Asrai Aelaitha

Author's Note: This is a little one shot about Sabine's feelings for her youngest daughter and how she dreamed of her while she was preganant.

Sabine slept, deeply, unmoving, but her mind traveled in her dreams. Her husbands arms around her were warm and she smiled, the child in her stomach turned slowly, stirring as if it knew…

Sabine looked around with a smile. The woods near New Beregost were beautiful. The trees were huge and the clearing in which she sat was sunny and warm. She looked up at her father and raised his hand to her cheek. His face didn't show his age, but somehow his eyes, though as alert as ever, were warmer.

Elaith smiled back at his daughter and stroked her hair. It was good to see her so happy. She had been through so many difficulties, at times he had wished to throttle her husband, for as a father, he had seen that much of her pain had come from her husband just as her deep joy came from Amon. "Aeliara." He kissed her hand. "Zoae would take a great deal of joy in your happiness, as I do."

Sabine tugged at his hair. "I know she does." She said softly. "I can feel it, when I think of her, such joy. It comes from her heart as well as mine." Her violet eyes were luminous with emotion. She looked at the woods. "She has our way of moving, and her poppa's light inside her." She observed of the figure she could see coming towards them.

"She has your eyes." Elaith agreed. "And she has your patience. 'Tis part of her gifts." His sharp elven eyes had also picked out the tall figure that moved closer.

"She was named for you my Poppa." Sabine said softly. He turned to look at her and his eyebrows rose slightly. "Yes." She confirmed it. "For delight, and for you."

Elaith's eyes brightened and he took a deep breath. Sabine kissed his cheek. "How could I not, in the human custom, name a child for my father?" She asked. "The spelling is a bit different, and a slight pronunciation change because of the language, but she is essentially your namesake." Her smile deepened and she kissed his cheek again. "I love you, my Poppa."

Elaith hugged his daughter warmly. "And I you my Aeliara." He kissed the top of her head and released her after a moment. They rose together to greet the tall girl that strode soundlessly and easily through the wood towards them.

She had golden hair, in curls that made ripples through the long thick mass that flowed down her back wildly. Her face was a lovely feminized version of her fathers and her smile was Amon's, but her eyes could have been Sabine's or Zoastrilia's.

She had more human blood than Sabine, and her figure was a bit more curved than her mothers, but she had her graceful way of moving though she matched Elaith in height.

"Mother! Grandpoppa!" She called when she was close enough that she needn't shout. "Look! Wild violets growing near the stream, aren't they lovely? I only took enough to make you a crown Mother, since you won't ever wear your other one." Her teasing voice was low but cheerful as she set the wreath of violets on her mothers head.

"So Asrai Aelaitha," Elaith smiled. "Did you enjoy your stroll in your uncles woods?"