Random D. Gray Man drabble, which takes place after Allen runs away from the Black Order (SPOILER XD)

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The darkness surrounds her, wrapping its tendrils around her throat, strangling her. And yet she struggles. Yet she runs.

Why…why am I running?...

Lenalee's feet tap frantically against the ground as she runs, heart slamming itself against her ribcage with every frantic beat.

She opens her mouth and screams the very first name that comes to her mind.


(Allen will save her. Allen always saves her.)

Suddenly, through the darkness, a beam of light shoots down from the sky, halting her steps. With a scream, she throws her arm over her face to shield her pretty eyes.

When she is able to squint, she sees the black silhouette of a cross a short distance away. She follows the light to the cross, and…

(The boy is thin. Terribly thin. His skin is pale, a jagged red scar cutting across his face. Shaggy white hair…dark, thick lashes frame half closed, somber gray eyes.)

Lenalee bursts into tears, falling to her knees.


Blood ran down his arms and over his lacerated chest, wounds swollen angry red from infection.

Slowly, painfully, Allen's lips moved. His voice was raspy and weak, so quiet that Lenalee could only make out parts of what he was saying.

"My God…why…forsaken me?"

My God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Lenalee jumped to her feet and grabbed his hand, trying to pull him free. A hoarse, strangled cry tore from Allen's throat.

Long, thick nails had been driven into Allen's hands and wrists, pinning him firmly to the ebony cross. He hung there in agony, bleeding, dying, just as Christ had done…


Lenalee wept, tears streaming down her face as she mourned. Allen began to cry as well, bitter tears made of blood. Lenalee watched in horror, wondering what could cause Allen so much pain that he was crying his own blood.

She leaned in to kiss him, to take away his pain-

Lenalee jerked awake, trembling and crying in Komui's arms. Komui held her close, stroking her hair, telling her it would be alright.

Allen…Allen…wherever you are…

Please be alright.

The memory of Allen hanging there, dying, crying blood, eyes so empty, lifeless…

Lenalee buried her face in the safety of her brother's chest, praying in her heart that she would never see that haunted look on Allen's face again.