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"What you didn't tell someone was just as debilitating as what you did."
― Jodi Picoult, Handle With Care


Rem hadn't nagged me about lying to Rue's kid since she first told me off- as a matter of fact; she hadn't talked to me at all since then. And that'd been a week ago. Girl sure could hold a grudge. I didn't mind though- not like I wanted to be nagged or anything.

I'd tell him the truth someday- it wasn't like I could keep a secret forever. But it wouldn't be as much fun to tell him now as, say, after he got kissed by his first crush, or when he finally got laid, or something like that. When the kid was finally happy. And not just content happy, the way he could be now- I wanted him to be absolutely elated. On cloud nine. Then I'd tell him the secret.

That would be so much fun. I wondered what face he'd make- would he cry? Would he be mad at me?

I couldn't wait for that day to come.

I thought I might go visit Rue's kid that night; he probably learned at least a couple new stories to entertain me by now. And hopefully he'd have a couple apples for me.


The thought cheered me up so much that I hummed a happy little tune for the rest of the day.


Where the hell had Matt been all day?

He was gone when I got up in the morning, didn't show up for classes, and now it was past dinnertime, and he still hadn't shown up.

What the fuck? What the actual fuck?

I grumbled and set off to look for him after not touching my dinner. Damn it, if I wasn't able to study for our Physics test tomorrow because I was looking for him, I would gut Matt alive.

I checked the playroom and the game room- nothing there but the sheep. I checked outside…which was stupid, seeing as Matt hated the cold. And it was freaking FREEZING out at the moment.

After a few hours, I was starting to get scared.

"Matt!" I yelled, storming down the halls. A pack of girls squeaked and scrambled to get out of my way. "Matt, where are you?"

I'd kill him, I'd kill him- right after I hugged him and cried and begged him not to scare me like this ever again. Then I'd beat him over the head with one of the house game consoles just for good measure.


The only light in the coat closet was the glow from my game system, the only sound the soft clicking of the buttons as I pressed them.

This is how it had been all day, since five this morning, when I came to a sickening realization.

Mello's birthday was in three days, and I had no clue what I was supposed to give him. I wanted it to be something really special- something he'd always remember, even after we'd grown up and maybe never saw each other again. But I couldn't think of anything good enough to give Mello.

I heard him calling me from down the hall, voice growing louder, then eventually fading away. My heart acted as though it wanted to tear free from my chest, sprout legs, and run far away. I kept my breath quiet and waited until the cost was clear before I turned my game back on and kept playing, but I could barely push the buttons- my hands were shaking so badly.

I couldn't hide from Mello forever. And that's what scared me most of all.


I loved nighttime, in the library, alone, after everyone else had gone to bed. I could curl up in my favorite armchair, and get lost in whatever I wanted to read, without chattering children around me. It was painfully dull, but it gave my mind a rest, and calmed all my runaway thoughts.

"I'm bored."

I glanced up over the top of my book and gave Ryuuk a little smirk.

"What a coincidence," I purred. "I'm bored too."

Ryuuk let out one of his wheezing laughs.

"Got any more of those stories for me?" He asked, rather sounding like an eager child. I nodded, and turned my book back to the first page.

"This is an interesting one. It's a book called Needful Things. Have you ever heard of it?"


I passed my tongue once over my lips, and said, "Good."

I read to him for a couple of hours, while he sit-floats in rapt attention. We get about five chapters in the book when I decide to stop.

"You'll have to come back tomorrow if you want the rest of the story," I said, when he made a disappointed sound.

"Fine, fine," Ryuuk groaned.

"I'm hungry," I added, as an afterthought. Ryuuk followed a foot or so behind me as we headed to the kitchen.

I licked out a jar of strawberry jam while Ryuuk ate an entire bag of apples. I watched him the whole time, amused, intrigued… something like that.

"I should head back now," Ryuuk said, after he'd finished. "So, uh, see you tomorrow?"

I smirked again, licking the last remnants of the jam off my finger.

"I look forward to it."

And I was alone. Again. It left a strange, hollow chasm inside my heart- like the one I felt when A died, but not quite as gaping.

But…I wasn't alone. I turned around, toward the entry to the kitchen.

The letters and numbers above his head swam in front of me. Mihael Keehl, 502209. Mello.

"Who were you talking to?" he demanded, blue eyes glaring at me.

Even I found those eyes unnerving. I felt like, when they looked at me, they pierced my soul like a carving knife, prying out all my little secrets, all my fears, all my longings. Those eyes scared me.

"Myself," I lied. "I was just talking to myself."

Mello wasn't convinced.

I padded up to him, smiling, showing my sharp fangs.

"Go back to bed, little Mihael," I whispered, low and dangerous. Mello's eyes went wide.

"How do you..."

"You shouldn't stick your nose where it doesn't belong," I warned, my voice low and dangerous. "It might just get bitten off."