked at her. "Brittany?"

Brittany smiled. "Hi grandma. I guess we have a little bit of catching up to do." She said and watched as her grandmother sat down and she started to explain everything.

It was eleven thirty in the morning before Brittany left. She spent time with her grandfather and grandmother. Her grandmother took her shopping for some clothes and Brittany snuck one thousand dollars into her grandmother's purse. She smiled as she saw nothing changed.

Brittany rented a car long enough to get to her aunt's house then to her uncle's house. She came to a familiar road in a neighborhood. She looked over at her aunt's house. Everyone looked to be there. She pulled up to the cub and went and knocked on the door. Her aunt's friend, Sandra answered the door. "Can I help you?" She asked.

Brittany smiled. "Uh, yes. I'm here to see Jacob." Sandra let her in and called Jacob.

Her aunt didn't look at her. Brittany went over to her aunt. "Aunt Cachelle? Are you there?" Brittany called out teasingly.

Her aunt looked at and gasped. "Brittany?" She said.

Another gasped came from behind them and Brittany was tackled with a hug from her cousin. She hugged him back. "JACOB!" She yelled happily.

Brittany explained the stuff that happened with her and how she was here. They listened carefully. When she was done, she went with Jacob upstairs to play Halo Reach with him since he still had it. Brittany smiled and saw that his floor of the house was more teenage like for him.

Brittany enjoyed her time with her cousin. She was sad that she had to leave soon.

Brittany visited her uncle, who played around with her and annoyed the heck out of her. She ended up going into her soul reaper form, surprised that he could see her. She took Bailia Aira and threaten him to stop. They continued to joke around and the time came for Brittany to say bye.

Brittany went to New York to visit her great grandmother for a while. She had fun with her and seeing her one last before she had to go but Brittany had a feeling that she would be joining her soon.

Brittany had one last person to visit. She turned in the car and shunpoed with her gigai in her arms. She was near a small lane. Brittany walked to the first house on the left. She knocked on the door and heard footsteps come up. A man opened the door and looked at Brittany. "Brittany, I have expected you would be visiting soon." He turned and Brittany followed.

He had coffee in his hand and was sitting at the dining room table with pennies on a napkin. Brittany smiled. "Still into your habit?" She asked teasingly.

The guy nodded. "Still have been since you died. So tell me, how is the next life like?" He asked.

Brittany thought. "Well, for the people I love, they will be welcome in my Seireitei and live with my squad. You being one of them, grandpa." She told him and smiled.

Her grandfather nodded. "Have you found your grandpa Davis yet?" He asked her.

Brittany shook her head. "I've been busy with other stuff. I guess that my memories are starting to fade more each day. Don't worry, your one person I can never forget, grandpa." She said.

He nodded. "Okay. What took you so long to get here?" He looked her in the eyes.

Brittany smiled. "I saved the best for last. I couldn't wait to see you, grandpa."

Her grandfather nodded. "Well come see me soon, 'kay?" He asked her.

Brittany nodded. "You bet. Bye grandpa, love you." She hugged him and walked out. She opened a gate and walked back into her soul society.

She stepped on the ground. "What was I doing in the World of Living just a moment ago?" She asked herself. She couldn't remember.

The End of 'A World Apart'

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