Hello, this is my first ever fanfic so I apologies for the mistakes I make. I don't see myself as any kind of writer I just got really bored and wanted to write a storey. I absolutely love the Georgia Nicolson series so I hope its not horribly awful. Oh and I'm sorry if it resembles anyone else's fan fictions its totally unintentional.

this is rated as a high T for a tiny bit of smut (but not that much, possibly more to come though) also I've added a bit of swearing in, even though thats not normally in the books, it just felt right :)

Disclaimer: I don't own this storey the amazing Louise Rennison does.

Anyway on with the show :)

Kittykat and the Laugh

I am officially the boyfriend of the hornmeister. (if you don't know why I said boyfriend you are very lazy minxes and haven't even bothered to read my fabbity fab diaries, they are rather marvy even if I am blowing my own horn, but anyway long story short I asked Dave the laugh to be my girlfriend after a lot of messing about we are finally together so let the adventure begin.

Monday 17th October


oh it's good to be out of Stalag 14, it october half term but its absolutely swelteringly hot apparently were having some sort of weather shift thats came from india of something jaz said its called an 'indian summer' but its meant to be like winter i dont know my brain can take the pressure of it all.

2 seconds later

I'm going to snuggle back in to my bed of happinocity and dream of Dave my official horn partner... Wait why I am up so early anyway I am not in school this is ridiculous, bloody body clock

2mins later...

Phones ringing

Apparently I am the only able bodied person in the house; no one else even moved... spoke to soon mutti has answered the phone. "Oh hi Dave (merde) no Georgia's asleep...I know haha Dave your so funny" she was practically having phone sex with my boyfriend (girlfriend). I stormed down the stairs and grabbed the phone before she could embarrass me further

"Hi hornmeister, what's up?" I said whilst casually beating away my mutti who was trying to listen in

"Hello kittykat, I was just ringing to say I'm really glad were girlfriend and girlfriend, and was wondering if you would like to come for a walk with me today" his voice was making me jelloid hmmmm god that is one hellishly sexy voice

"I'm really happy too Dave but we are not girlfriend and girlfriend as that would make you a girl and I am not on the turn, although I would have to make an exception for a lady version of the hornmeister... oh and I would love to go for a walk with you." I think I actually would go lezzy if Dave was a girl I can't resist his nip libbling charms

"Wonderful sex kitty, meet me on the swings in the park at 10" then he hung up


ohh sweet lord Sandra I have only got one hour and twenty minutes to make myself beautiful for my boyfriend (ahh I still can't get over the fact that he's my boyfriend)


I have had a shower and applied a facemask and I'm picking out what to wear hmmm... its really hot outside so shorts and skirts are acceptable, I will have to tackle the orangutan gene first though.


My legs are silky smooth and hair free (thanks to Vati's razor) so I'm going to wear my high wasted shorts with a floaty white t-shirt that you can sort of see through... I will have to wear a brightly coloured bra to make it look more like a fashion statement than an accident I'm going to wear my high-top converse that have a union jack pattern on them.


Remove facemask... wow surprisingly lurker free skin minimal makeup so foundation, powder, blusher, bronzer, eyeliner, and a few coats of mascara it is then.


Now on to the hair... blow dry for extra bounceability actually doesn't need much work done today.


Throw on the clothes I picked as fast as possible grab my red leather jacket (like Michael Jacksons) and run downstairs.


Mutti and Vati are in the kitchen snogging as usual Libby is being dragged around by Angus and Gordy like Santa and his reindeer. It still amazes me the things Angus lets her do to him, I can't even feed him without having my legs savaged.


Grabbed a couple of pop tarts and told mutti and vati I was going out with the ace gang and the barmy army... Mutti gave me a tenner and said "oh lovely have fun here's a tenner get something nice" (I wonder if she's sick) I didn't say that though I graciously accepted and ran out of the house before she could change her mind.


At the edge of the park heading for the swings.

Dave's already there ohmygiddygod I can see him from here he looks gorgy his hairs been left natural so it's slightly wild and swooshy god I can wait to run my fingers through it.

He's got a white top on with black pattern up the side and a pair of washed out jeans with ripped knees and a pair of old converse that had clearly had a bit of wear. He looked Absolutely marvy and I was only a few steps away from him now but he hadn't noticed because he had his back to me so I put my arms around his shoulders and kissed his neck he jumped but then realized it was me and turned around and went straight to number 5 he pulled away and said

"Good morning sex kitty, how are you on this fine summers day?" he didn't give me chance to answer however as he went straight for number 6.

5 seconds later…

61/2 mmmmh neck nuzzling.


Sitting on Dave's lap with my hands in his hair (Jesus its soft) and doing number six.


I kissed Dave's neck and bit down gently on his collar bone sucking slightly (hoping to give him a love bite) but he let out a slight moan and when I looked up he looked all weird...

"what's up Dave did I do something wrong?" I asked slightly worried by the dazed look on his face.

He just said "Nnnnnnunnngg" hahaha I made Dave jelloid, result!

"Haha is Davey jelloid?" I teased

"What no, you couldn't make me jelloid if you tried sex kitty" he joked

"Ohh is that a challenge Mr. Laugh?"

"I think it is kittykat" he taunted

I stood up and grabbed his hand a pulled him towards the trees once we were safely concealed by the foliage I pulled Dave up against a tree and started slowly kissing his neck whilst trailing my fingers up and down his chest and abs his breathing hitched slightly when I did this, I stopped kissing his neck and just looked him in the eye and moved in to kiss his lips and stopped just before they touched I could see him puckering his lips waiting for the kiss but trying so hard to resist me eventually he couldn't resisted and longer and are lips crashed in a really passionate kiss, he ran his fingers through my hair while we were kissing and I continued to trail my hand up and down his chest then I slid my hand around to his back and slowly stroked my hands up underneath his t-shirt and nibbled his lip at the same time he moaned and I whispered in his ear "challenge completed Mr. laugh" and kissed just below his earlobe he just stood there jelloid until I stopped kissing him.

He smiled really widely "I'm so glad I'm your girlfriend sex kitten" I smiled back not even bothering to suck in my nose and said "damn right hornmeister" then laughed. It's true I am a bloody good boyfriend haha.


Sitting at the base of the 'jelloid tree' leaning against Daves chest he's stroking my hair its feels vair groovy. "I thought we were going for a walk hornmeister" I remembered

"We were but I was distracted by a very sexy cat" he said then kissed me

That made me feel all fuzzy and not just the kiss, I know Dave calls me sex kitty but when he said it then I was like he genually thought I was sexy, I really like this feeling especially knowing Dave is the one who thinks it


Still a whole two weeks with Dave left, I wonder what will happen next...

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