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Gilan walked behind Halt. Halt was doing a tracking exercise with Gilan by letting Gilan lead him on a discreet trail he had made earlier. Gilan looked back at his mentor and smiled. Halt motioned for him to keep moving. Gilan nodded and kept going. He sighed, this was getting really boring.

"Hey Halt," Gilan said while choosing investigating the ground for clues. He didn't wait for an answer. "Do Rangers have a theme song?" He heard Halt sigh and took that as a sign that the question was stupid. He smiled and kept moving.

A few minutes later Gilan remembered a tune he had heard in a play. He thought it would be perfect for the occasion of tracking and started humming it. He then started to dart around and hide behind trees, peering around it before moving on. Halt stopped and watched Gilan as he went on for a few feet, finally he had had enough.

"What in Gorlog's name are you doing?" Halt rolled his eyes as Gilan turned around quickly and fired an imaginary arrow.

"You said that the Ranger's didn't have a theme song," Gilan said as if it were obvious. He walked back to Halt.

"What's that got to do with anything?" Halt raised his eyebrows as Gilan started humming again. Gilan stopped.

"Well I went to a play a little while ago and I heard this song. It sounds perfect for the Rangers. It's all mysterious and everything." Gilan smiled despite his mentor's diminishing patience.

"And that makes you think it should be the Ranger theme song? Just because it's mysterious?" Halt motioned that the conversation was over but Gilan didn't give up.

"You're right; it shouldn't be our overall theme song. But it could be our hunting, tracking and stalking theme song."

"You're an idiot. I know I've said that before but that was when I figured you couldn't get any stupider." Halt motioned for them to move on. Gilan shrugged his shoulders and started walking.

A few minutes later Gilan got bored and started humming the song again. Pretty soon he was darting around like he had been. Halt shrugged his bow off and loaded an arrow. Gilan didn't notice and kept going. Halt pulled the arrow back and released. It hit Gilan on the foot where he had aimed. The boy wouldn't be seriously hurt but it would teach him not to hum a James Bond song while tracking.

"Oww!" Gilan yelled as he dropped to the ground clutching his foot. "That hurt Halt!" Gilan tore off part of his cloak and wrapped it around the wound after he removed the arrow. He realized it wasn't serious.

"It wasn't meant to feel good," Halt said as he caught up with him. "Now let's finish the tracking, I've had enough of you." Halt waited for Gilan to stand before he continued walking.

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