Very Long Time no see… Well at least for this fic. Please don't kill me… ENJOY!

When Lucy and Laxus finally got back from their mission they were greeted with open arms.

"Oi! Lucy, Laxus! How did you do?"

"Welcome back you two!"

"Arigato minna-san!" Lucy waved to the guild members. She carefully made her way to the bar, waving to everyone and answering questions about why she isn't burnt to a crisp by Laxus' magic yet.

Laxus just nodded and followed Lucy to the bar; glaring at a couple of people he passed, wanting to uphold his reputation. When he finally strolled over to the bar, he found Lucy talking with Levy.

"So, Levy… I heard you know who I am."

"Yes, I do. I did plenty of research on you… You said that you have no memories of the past, but you also told Laxus that the money from your father won't last long… This led me to believe you were lying about something." Levy started talking.

Lucy shushed her and turned to Laxus, "Oi! Sparks boy!" Laxus turned towards Lucy murder in his eyes, "Could you get red-head, flame boy, and stripper? Tell them to meet us in the gild library." Lucy turned ask to Levy, "You guys do have one right?"

"Of course. The place is kept and upheld by me, and occasionally Mira when she needs to get a new record book. No one ever goes there, and we shouldn't be overheard." Levy got the message immediately.

"Perfect. Show me the way?" Lucy smiled at the bluenette.

"Of course… Can I call you Lucy?" Levy cautiously asked the blonde, wary of her status.

"Please do. Outside my country I am nothing but a mere commoner." Lucy again surprised herself. After only a week at the guild, she was already being all nice and cheerful, going almost fully against her bringing up.

As the two girls walked to the library, Lucy reflected on the past week and a half. The day he joined the guild, he met Laxus and the rest of the guild. They were all so nice. Nakama, that's what they said. Nakama… friends that are family. At first she thought is was a joke. She laughed out loud when that pink haired idiot told her about it. But after seeing their interactions for a week, it really did seem like one big happy family. When the next day Lucy started searching for an apartment, the girls immediately told her, she could crash at Fairy Hills for some time until he finds a place of her own. Macao told her about a place that he knows being up for rent, he even introduced her to the person who was in charge of promoting sales. The actual landlady, whom she met soon after, was a nice lady that most importantly didn't snoop in her business. This factor is what settled her decision, and Lucy decided to rent it.

When she went back to Fairy Hills to get her stuff, everyone immediately asked if she needed help.

The whole guild was always cheerful. No one ever needed to be quiet, follow rules, or even be strong, as Lucy later found out. They just needed to care about their comrades. And the whole guild did, strongly.

When the girls got to the library, they sat down at the table closest to the door waiting for the others to show up. The silence was going quickly from "uncomfortable" to "plain awkward", and both girls wanted it gone. At that moment Laxus burst through the door.

"Oi! Luce! We're here. Now what is it that you wanted to tell all of us?" Laxus sat down at the table along with Erza, Natsu and Gray.

Lucy smiled, "thanks all of you for being here... This is about me… being the next demon princess of Fiore, and how the ceremony is in 40 days."

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