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"Get away from me!" The blond shouted at the dark haired boy.

"What if I don't want to?" Nick asked smirking, his fangs showing a little between his lips.

Jeff looked scared, he should have stayed away from that house. He knew he should have stayed away from that house. So why didn't he stay away from the damn house? Jeff ran towards the door and tried to open it. No point. The door was locked.

The vampire walked slowly towards Jeff. "Why leaving so soon?" He asked maliciously.

Jeff wanted to run, he wanted to run away from the blood sucker, but he couldn't. The blood was frozen in his veins.

Nick smirked and grabbed Jeff strongly by his waist - now even if the blond tried to move it was impossible - and pulled him a little closer to run his lips along his neck. "I bet you taste delicious." He said against Jeff's pale skin.

Jeff shivered not only at Nick's words but also at the feeling of him breathing against his skin and the feeling of his lips on Jeff's neck. Jeff closed his eyes waiting for the moment when Nick's fangs were going to set on his soft skin.

"Why are you so nervous?" Nick asked in the same tone. "I can feel your heart pulsing faster and faster…"

Jeff shivered again and felt Nick's teeth scratch his skin. "Just do it. Finish this fast." Jeff's voice came as a whisper as he nearly begged.

"And what would be the fun in that?" Nick asked.

Jeff didn't dare to speak. Nick continued to tease Jeff for a while until he pulled back.

Jeff's eyes shot open, he looked puzzled at Nick.

Nick was with a huge smirk on his face. "It is night, I am going to hunt." He said calmly letting Jeff go.

Jeff blinked even more confused at Nick but didn't dare to say the words he wanted to. He didn't dare to ask why Nick couldn't just feed on him, because Jeff did want to live another day.

Nick seemed to notice Jeff's puzzled look. "What? I still want to have some fun with you, so I'll keep you a little longer…" He winked at Jeff who only shivered again. "Just stay in the house, and you'll have no problems. Don't try to run away, I can easily track you down." He said with a dangerous tone on his voice. Jeff swallowed and nodded nervously. "Good." Nick said a smirk growing on his face again. "Second room at the right." He said pointing at the hallway before he left for his hunt.

Jeff stood there petrified for almost 20 minutes until he demanded his body to move. He really didn't like that.

Jeff walked towards the room the vampire had pointed to. But as soon as he opened the door Jeff felt like he was going to throw up. The smell of death was all around the room, the walls had disturbing paintings on, most of them with people being tortured or paintings of vampire's stereotypes sucking blood of their victims.

Jeff shivered and took a deep breath to keep his last meal in his stomach. Big mistake. The awful smell of dead people mixed with blood filled his nose and lungs and before Jeff knew he was throwing up on the bin that was beside the door.

Jeff fell beside the bin, laying on the floor his stomach facing up. His stomach did a back flip and Jeff knew if he still had something on his stomach he would be throwing up again, instead he just started coughing.

Jeff turned to his side and leaned over himself still coughing, when it finally stopped Jeff pulled his knees to his chest and curled up in a ball. Why in the hell did he step inside the damn house?

Tears fell from his eyes, he was going to die and he knew it. Nick was just going to 'have fun' with him, whatever that actually meant and then he was going to kill him, he was going to suck Jeff's blood and probably throw his dead body into the river near the small town or bury him in the backyard, or worse. Jeff felt even sicker.

What if he tried to escape? Nick hadn't left that much ago and if Jeff sneaked through the backyard maybe he had a chance! Jeff was ready to get up and try to leave when Nick's words echoed inside his head. No, he couldn't leave, Nick was going to find him easily, and even if he didn't he would probably revenge on Jeff's family. Jeff shivered at the idea.

Nick was laid over his younger brother, and then he looked up, his face was carrying a big smirk and he had drop of blood falling from the corner of his mouth. His brother's body was lifeless, pale and his expression wasn't serene, he had died screaming with pain. Jeff looked to the side just to find a pile of dead bodies, the rest of his family, already bloodless.

Jeff didn't notice when he had fallen asleep, but he woke up with a gasp. He looked around quickly only to realize he was still on the vampire's room, curled up in a ball. Hysterical sobs started to come out his mouth and he started to shake violently. The idea of dying was bad, but the idea of his family dying because of him was even worse.

Eventually Jeff fell asleep again exhausted, his whole body screaming for rest.

When he woke up for the second time he didn't want to move. His throat was burning, probably because of the throwing up and the hysterical sobs, his body was hurting but Jeff didn't even know why, he hadn't move that much. But Jeff's head was the worse, it ached and was spinning. Jeff didn't dare to move, he just stayed froze, curled up in a ball on the cold wooden floor.

Jeff wondered if the legends were true. Well, at least the one about the sun was true, Nick had only left to hunt after the sun was down. Jeff demanded his body to move. He got up slowly and walked out of the room looking for the kitchen. He hadn't any idea of what time was, and so, he hadn't an idea if Nick was coming soon or not.

Jeff supported himself on the hallway's wall as he walked, his body seemed to be too heavy and his knees too weak. As he arrived to the first door he opened it lazily, but as soon as his eyes absorbed the view he shut the door closed. He wished he hadn't opened it, he felt sick in his stomach. He thanked the fact he hadn't anything on his stomach because he would be throwing up again if he had.

The room was filled with piled corpses and Jeff had the feeling he was the next to end up in that room.

Jeff took a deep breath to try to calm himself down again, he had more important stuff to do.

Fortunately he hadn't more unpleasant surprises until he found the kitchen, which was actually the next door he dared to open.

The kitchen looked untouched, like no one had ever even stepped inside it. Jeff swallowed hard as he stepped inside almost waiting for something bad to happen.

Jeff looked around, everything was covered with a thick layer of dust and it was probably the only room in this floor that didn't smell like death. Jeff allowed himself staying there for a while before returning to the room. It had been a stupid idea to look for garlic in the kitchen. Of course, Nick wouldn't have it even if it wasn't poisonous to him. He didn't need it! He fed on human blood so why would he need garlic? Jeff cursed himself for such an idiotic idea.

All of the windows were covered with thick curtains, so Jeff couldn't tell if the sun had rose already. But probably it hadn't, Nick would have returned.

Jeff wished the sun would catch Nick before he arrived to the house, and he wished it would hurt. Maybe if he locked the front door that would happen, but Nick would climb through one of the many windows and then Jeff would have big problems.

Unless, he locked all windows, the front, and back door. Yes, that was a good plan. But as soon as he was about to lock his first window he saw the night was clearing, many of the stars had disappeared already, but the sun was still hidden on the horizon. Jeff didn't have enough time.

He closed the curtains again and laid his back against the wall sliding slowly down until he was sat on the floor he pulled his knees to his chest and rested his head on them.

He didn't stay like that for long, he just couldn't stay in there waiting for his worst nightmare to step inside that house. He looked around trying to find something, he felt kind of stupid for doing what he was about to do, but he had to try, right?

Quickly he found what he needed and walked towards the Nick's bed and set up everything.
Jeff heard the front door opening and stepped away from the bed.

"Hello…" The vampire's too soft voice made Jeff shiver.

Jeff turned to him to find him leaned against the doorway with a smirk on his face. "Hi." Jeff mumbled.

"Not feeling well?" Nick asked glancing at the bin where hours ago Jeff had thrown up to.

"I'm fine." Jeff said coldly. What was on Nick's mind? What did he want from him? Why couldn't he just end up with all that and kill him at once? Was this fun to him? Well, he was a sick person. /Vampire./ Jeff corrected himself.

Nick didn't say anything, he just grabbed the bin and walked out of the room. Jeff jumped ad he heard a very weird noise and then water running. He didn't use water much? Did that mean he didn't shower? That could explain the smell. Jeff shook his head, that didn't matter now.

Nick came back a few minutes after and dropped the bin to the floor again, he ignored Jeff presence and walked to his bed, as soon as his eyes landed on the bed Jeff saw Nick freeze through the corner of his eyes.

Before Jeff could even tell he was being shoved against the nearest wall. Nick grabbed him by his shirt and slammed him against the wall lifting Jeff's feet a few inches from the floor. Jeff hissed in pain as his back hit the wall.

"What is that about?" Nick hissed, his voice showing pure anger. "What is that about?" Nick asked again shouting and slamming Jeff again against the wall. "Answer me, Jeffrey! Now! What is that about?" Nick eyes were burning with rage. His fangs were showing between his lips and Jeff couldn't deny he was scared to death. Jeff didn't answer he couldn't find his own voice. Nick shoved him again against the wall and let him go, making him fall to the floor. "Answer me!" He shouted. Jeff gasped as he hit the floor and shook his head violently. Nick grabbed his shirt again and pulled him up so their eyes would be at the same level. "Answer me." Nick hissed. "If you don't answer me, I'll get mad. And believe me Jeff you don't want to see mad."

Jeff wanted to speak, but he couldn't, and he didn't know what to say. Minutes of silence passed and Jeff could see the anger growing on the vampire's eyes. Nick growled loudly before pulling Jeff out of the room. Jeff stumbled and almost fell, but Nick's strong hands made him continue.

Nick pushed Jeff into a dark room that led to a stairs, he slammed the door keeping Jeff inside. Jeff nearly fell from the stairs but luckily he was able to support himself on the wall.

Jeff looked around but the room was too dark. He sat on the stairs and buried his face on his hands, he didn't dare to move, who knew what was on the end of those stairs? As far as Jeff knew it could be more corpses or even worse.

Jeff felt tired and allowed himself to close his eyes, lean against the wall and fall into a light sleep.

Fortunately the vampire didn't showed up in his dreams, Jeff slept for a few hours until the door behind him open again, Jeff opened his eyes slowly and turned his head to find the vampire with a smirk on his face.

Well, at least he's not mad anymore… Jeff thought.

Nick pulled Jeff up and pulled him out of the room. "I'm bored." He said while pushing slowly Jeff against the wall still smirking. Jeff shivered and that only caused Nick's smirk to grow into a malicious smile. Nick stepped forward pressing their bodies together not giving any chance for Jeff to escape. He leaned his head forward to Jeff's neck. "I really didn't like what you did earlier…" He whispered against Jeff's neck his voice too soft for Jeff's taste. "And I want to know, what was that about?" He continued with the same tone.

Jeff swallowed hard and his heart beat raced. He felt Nick's lips curling up into a smile, he could probably feel Jeff's heart beat. "Curious… I was just curious…" Jeff mumbled closing his eyes.

"Next time when you're curious ask away…" Nick said pressing small kisses on Jeff's neck. "And so you know, crosses don't arm me. But I really don't like the idea of you wanting to get rid of me..." He whispered in his seductive and soft tone against Jeff's skin.

Jeff was anxiously waiting for Nick's fangs to meet his skin. "What is this obsession vampires have with their victims' necks?" Jeff asked shakily trying to buy himself more time.

Nick laughed softly but didn't leave Jeff's neck. "Because it's easier to feel your blood rushing through your veins, it's easier to see whether you are nervous, calm, scared…" Nick whispered against Jeff's skin, running his tongue lightly through it. "And the skin is always soft and so welcoming." He finished with a seductive tone, biting Jeff's neck gently not hard enough to actually hurt.

Jeff closed his fists strongly and bit his lip trying to ignore the fear that was taking over him.

"Like now… I can hear your heart beat becoming faster every second… It really takes a lot of me to just don't kill you now." Nick said making the blond shiver pulling him closer by his waist and sinking his teeth harder on Jeff's soft skin making him whine a little.

Jeff felt the skin of his neck burn as the vampire sucked blood from it. Jeff gasped and his eyes shot open. Nick pulled him closer and grabbed him strongly as he started to suck a little harder.

It was it. Jeff could feel his body becoming weaker and his conscience slowly leaving him. Jeff was in great pain he knew he was probably screaming but he couldn't hear his own voice.

The pain continued for a few minutes, minutes that actually seemed like hours, but eventually Jeff's body shut down and all the pain was gone.

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