Emma POV

I cant believe Darcy would do something like this! I mean, and I hate to admit it, he is a nice guy! Jess was crying when I called. When Darcy walked in the door, Jess was over and she ran out so fast that the room was a blur. He looked so sad but it was his fault. I called Cassidy and told her everything and she was so mad that she said she wanted to punch Darcy in the face. But I think Darcy was listening to our conversation because there was a click after Cass said that.

Cassidy told Megan and Becca so everybody including Jess went over to Megan's house. We didn't say anything about Darcy. Instead, we watched a movie. Darcy kept texting me, asking me to ask Jess to talk to her. I just turned off my phone and watched in peace.

After the movie was over, my dad came to pick me up. He asked me why I was so mad at him, so I told him what Darcy had done. Dad's mouth almost dropped open when I got to the part about Darcy cheating on Jess. He said "Darcy as in Darcy Hawthorne, my son and Jess as in Jess Delaney, your best friend?" I nodded and he sighed and shook his head. When we got home, I started brainstorming ideas of how to cheer Jess up. I cant stand to see Jess so unhappy. This was going to take a long time.