Night Adventure


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Notes: I know I have "The Journey of Love," and "Alphabet Challenge," going on right now..but I found this awhile back when I was going through my documents, and I want to post and finish it. ;) It'll be fairly short, maybe four to five chapters. :D Hope you enjoy!

Ash Ketchum hummed to himself, hands stuffed in his pockets, his usual cheerful smile on his face, and Pikachu on his shoulder as he strolled down the corridors of the Pallet University.

He was the youngest Pokemon Master in the history, but his mother still wanted him to get a education as well.

The raven-haired boy thought a university diploma was sort of pointless for him, but he didn't mind.

He was quite popular among everyone because of his high status.

Stretching his arms, he passed the dorm that belonged to Gary Oak.

The black-haired boy frowned a little, pausing in front of his door.

Gary Oak was his long time rival, and he constantly got on his nerves.

But there was more.

He was dating his best friend Misty Waterflower.

It wasn't that Ash liked her or anything, but they were best friends, and he cared for her.

Gary was reckless and went through multiple break ups.

He just didn't want the delicate red-head to get hurt by him.

Shrugging, deciding that it wasn't his place to be telling them to date or not, he continued walking.

Encounters with Gary were never pleasent anyways.

Yearning for some fresh air, Ash bounded down the steps of the red brick university and grinned.

It was dark out, probably around 8:00, and the glinting moon hung in the sky.

Throwing his head up, he took in the beautiful scatter of stars that twinkled and winked at him.

It was absolutely silent - not even a cricket, or the sound of whistling wind disturbed that hot summer night.

Sighing happily, the Pokemon Master plopped down on the edge of the step, staring at the indigo sky.

He tapped his fingers against his thighs rythmetically. "Nice night, huh Pikachu?"

Pikachu nodded sleepily, leaning on the boy's messy mop of black hair. "Pika,"

Ash watched a bird soar across the sky - probably a spearow - and wandered off onto his own train of thoughts.

Pallet University, despite the extra mounds of studying and homework, was a very friendly place to get your education.

They had so many extra Pokemon-related programs, and since Ash was always begged to join them, the brown-eyed boy didn't have much time to himself.

Nights like these were when he could finally relax and think.

"Hey Pikachu, I've been thinking," Ash mused, unaware that the electric mouse was nearly dozing off. "I think I should try out that ne-"

He suddenly stopped, going stiff. Pikachu perked an ear up. "Pika?"

"Shh.." Ash murmured, straining his ears. "Do you hear that? It sounds like someone crying,"

Sure enough, in the empty silence of the night, a faint sobbing sound could be heard.

"Pikacchuuu," The mouse drawled, hoping Ash would mind his own buisness. The person who was crying probably wanted to be alone.

"C'mon Pikachu," Ash jumped up, a determined look taking over his face. "I wanna find out who's upset,"

"Pika," Pikachu sweatdropped. Of course, Ash would be nosy as usual.

Following the sniffles, the black-haired trainer tip toed through the grass, his tattered shoes touching the woven green curls. He knew the sound was coming from somewhere...near...those bushes.

Yes, he was sure of it. The crying was coming from behind the fern bushes stacked in a row metres beside the steps.

Shuffling closer, he straightened up and peeked over the bush. Indeed, the crying was now clear, and he could see the dark figure's shoulders shaking and hands trembling.

"Hey, are you okay?" Ash asked, stepping into view. The figure looked up, eyes widening, and wiping her tears hastily.

Ash squinted at her, and he almost fell back in surprise. "Misty?"

The young girl gasped softly, letting her bangs fall over her face. "W-what are you doing here Ash?"

Ash stared at her, his mouth open. "Misty," he said in utter concern, sitting down next to her. "What happened?"

"I.." she sniffled, blinking back a fresh wave of tears. Ash put an arm around her, pulling her in close.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just that," New tears seeped from the corner of her eyes, and she shook her head. "I'm being really silly,"

"Misty," Ash asked, continuing to worry. "Just tell me what's the matter...I'm your best friend,"

"Well..." she murmured, her hands pressed on his chest, "You were right,"


"G-Gary cheated on me," She whispered, crossing her arms and shivering. "I know, I'm being a big baby about it,"

"Gary what?" Ash cried, clenching his fists. "He didn't!"

"He did," she moaned miserably.

Ash was seething with anger. "I am going to murder that kid. Do you hear me? I will kill him! He's going to die!"

Misty touched his arm, a smiling showing through her tears. "Calm down Ash,"

"I will not calm down,"


"Murder!" Ash was enraged. "I don't care if they put me in jail, it'll be worth it,"


"That Gary, sunova-"


The raven-haired boy stopped, looking at the red-haired girl who was glaring at him. "Ash, I'm okay, alright? Don't get worked up over this,"

"How can I not though?" Ash asked in a softer tone, "Your my best friend and he hurt you,"

"Technically, he didn't," Misty pointed out. "It's not like he abused me,"

"He hurt you internally,"

Misty sighed, breaking from Ash's grip. "Ash, I know you're my best friend and I know you just care about me...but I promise," she smiled forcefully, "I'll be fine,"

"No you won't,"

"Excuse me?"

A mischevious grin grew on Ash's face.

"What?" Misty asked nervously.

"I know the perfect way to cheer you up," he said slowly, "It'll be so much fun you'll forget all about Gary and his stupidness,"

"Um..what are you talking about?"

"Have you ever been on Ash Ketchum's Nightime Adventure?"

Misty blinked. "Oh boy,"

Ash smirked. "Oh boy is right," he said wickedly, "Because this is going to one heck of an adventure,"

"No kidding," Misty said weakly.

This is just a sort, fun little pokeshipping romance I've cooked up. It'll be a few chapters, maybe five, until it is completed. I know the chapters are fairly short, but that's how it's meant to be. So, please read and review! HAPPY WRITING!