Chapter 10

Hello Sebastian.

"Kurt, long time no see," Sebastian said drolly as he made his way over to stand between Kurt and Blaine. "Blaine, I heard about your accident. I was worried about you, buddy."

"Fuck off, Sebastian," Blaine said as he took a hurried step toward Kurt. He went to take Kurt's hand, but Kurt quickly jerked away from him. He watched through an empty haze as a myriad of emotions crossed Blaine's face. What was that look? Pain, panic…disappointment that the game was up?

"What was this?" Kurt finally gritted out. "Revenge? Did you get off on me hovering over you, worrying about you?"

"Kurt, no—"

"Then why?"

Blaine glanced at Sebastian with a scowl. "Kurt, let's go somewhere and talk in private."

"Tell me you don't remember we're divorced," Kurt demanded. "Tell me you don't remember the reason why. Lie to my face, Blaine."

"Kurt, let's just talk—"

"Talk, talk, talk, that's all you ever want to do. But you never say what you really should. Like the truth. So try it now. When did you know we weren't together anymore?"

"Since after your second hospital visit," Blaine whispered shakily.

"You son of a bitch," Kurt said lowly. He started to turn away, but Blaine grabbed his arm stopping him.

"Kurt, please. You've got to let me explain—"

"Explaining is what you should have done two months ago!" he yelled before looking over at Sebastian who was watching them with a strangely blank expression. "You know what? You two deserve each other. You're both heartless pricks." He shook Blaine's arm off. "Don't come near me again."


With a strange sense of déjà vu, Kurt's hand bunched into a fist which connected to Blaine's face before he could stop himself. Blaine's head ricocheted back and Kurt's finger screamed in protest when he tried to uncurl it. He frowned down at it in surprise. Did he break his hand?

The fact that Kurt was even worrying about this made him wonder if he was in shock. Which meant he needed to get the hell out of there. He saw Sebastian put his arm around Blaine, steadying him after he'd lost his balance from Kurt's punch. That sight was enough to get Kurt moving. He opened the door and stormed inside the gallery, ignoring Rachel who was calling after him worriedly. He continued to push his way through the crowd until he was outside. His cell phone went off as he headed down the block. He ignored that too.

Why would Blaine do this to him? Did he hate him so much? Kurt couldn't reconcile that his Blaine had been replaced with such a deceitful, devious monster. What the hell happened to him—to them?

That was the question that bounced around inside his brain for the next ten minutes as he continued to hit the pavement. The more he thought about it, the more irate he became.

Why? Why would Blaine do this? Goddammit, he deserved answers!

"Yeah, I do," Kurt muttered out loud, earning strange looks from a couple passing him. But this was New York. People talked to themselves in the street all the time.

He headed back to the gallery and went inside, scanning the crowd for Blaine's familiar head. Maybe he and Sebastian had already taken off somewhere. And didn't that thought just piss Kurt off to the point where he felt queasy. Of course, his nausea was probably being helped by his throbbing finger which he could see was already swollen and turning blue.

He went back to the balcony and saw Sebastian standing alone, his hands shoved in his pants pockets as he stared at the night skyline. He looked—completely dejected. Like he just lost something incredibly important and couldn't figure out what it was. Well, good. That made two of them.

"Where's Blaine?" Kurt asked and he watched Sebastian's mask immediately snap back into place.

"What do I look like? His secretary?"

Kurt shook his head in disgust. He was wasting his time here. He turned to leave when Sebastian spoke, barely audible.

"You don't deserve him. You never did."

Oh hell no. Kurt turned to face his nemesis, a sneer on his face. "And you think you do?"

"At least I love him."

"Is that what you call it?" Kurt laughed humorlessly. "Blaine's a toy to you—something someone else has that you want for yourself. That's how you've treated him since high school."

"And you're a fucking expert on love, Hummel?" Sebastian asked derisively. "You saw Blaine exchange one measly kiss and you threw away your entire marriage. Yet he still comes back to you like a little bitch as soon as he can and what do you do? You piss on him all over again."

Kurt froze, only hearing part of Sebastian's angry tirade. "But according to you," he said roughly, "it was more than one 'measly kiss.' You told me all the time that you two were having sex when Blaine wasn't with me. You even told me times and locations."

"Yeah…we were," Sebastian replied…a little too slowly to be convincing.

Kurt felt himself sway on his feet. Oh no. No. No. No.

"You were pretty explicit in your details," he reminded Sebastian. "You would tell me how you two used to do it in our room when I wasn't there. How you loved discovering how sensitive Blaine's skin was."

"That's right," Sebastian said as he eyed the door. "Now as exciting as this trip down memory lane has been—"

"The birthmark on his inner thigh is a particularly sweet spot, don't you think?"

"Yeah, sure…whatever," Sebastian said as he took a step toward the exit.

Kurt blocked him. "Did you know that if you bite it just right, it'll make Blaine come?"

"You want to exchange Blaine's sex kinks? Fine, you don't have to tell me about that spot. I spent hours licking it—biting it."

"The birthmark on his thigh," Kurt repeated.

"Yes, the goddamn birthmark on his goddamn thigh. Now can I go?"

Kurt stared at him incredulously before whispering, "You fucking bastard. You never slept with him."

"Didn't we just exchange sexual pointers on your ex?" Sebastian said snidely.

"The birthmark—the one that drives Blaine crazy if you touch it—it's on his back. He doesn't have any marks on his thighs." Sebastian stared at him blankly. Kurt shook his head. "Why would you do that to us? Why would you work so hard to destroy our marriage? Blaine was your friend."

Sebastian continued to remain quiet and it dawned on Kurt. "Oh…I get it. Blaine's the only guy who ever said no to you, right? He never wanted you and you can't stand that."

"I'm done with this conversation," Sebastian growled, shoving Kurt out of the way as he disappeared inside the gallery. Kurt didn't follow. He was too stunned as his mind rehashed the past. How many times had Blaine declared his innocence? How many times had he told Kurt with an increasing loss of patience that he and Sebastian were just friends? But Kurt's paranoia refused to believe that he was all Blaine wanted. And they had lost so many years since because of it. If it hadn't been for the accident, Kurt would never have even known the truth. They would have gone through their entire lives drifting—aimless without each other. But thoughts of the accident reminded Kurt of Blaine's real deception. Kurt needed to know why he faked his amnesia.

He had to find Blaine.

Pushing aside the hope that was bubbling inside him, he went back into the gallery and tracked down Rachel. "Have you seen Blaine?"

"He left right after you did," Rachel said before she put her hands on her hips. "Kurt, what is going on?"

"I don't have time to explain it, but I'll call you later." He bent down and kissed her cheek.

Rachel held onto him briefly. "You find him and you love him right, Kurt. He looked devastated when he left."

Kurt pulled back and looked at his friend closely. "You always knew the truth, didn't you? You knew he never slept with Sebastian."

Realization dawned on Rachel. "Oh…so that's what this is about."


"No, I never thought he slept with Sebastian."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I did. Multiple times. You were just too hurt to listen."

Kurt cringed at that truth before he said, "He faked his amnesia."

"I'm sure he didn't—"

"He admitted it, Rachel," Kurt told her as he stared at a painting over her shoulder. "Why would he put us through all of this? Why wouldn't he just tell me the truth?"

Rachel put a sympathetic hand on his arm, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Probably for the same reason you wouldn't listen to him all those years ago. The fear of getting hurt."

Kurt blinked back the wet emotion in his eyes. "I don't deserve him," he finally muttered.

"Yes, you do. You always did." She gave him another kiss before giving him a little shove. "Now go get your man."

He gave her a wobbly smile before he ran outside. He pulled out his cell and tried dialing Blaine's number, but there was no answer. He hailed a cab and headed back to the apartment. Too impatient for the elevator, Kurt took the stairs, out of breath by the time he reached their floor. Hurrying into the apartment, he called out Blaine's name, but there was no answer. A quick scan of his surroundings revealed that Blaine hadn't been back recently.

"Shit," Kurt muttered, his pinky throbbing. Running into the bathroom, he found some medical tape and secured his fingers. If he broke one bone in his body, Jesse was going to kill him. But he had more pressing things to worry about.

"Where are you, Blaine," Kurt said, closing his eyes as he tried to sense out where Blaine might be like they did in the movies. When that didn't work, he headed up to the roof.

"Blaine?" he called out as he went over to their lounge chair. He wasn't there. Kurt ran back down to the apartment and checked the answering machine. No word from Blaine. He tried his cell phone. No response. He glanced at the clock and saw that it was after 1 AM. Where the hell could he be?

Leaving the apartment, he headed over to Cooper's. Using his powers of persuasion, he talked the night manager into letting him into Coop's place in exchange for tickets to his show. But Blaine wasn't there. He left and checked a few other places without any luck.

The entire time he was searching, his mind kept flashing back to his life with Blaine. The good and the ugly. And the more he thought about it, the more resolved he became to find Blaine. But after another hour without any luck, Kurt was beginning to feel defeated. He was in a cab headed back to their place when they started to pass Central Park.

"Stop the car," he ordered. "You can drop me off here."

"You sure?" the cabbie asked in concern.

"Trust me. A mugger's not going to want to mess with me right now."

Kurt gave the driver money and headed into the park. He made his way to their favorite spot and felt his breath catch as he saw a lone figure sitting on their bench under a park light. Blaine was hunched over, his hands clasped together between his knees. He seemed completely broken and Kurt's heart ached just looking at him.

"Central Park at this time of night? Not one of your best ideas," Kurt said as he made his way over to him, startling Blaine in the process.

"Wh-What are you doing here?"

"Same as you. Risking my life apparently." Kurt paused as he stopped next to the bench. "Mind if I join you?"

"Sure," Blaine replied, gesturing to the spot next to him and Kurt sat down.

He eyed Blaine's jaw, which he could see under the light had a large bruise on it. "I'm sorry I punched you."

"I deserved it," Blaine said as he rubbed the spot with a wince.

"That's to be determined," Kurt replied. "But if it makes you feel any better, I got punished for my actions."

He held up his wrapped hand and Blaine flinched as he took it in his grasp. He bent down and pressed his lips to the damaged area.

"Why would that make me feel better?" Blaine murmured against his skin. "I never want you to be in pain, Kurt."

Kurt tried to gather his thoughts, which was hard to do whenever Blaine's lips were anywhere near his vicinity.

"Enough of that," he said as he pulled his hand away. "Start explaining."

Blaine stared at him in confusion. "I don't get it. Why are you even talking to me right now?"

Kurt sighed tiredly as he gazed out at the New York skyline twinkling across the night. "Something occurred to me while I was in the middle of my meltdown tonight."


"That despite everything—despite the way our marriage ended and the shit you pulled the past couple of months—there is one irrefutable fact I can't ignore."

"What's that?" Blaine whispered.

"That despite what a selfish shit you can be…you're still my best friend. You have been since the moment you took my hand at Dalton. No one has ever gotten me the way you do. So here I am. Remembering that we're friends." When Blaine stared at him blankly he said, "That's your cue, Blaine. Explain what's happened to us. Because for the life of me I can't figure it out."

"I don't know where to begin," Blaine said, nervously rubbing his hands on his pants.

"Let's start with the fact that I accused you of sleeping with Sebastian when you never did."

Blaine couldn't have looked more shocked than if Kurt stripped off his clothes in front of him and started to do the polka.

"I…I tried to tell you before," Blaine told him. "You wouldn't give me a-a chance."

"I know…and I'll always hate myself for that." Kurt continued to look at the buildings across the way. "I went back to the gallery tonight. I wanted answers. I…I searched all over for you. I found Sebastian instead." Blaine winced beside him. "It wasn't pretty. But I quickly figured out that you never slept with him. I'm sorry I didn't believe you when you tried to tell me."

"Kurt, you don't have anything to be sorry for," Blaine murmured. "I did cheat on you." Kurt stiffened and Blaine grabbed his arm as if afraid Kurt was going to bolt. "I didn't sleep with him. I never slept with anyone when we were together, but…"

"But what?" Kurt asked stiltedly.

"Things were so bad between us, Kurt. We were always fighting. The only way we communicated was in bed. And then that last night…the night you saw me and Sebastian k-kissing. The day started off with you threatening to leave me, remember? I was so scared and terrified and so completely exhausted. I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I could handle a lot. Getting the shit kicked out of me for being gay. My father's indifference. But you, I couldn't lose. You've always meant everything to me, Kurt. So I went out and got hammered that night. Sebastian showed up and got me home safely. And then we decided one more drink wouldn't kill us. He was a good friend to me for so long. It was nice to just have someone listen to me. To have a conversation without it ending in an argument. Then he kissed me and…I didn't stop him. I thought, if Kurt doesn't want me…someone else does."

Kurt pushed back the misery he felt for both of them. They were quite the pair. Both struggling with their own insecurities. Both always feeling like they were second best in some way.

"I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't walked in on us that night," Blaine confessed, not looking at Kurt. "I want to think I would have stopped. It felt wrong the entire time. But…"

"You wouldn't have done it," Kurt said firmly when Blaine paused.

"How can you be so confident?" Blaine asked. "Emotional cheating is still cheating and I was…I was right there with him when he first started kissing me."

Kurt felt some of the tension leave his shoulders as he stared at Blaine closely. He finally smiled. "No…you wouldn't have gone through with it. The guy who defended me from my bully in high school—the guy who stood up in front of a school full of homophobes to ask me to dance—the guy who came to see my shows in secret the past three years—that's a guy too considerate and brave to do something as weak as cheating. So let's talk about the real issue here. You said you remembered we were divorced when you were in the hospital."

"No, you asked me when I knew we weren't together anymore and I said since the hospital," Blaine was staring down at his hands now, his forehead furrowing. "You had come to visit me and I'd told you I loved you. You didn't respond. You stood with your back to me, your hand on the door handle and I suddenly got hit with such a crippling feeling of depression. A memory came back to me clear as day. I could hear you saying, 'That's the problem with perfection. On the surface everything looks great, but underneath it all it's nothing but an empty illusion.' Given the level of anxiety I felt seeing you leave, I knew that things weren't as I remembered. As soon as Coop came back in my room, I asked for the truth. He only told me what year it was. I asked him if we were together and he told me not to force the memories. He kept avoiding my questions which pretty much confirmed what I'd guessed. So I…"

"What?" Kurt asked when Blaine faltered.

Blaine looked sick with remorse. "I asked him to help me. I didn't want to lose you. I thought if I could just get you back in my life, I could win you again while I tried to figure out what the hell happened between us. So he said he'd talk to you."

"Your plan worked," Kurt said, still feeling mildly miffed at the guilt trip Cooper had given him.

"Yeah," Blaine agreed, smiling at him sheepishly. "So there we were, living together again, but no matter how much I tried, you kept pushing me away. God it was frustrating. All I wanted was my Kurt back and you were so cool with me. I decided not to push it. I was going to woo you subtlety while I worked on getting my memory back completely. I kept asking you if we were together anymore, hoping you'd give me some clue where we went wrong. But you never said anything. A part of me hoped that was because you didn't want us to be apart again either.

And then you told me that we'd dated other people and I got hit with a memory that I wish I could still forget. I remembered the day we divorced. I went to a bar that night, got drunk, and went home with some random guy." Kurt blanched but Blaine didn't see it. "Afterwards…I threw up. I didn't want anybody but you. Hell of a memory to get back, huh? But it was like a gate had been opened. I spent the week at Coop's just remembering everything…everything but the reason why we got divorced. That was the one final piece missing from the puzzle. Until I saw Sebastian tonight. Then everything clicked into place."

Blaine turned desperate eyes on him. "I should have been upfront about the amnesia. I knew that it was stupid—that I'd lose you once you knew the truth—but…I wouldn't trade these last two months for anything. I j-just wanted to be close to you again, Kurt. I wanted to be able to show you how much you mean to me."

Blaine's voice cracked and Kurt had to look away, feeling too vulnerable. He heard Blaine sigh beside him.

"Okay, I understand," Blaine said despondently. "But I want you to know, no matter how many times I've fucked up with you…I love you, Kurt. I've always loved you. I always will love you."

He stood up as if to go. Kurt jumped up to, feeling slightly panicky at the idea of Blaine leaving him. "That's it?"

"I don't know what else to say."

"Fine…then it's my turn to talk," Kurt said. Blaine looked at him expectantly and Kurt's mouth opened and closed before he finally said the only thing that mattered. "I love you."

Blaine went completely still, the light above revealing his shock. "What?" he whispered.

"I love you and I'm sorry I didn't believe you before when you said you hadn't slept with Sebastian. I should have trusted you—trusted us—and I—"

Blaine grabbed his arms, cutting off his rambling. "Say it again. Tell me you love me."

Kurt took a shaky breath and repeated, "I love you."

Blaine closed the space between them and brought Kurt into a hug, burying his face into his neck. He shuddered and Kurt wrapped his arms around him tighter.

"Again," Blaine muttered against his skin.

Kurt laughed, not even trying to stem the relieved tears now falling down his cheeks. "I love you."

Blaine pulled back and kissed Kurt on the lips. It was soft and comforting. Like coming home. Speaking of…

"Let's go home, Blaine," Kurt said, cupping the side of his cheek even as Blaine went still.

"Home? As in ours? Yours and mine?" he asked hopefully.

"Yeah…home," Kurt told him. Blaine kissed him again, a smile on his face the entire time.

And even though the night air was cold and they were both emotionally drained, Kurt couldn't find any problems with the perfection of that kiss.

Seven Years Later

"That's a wrap," the director called and a cheer went through the cast and crew. It had been a grueling movie to make, both physically and mentally exhausting.

Kurt hurried to his trailer, wanting to make his flight so that he could get home. There was a knock on the door and Cooper let himself in. Who knew when Blaine encouraged him to pursue movies soon after they were remarried seven years ago that he would one day be working with his brother-in-law on a film.

"You headed out right away?" Cooper asked.

"Yeah, it's my dad's birthday tomorrow. Everyone's coming to New York. Finn, Marcy, and their kids, my parents, even Rachel, Jesse, and their daughter."

Cooper came over and gave him a hug. "Give the family my love."

"I will," Kurt said, flashing him a smile before heading outside where the studio car was waiting to take him to LAX airport. The flight from California to New York was long, given Kurt's eagerness to get home. A month a way was too dammed long. When he got back, he was going to return to Broadway. Some new director named Brody Weston had approached Kurt's agent about him doing a musical with Rachel. If it meant he could be home long term, he was all for it.

When he touched down in New York, he got a cab back to the apartment. Kurt opened the door and heard Blaine's laughter coming from the living room. Smiling to himself, he walked into the room to see his husband crawling on the floor, their daughter on his back as he gave her a horsey ride.

Kurt felt the tiredness of his long travel evaporate as he stared at his family. Ellie was squealing with laughter, her dark curly hair bouncing around her shoulders. Next to her, their nine-month-old son crawled after them, eager to keep up with his big sister. When Kurt and Blaine had decided to have kids, they had both given samples, using a surrogate they'd handpicked. But from the day Ellie was born, it was obvious she was Blaine's. She was the spitting image of him. So when they decided to have another kid, it was agreed that Kurt would be the donor. His eyes skimmed over the kids now, noticing the tiny changes in them both. Though Blaine had arranged it so that they could Skype every night, it wasn't the same as seeing his family in the flesh.

"Well, I see I was missed," Kurt announced as he put his suitcase down.

"Papa!" Ellie yelled as she climbed off Blaine's back and ran toward Kurt as fast as her five-year-old legs could carry her.

Kurt picked her up and swung her in a circle. "How's my baby girl? Were you good for Daddy?"

"Yep and he got us Superman ice cream for lunch," Ellie told him.

"Did he now?" Kurt said, raising an eyebrow at his husband.

"Tattle-tale," Blaine replied, though he had a wide happy smile on his face.

Kurt felt something hit his foot and he looked down to see Devon trying to pull himself up. Giving Ellie another kiss on the cheek, he set her down so that he could cuddle their son. Devon cooed at him in way of greeting. Kurt responded by blowing a raspberry on his neck, causing Devon to shriek.

"Papa, did you bring us a present?" Ellie asked excitedly.

Kurt chuckled. "Of course." He set Devon on the floor as he opened his suitcase and pulled out two bears with LA shirts on them. Ellie immediately sat down on the floor and began to play with hers. Devon stared at his for a moment and then yawned before lying down, pushing his face against the toy.

"And did you bring me a present?" Blaine asked as he wrapped his arms around Kurt from behind, kissing his neck.

Kurt's eyes were sparkling as he turned to look at his husband. "Oh…I'll give you your present later tonight. Don't you worry about that."

"Is that a promise?" Blaine asked, his grin widening. "Kiss me and make me believe it."

Kurt smiled back, happy to oblige as he leaned forward. Ellie rolled her eyes even as she crawled over to where her little brother was snuggling next to his bear sleepily.

"Grandpa says Daddy and Papa get sappy cause they're soulmates," she told him importantly. "But don't worry, you'll get use to it."


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