Part Two to The Wammy's House Boys :D Glad I made it this far :D

WARNING! THERE IS A LOT OF GRAPHIC/SEXUAL/VIOLENT CONTENT IN THIS STORY. It involves YAOI (Boy/Boy) in SPADES and in general is NSFS (Not Safe for School) or to show to your parents ;)

The pairings will roughly be as follows(*= one-sided): Matt/Mello, *Mello/Near, Mello/Linda, *BB/L, *Matt/OC, Light/L.

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It's cold. Even though the rooms at Wammy's House are always warm…I feel cold.

It seems so peaceful. The world is dark and quiet. I don't hear a thing as I pad to the other side of the room, my footsteps muffled by the carpet.

Matt looks so content. So peaceful in sleep. He's so sweet, I want to hold onto this memory forever.

A part of me wonders if there's any other way. If somehow, I didn't have to go.

No, I scold myself. I have to do it. This is the only way.

Still…I'll miss him. More than I care to admit. (A part of me wishes that I could be frozen in time, stay with this memory, in this moment…forever.)

I lean down over Matt, feeling the warm, soft puff of his breath as his chest rises and falls, slowly, gently. I seal my lips over his, pressing our mouths together, more gently than I'd done anything in my life.

My heart aches as I pull away, and I caress his face in my hand, my other hand over my lips, as if to burn the sensations of the kiss forever into my memory. (I don't want to leave, God knows I don't…but I have to. There's no way I can stay here. Not in this prison. I'm not a bird that they can cage. And I'll show them that.)

I say the words I've been dying to say for so very, very long. Ever since we were children. ("Mello, I want you to marry me when we grow up. Matt said them first. He still has that tacky plastic ring on his finger as a testament to a promise that I'd never keep.) I feel my lips move, but my voice is so quiet it barely reaches my ears.

"…I love you, Matt." A few tears fall, landing on his forehead and soft, closed eyelids. My voice cracks and trembles as I choke the words out. "…I love you."