Chapter 6:

Zeus vs Prometheus

The gods were excited and worried. Excited that Athena and Poseidon were expecting and their wedding would be soon. Worried that the Titans would be on the move fast. Kronos isn't known for his patience.

Zeus was in the throne room with Hera,Artemis and Athena. Hera was in a horrible mood. She wanted to go down to Earth and kill the Titans that were there causing havoc. She walked out of the chamber. The rage vibrating off her was intense. Ever scine her son had died, she has had the urge to go face a Titan. Luckly Demeter or Hestia would help her calm down. She always listened to her older sisters.

Hera was on her giant bed staring off. She didn't want to speak to anyone but she knew that wouldn't stop her sisters Demeter and Hestia. She heard her the doors of her chamber opening.

"Sister why must you do this everyday?" Her eldest sister Demeter asked. She sat near Hera's legs. Hestia sat on her other side.

"I just want those dreadful Titans to burn in Tartarus for the rest of their immortal lives." Hera spat. She ment every word.

"Hera, you must relax. Revenge is not answer. You are better then the Titans. They want revenge and look where that has landed them. Five Titans dead because of their ignorance." Hestia said. Hera knew she was right but she was still very upset. She just wished that this damn war would end, so the Olympians could finally live in peace without any Titans to worry about.

Zeus walked to the edge of Olympus where Ares and Aphrodite were. They both were staring off, watching the mortals live their lives without knowing that the Titans were free.

"What is it father? What has you so worried?" Artemis said walking up behind him.

"The Titans and Hera." Zeus answered simply.

"Zeus we have a visitor." Ares said.

Zeus looked over to where Ares was pointing. It was the Titan Prometheus. He was coming for revenge. He wanted Apollo but today he would get the king of gods.

Zeus went to his chambers to find his sisters in his bed. "What's going on Zeus?" Hera asked as he put on his white and gold armor.

"Prometheus is looking for Apollo for revenge, but I will show the Titan." Zeus answered as he put on his helmet. Zeus went over the edge and came face to face with Prometheus.

You could see the Titan's grey cracked skin under his red and black armor. His red eyes visable through his helmet. "Well I didn't expect the king of gods to grace me with his presence." Prometheus said with a sneer. Prometheus grabbed the sword that was in it's sheath on his back. Zeus did the same.

The Titan readied his sword. "I will get my revenge, Zeus. You will not stop me from reaching your son. No god will stop me." Prometheus said with a chuckle. He swung his sword but Zeus was faster and was able to block the strike. Zeus noticed that the Titan wasn't as strong as when the first time they fought. The Titans were weaker then before. Their time in Tartarus has made them weak. That is why they haven't attacked.

Zeus used this knowledge to his advantage. He used quick strikes against the weak Titan. Prometheus had trouble keeping up and blocking. Zeus' sword scraped his arm. His arm started to bleed heavily. Zeus had hit a vein. A very important vein. Prometheus weakened even more. His immortal blood started to spill on to the earth. The earth soaked up the blood.

"Give it up Prometheus. You can't win." Zeus said swinging his sword once more. Prometheus blocked it but staggered back. He fell to the ground. Zeus bought down his sword and the blade easily went in and dismembered the Titan's arm. Prometheus howled in pain. The grey cracked arm started to spasm, then finally lay still. The blood and gore started to fall of the grey arm and spill on the ground.

Prometheus dropped his sword and covered his bloody stump. The flesh hanging from the stump. "How would you like to die Prometheus? Would you like the pain to last or do you want me to end it quickly? Or I could chain you back up to that mountain and let my bird feed off you?" Zeus said. Prometheus shivered as remembered the time he spent locked up and being fed on by Zeus giant bird, before being sent to Tartarus. Prometheus couldn't belive he had failed.

"I damn you Zeus. For all of eternity." Prometheus spat. He was quick with words even in the face of death. Zeus swung his sword and cut off Prometheus' other arm. The Titan yelled in pain.

Hera watched from Mount Olympus. A smile creeped up on her face. She wanted the Titan to die slowly. His pain to last for all of eternity. She wished she were down there now instead of her husband. To deliver the final blow.

Iapetus watched as his other son slowly died. If Kronos hadn't commanded him to stay on Mount Othrys, he would be down there killing Zeus and saving his son. First it was Menoetius, then it was Epimetheus. He was not about to let another son of his die. He continued to watch as Zeus kept dragging his sword across Prometheus' rocky grey skin. His red eyes dulling.

"Don't you dare disobey an order Iapetus." Kronos said behind him. Iapetus' eyes burned with fire and anger. He wanted to smite his king but he wouldn't go that far.

"Why do you fight for him?" Amphitrite said coming up behind the angry Titan. "You don't have to fight for a knig who lets your children die. He is you brother and doesn't care." The ocean goddess whispered into his ear. "Join my father and we will lead the Titans into victory." She said with a chuckle. Revolt against Kronos bought a smile to the Titan's face.

Prometheus moaned as he fell to the ground. His whole body and his armor were covered in his immortal blood. Prometheus softly cursed Zeus. His words barely a whisper.

"This is your end Prometheus." Zeus' voiced thundered. The clouds above them turned grey. Thunder rumbled through the clouds. Lightning lit up the sky. Prometheus could barely see anything. Consciousness quickly leaving. Zeus bought down his sword and impaled the Titan in his chest. The Titan gasped as his death came.

Zeus went back to Mount Olympus and was surrounded by his brother,sister, and wife. "We need to make a new cage. That way the Titans will never reek havoc again." Zeus said.

The rest seemed to be in deep thought. Poseidon broke the silence and suggested the only thing that would lock up the Titans forever.

"For that we need our brother...Hades."

So did you like the surprise in this chapter. Oceanus and Amphitrite starting to rebel against Kronos and killing the Olympians. Only five more chapters. After the next chapter, Kronos will lead the Titans into the second Titanomacy against the Olympians. The second Titanomacy will be chapters eight through ten will be and epic war. It will also contain very bloddy and gorey scenes. It will also contain surprising deaths. The next chapter will be up by tomorrow night.