(Decided to do something different for a change. There's not enough Lloyd/Julianne out there! Hope you all enjoy it. No spoilers for season 2, but this does take place after Charlie's death.)

One day, the task force got one of the worst runners they would ever encounter. His name was Mark Sanders, he was a serial rapist who targeted women who resembled a girl who had rejected him in high school. His MO was breaking into the woman's houses, knocking them out, assaulting them, and leaving them tied to their beds. Sanders had 3 victims, two had died from starvation because no one had reported them missing. One victim had just narrowly survived.

Ray had called Lloyd, Shea, and Erica in from Maybelle and they arrived promptly. They began discussing the case. Nearly an hour later, Julianne still hadn't arrived. Everyone began to worry. Ray said,

"Has anyone heard from Julianne? It isn't like her to be late?"

Everyone shook their heads. Ray took out his phone and dialed Julianne's cell. He got her voicemail. His face turned white. Ray said

"That's it. I'm going over there. Lloyd, your coming with me. Shea, Erica stay here, see if you can reach her."

Ray and Lloyd got into the elevator, and then went down to the SUV. The thirty minute ride to Julianne's house was mostly silent until Lloyd spoke. He said,

"Ray, I know we don't want to believe it,but...what if Sanders got Julianne?"

"Your right, I do have a feeling that Sanders does have something to do with this, but I hope he doesn't."

Five minutes later, they arrived at Julianne's house. They walked up to the door and knocked. Ray called out,


No answer. Ray put his hand on the doorknob and realized it was unlocked. He opened the door and they both stepped inside. The front room was a mess. Ray took out his gun and he and Lloyd began slowly walking down the hall. He called out Julianne's name again but no response. Just seconds later they reached Julianne's room. The door was cracked. Ray pushed it open with his foot. He and Lloyd walked in, and what they saw scared them to death.

Julianne was laying there, tied to the bed, crying. Nothing covering her but a sheet. Ray and Lloyd went up to each side of her and untied her hands. Her arms fell to her side, and she rolled over and began crying even more. Ray said,

"Lowery, your the doctor, pick her up. We need to get her to a hospital."

Lloyd attempted to pick Julianne up, but she attempted to move away, she said

"Please...please don't hurt me."

Lloyd replied,

"Jules, I'm not going to hurt you, ever. You can trust me. I'm going to pick you up now."

Lloyd picked Julianne up of the bed and put her in his arms. He and Ray ran out to the SUV. Ray opened the door for Lloyd and he got into the backseat, still holding Julianne. Ray got into the driver's seat and took out his phone and called Erica. He said,

"Erica, we got Julianne. It's bad. Get the car, meet us at the hospital."

Meanwhile, in the backseat Julianne was crying hysterically in Lloyd's arms. She kept saying,

"Why, why me?"

Lloyd kept whispering soothing words in her ears.

Five minutes later, they arrived at the hospital.