Author's Note: Rugrats was/still is/will always be my favoritest children's cartoon ever. Tommy Pickles is my hero.

I recently re-watched All Growed Up, and I actually teared up at the end when Tommy and Angelica started singing that song with Emica and it cut to a montage of scenes from past episodes throughout the years. The nostalgia was just so powerful for me.

This fic is my own little continuation of the Rugrats All Growed Up episode. A bit of Tommy/Kimi fluff. Enjoy. :)

Disclaimer: Rugrats © Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo, Paul Germain

Tommy and his friends walked home from the Emica concert late that night, the music and the excitement from the night still pulsing through their veins. They'd packed up their bikes into their parents' cars, deciding to walk home so they could rave about the night just a little while longer. Angelica, in fact, was busy chatting away with her friend, Samantha, bragging about how she got to sing on stage with Emica.

"She told me I was a fabulous singer," Angelica said with exaggerated hand gestures and her eyes closed. "In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if her people call me up tomorrow and offer me my very own record deal."

Samantha rolled her eyes, clearly unconvinced. She glanced over at Chuckie, who walked clumsily beside her, and she shook her head and smiled at him, to which his eyes bulged and he fumbled for a moment, before he offered her a nervous smile back.

"I still can't believe Emica chose you to sing with her on stage instead of me," Tommy's younger brother, Dil, complained to him, throwing his hands over his head in frustration. "I mean, really, big bro, I have way more rhythm than you do."

Tommy smiled as he slipped an arm around his little brother's shoulders.

"Oh, I know, Dil," he said teasingly. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get picked to sing at the next concert we go to."

"You got that right!" Dil said. "Heck, if Mom and Dad can win some lame Disco contest, what's stopping me from getting the chance to sing on stage with a pre-teen sensation in front of millions of people like you did?"

"It wasn't millions," Tommy said, but Dil just gave him an annoyed look. "Well, okay, I'll admit it was really cool to be up there on stage with Emica. Definitely one of the coolest things I ever got to do in my life."

"Yeah," Phil said, popping up between Tommy and Dil, "until you and Angelica started fighting over the mic, and that big security guy had to escort you two off the stage."

"Hey, hey, easy, DeVille!" Angelica said. "I wasn't the one who got us kicked off the stage! It was all Tommy's fault for hogging the mic!"

"What? My fault?" Tommy said. "You're the one who started fighting with me, Angelica! I would've given you the microphone if you would've just asked me for it instead of trying to rip it out of my hands!"

"Ah, give it a rest, Pickles," Angelica said, flicking her hand at him. "It doesn't matter, anyway. Everyone saw me up there on stage, and now it'll only be a matter of time before I become a star, and everyone will be dying to come to my concerts."

Everyone fell silent, exchanging befuddled looks. Susie was the one to break the silence by letting out a chuckle.

"Yeah, okay," she said. "Good luck with that dream, Angelica."

Angelica glared at Susie, but luckily she didn't bother snapping back at her with a snobby comment, instead letting out a small huff before simply returning to her conversation with Samantha.

As they reached their homes, Tommy found his gaze wandering over to Kimi. He realized he hadn't talked to her much at all that night, so he walked up to her, falling in line with her stride.

"What'd you think of the concert, Kimi?" he asked, a friendly smile on his face.

"I thought it was awesome," Kimi said, matching his smile. A few seconds of silence passed between them as they walked side-by-side, smiling at each other, until Kimi suddenly shifted her gaze from Tommy, her smile softening. "You know, Tommy…you were really great up there."

"Really?" Tommy asked, a little eagerly, and when Kimi looked at him again, he reached up and sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. "It was nothing."

"Are you kidding?" Kimi said. "You got to sing on stage with Emica! How many kids get to say they did that?"

"Well, Angelica did, too," Tommy said.

"Yeah, but Angelica only did 'cause she literally had to plead with her," Kimi said. "Emica picked you out of thousands of kids. You should feel special, Tommy. I know I would."

"Huh," Tommy said. "I guess you're right, Kimi."

Kimi smiled again, batting her eyelashes a little, leaving Tommy to wonder if she was doing that on purpose or on accident.

"You know, between you and me," Kimi said, "I've always thought you were pretty special, Tommy."

Tommy's eyes widened suddenly, only for another smile to spread over his face.

"Thanks, Kimi," he said. "I think you're special, too. You're one of my best friends."

Kimi's smile slipped into a frown then, but as to why it did, Tommy had no idea. He felt the sudden urge to ask her what was wrong, but he was stopped when he felt a slap on his back, jolting him in surprise.

"Welp, that sure was a memorable night," Phil said. "Catch you guys tomorrow?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah," Tommy said, grinning uneasily at his friend. "See you guys tomorrow."

Everyone waved goodbye to Phil and Lil as the twins walked up to their house. Susie parted from the group as well, crossing the street to her house.

"So," Angelica said, turning to Samantha again. "Samantha. You wanna invite me to sleep over your house tonight or what?"

Samantha furrowed her eyebrows, casting another glance at Chuckie, who simply stood there, awkwardly rubbing one of his arms.

"Actually, Angelica, I can't tonight," Samantha said, and she turned back to Chuckie. "You wanna walk me home, Chuckie?"

Chuckie's eyes widened behind his glasses.

"Really?" he asked, noisily sucking in some air through his chapped lips. "Well, sure, I could walk you home."

Samantha let out a small chuckle, throwing her hand over her mouth, and with that, the two of them walked off together. Chuckie briefly looked at his best friend, who gave him a thumbs up and a wink for reassurance.

"Ugh, the nerve," Angelica huffed. She stomped off, heading home, leaving behind Kimi and her two cousins.

"I'm going to bed," Dil said, heading up the path to his and Tommy's house. When he reached the door, he stopped and looked back at his brother, waiting for him to follow.

"You go ahead, Dil," Tommy said. "I'll catch up in a minute."

Dil didn't think twice, instead just shrugging and opening the door, at last leaving Tommy and Kimi alone. They looked at each other, a nervous tension suddenly bubbling between them that neither of them was sure the other one felt.

"So…could I walk you home?" Tommy asked, and the smile Kimi gave him made his sudden nervousness melt away in immediate relief.

"Of course, Tommy," she said.

They headed off, though unfortunately, it didn't take long for the awkward tension to return as they both found themselves struggling to look anywhere but at each other. Eventually, though, their gazes accidentally met, and though they wanted to look away, neither one did.

"So…" Tommy said, trying to start up a conversation. "You think Chuckie and Samantha will ever become a couple one day?"

"I don't know," Kimi said. "Don't get me wrong, I love my brother, but he doesn't really seem to know too much about girls. He's lucky he has a friend like you to help him out with that kind of stuff."

"Well, to be honest, I don't really know how much I know about girls, either," Tommy said, and then, realizing this conversation could get a little awkward, he jokingly added, "You girls are just so confusing."

"Aww, come on, we're not that bad," Kimi said with a teasing smile.

Tommy found himself easily smiling back at her. They walked in silence for a while, and as they reached the curb, Kimi suddenly tripped, and Tommy's hand shot out to grab her before she could fall.

"Whoa, careful, Kimi," he said as he pulled her back to her feet.

"Oops. Thanks, Tommy," Kimi said, letting out a soft, nervous laugh. When it died down, the two of them looked down to see their hands cupped together. Tommy let out a nervous laugh of his own and released Kimi's hand.

They avoided each other's gazes the rest of the way to Kimi's house. Tommy simply stared up at the night sky, the stars twinkling brightly against the dark blue backdrop. Finally, when they reached Kimi's house, they stopped walking, having no choice but to look at each other. Tommy smiled shyly, a smile that Kimi had never seen from him before. She found it to be really cute.

With a sudden surge of confidence, Kimi leaned forward, brushing her lips against Tommy's cheek. His eyes bulged when she pulled away, and Kimi couldn't help but let out a giggle when she saw the stunned look on his face.

"Thanks for walking me home, Tommy," she said, and with that, she made the short walk up to her door and went inside.

Tommy stood there for a moment, drawing a hand to his cheek, his skin tingling with warmth in the spot she'd just kissed him. He smiled to himself, and, as he walked home, he decided that this really was one of the best nights of his life.