This is Fiore. A beautiful country, before it was attacked by the evil Demon Lord Zeref. Before Zeref could kill the rulers of Fiore and their daughter, the King and Queen Heartfilia, used the last of their magic to transfer the soul of their daughter to the future, to save Fiore before it gets totally overrun be demons.

200 years later

"Demon Lord Zeref? You have a daughter." A maid announced, and left the throne room.

Zeref stood up. Finally he would have an heir to continue the ruling of Fiore! As he walked into the room where girl was lying next to her mother, he was thinking of a proper name for a demon princess. Lucy, he decided, Lucy Deamon Zeref, would be her name. He walked over to the poor woman and picked up the infant girl.

"Someone, give this woman her money, and send her out of the palace. I have no more need for her." He coldly said and walked out of the room with Lucy ignoring the pleas of the person behind her.

Zeref smiled. This child will be his pride and joy. Using magic he transferred his demon sperm and the egg of the most powerful magician in the land, into the poor woman behind him. "This child," he said smugly, "is going to be beautiful and powerful! She is to be fed only pure magical essence." He ordered. He looked again at his heir. She was a cruelly beautiful, with black hair and ice blue eyes. He knew she was going to grow up to be a powerful sorceress.

15 years and 10 months later.

A stunningly beautiful girl walked the halls of the castle. Everyone who saw her immediately bowed down to her. This was Lucy Zeref, the next Demon Queen of Fiore.

"Yes, father. You called for me?" She said as she walked into the throne room where Zeref sat.

Zeref smiled at his daughter. She grew up to be a very powerful young lady. Her magic was a very special kind, Element Bending magic. She could bend the 4 elements to her will, water, fire, earth, and air, and some other things that branched out from those elements, like blood, metal, trees and lighting too. Lucy of course preferred to use her fire bending abilities.

"Lucy, my pride and joy, in two months you shall be crowned as queen."

Lucy smiled, "Of course father. The demons and remaining humans shall both bend to my will alike."

"I know, but before their 16th bithday every demon goes on a two month journey to find themselves, and sometimes a mate. Sense you are also half demon from your fathers side," Zeref smiled, "you will be going on your journey too."

"Of course daddy! I already packed my stuff too. May I use the royal carriage go get to the border of the country?"

"Of course. Why may I ask?"

"I understand that in Fiore, I wont be able to train sense everyone knows I am a princess. But if I go to another country, people there won't know me so well, therefore allowing me to train better."

Zeref looked at his daughter, she was so smart. She will make a perfect queen to continue ruling the demons. "You have my permission, you'll leave at once!"

"Then I'll see you on the day of my coronation!" Lucy smiled, and walked out of the throne room!

Author's Note: Imagine Lucy like Azula from Avatar: the last Airbender, same "you do as I say and no one gets hurt" air around her, same kind of magic, just same power/amazingness…. Before she gone insane