Jess POV

"Jess! Darcy's here!" my mom called from downstairs.

"Coming, Mom!" I yelled back. I ran down the stairs, said a quick goodbye to my family and ran out the door.

"Hey Jess." Darcy said. He looked as cute as ever. I smiled and kissed him. Then I jumped into his car and we drove off.

"So where are we going?" I asked.

"Into Boston" he replied. We sat there listening to the radio forever until we got into Boston. Darcy parked the car and took my hand.

"Let's go." He said, smiling. We walked around and talked, until he spotted someone.

"Wait here for a second, kay?" he asked and then he walked off. I got curious so I followed him. I saw him talking to another girl.

'Shelby, why are you here?" he asked

"I thought you were dating me! Who is she?" the girl, Shelby asked. I nearly screamed out loud at that comment.

"Yes, she's my other girlfriend, but I like you better!" he said. I stood there shocked. I cant believe Darcy would do something like this!

"I don't believe you!" Shelby said. "Whoo!" I thought "Go Shelby!"

"Fine. I'll prove it to you." Darcy said and then he kissed her. "I'll never do that to Jess." He said. My eyes filled with tears and I ran out of that store just as Darcy looked up. I hopped in a cab and said "Concord, Half Moon Farm." I wiped away my tears and pulled out my phone. I texted all the details to Emma. She wouldn't believe me, but it was worth a try.