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A promise made by the heart

Chapter one

They were ruining, it was raining and they were hurt but they couldn't stop. Arnold knew this but his body had enough and he collapses on the ground exhausted. Helga stop running as soon as he saw Arnold collapse, she hurried by his side and tried to help him stand up.

"Common Football Head. We have to keep going" Helga urge him to stand up.

"I can't Helga, I am just too tired" Arnold said as he closes his eyes.

"oh crimany" Helga said as she sat down beside him.

They sat there in silence, regaining their breath. They were so closed, so very closed to being captured by La sombra. The man that capture Arnold's parents, The Man that made Her Arnold think that he was an orphan. Helga blood boiled as he thought about that monster that made Arnold suffer, He was going to pay for ever getting across the path of Helga G. Pataki's beloved. Helga looks at Arnold as he slept, She couldn't sleep not now, she wanted to be awake watching over her beloved making sure he's safe.

Helga thought back on their few days in San Lorenzo, the whole class was there trying to find Arnold's parents but somehow they have manage to get separated from the others. They had to walk the forest alone until they found the green eyes village… Well they didn't actually founded, it was actually an accident as Helga sat an a rock that open a stone wall that was near the waterfall, but either way they found it.

They were shocked when the green eyes people bow down to Arnold as the shouted some stuff, that they really dint understand. But was shock them they most was that a friend of Arnold's parents' name Edwardo was there and told them that his parents were alive, but they were captured by La Sombra. Edward also told them that La Sombra finally got the green eye treasure… El Corazon. Arnold immediately asks Edwardo for a map of the forest and promise to get El Corazon back along with his parents. Things dint go so well La sombra's minions almost captured them but that dint matter, they will still go to save Arnold parent's in the end it will be worth it. To see Arnold finally along his parents and see him happy with the love he deserved was enough to make it all worth it.

Helga looks back at her beloved and a soft smile came to her lips, she was going to make him happy and keep him safe because even if their classmate will think is stupid and even ridicules, She was in love with Arnold Shortman her sweet Football Head. She gently went over to his side and examine his wounds, she wasn't surprised went he saw a deep and long wound in his left arm; she gently undid her pink bow and tied around his wound to make sure he dint bleed so much. She let her hair down and laid beside him. She finally let sleep overtake her as she promises that she will make sure Arnold safe and she will make sure that he finally gets his parents back by any means necessary.