A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction

by Tomoyo-chan

Disclaimer: I do not own.

Part 2

She hated it. She was never good enough, never able to do anything. She couldn't even summon her keyblade on her own. She lay at wake at night sometimes, breathless and gasping at the desperation of it all. Her life was spiraling out of control and she could do nothing. Sora, Riku, they were all out doing something, fighting their way past heartless, dusks, closing keyholes and closing doors. She was stuck on the islands, forced to play the perfect life, forced to pretend it was for her own good and that she didn't break down crying when no one was around.

Each time they received a message, it was the two of them that left, telling her 'It's too dangerous for a Princess, what if you lost your heart again?' but what was she to do stuck on this island? What if the danger came here and she couldn't protect herself. Why wasn't she good enough to bring along. Was she a burden? That little girl who wanted to see the worlds but was stolen instead?

She couldn't sleep for more than a couple of hours, thought revolving in her head. I want it, I need it, I can't take it. Please someone tell me it will be alright. As her boys fought and laughed and jousted their way through the worlds, she was stuck here in this never changing place. She never got better, but she never got worse. What happened to the happy days where she dreamed of far off worlds, of sailing into the sunset. Now all she wanted was a place to call her ow, where she could live forever with her boys and be able to actually do something. Where she wouldn't be that princess in a tower.

And now finally here's part 2. Again, very raw and short, a story from the depths of my heart. This ends the Healing stories I did last summer. I still feel like this sometimes but I'm a lot better. Thank you for listening to my rant.