My Talk with Eli

I took a deep breath, before reaching out and pushing the restaurant door open. I strode over to the waitress, who turned to me with curious eyes.

"Reservations for an Eli David?" I asked.

She nodded and motioned her arm, "This way, sir. My name is Sandra and I will be your server today."

"Thanks," I muttered nervously as I approached the table. Sandra nodded and tottered off.

Eli David looked up from his scotch glass, looking at me over the rims of my glasses. I could tell that it was a look of both studying and curiosity.

I sat down and he placed his glass on the table.

"You better have a good reason for visiting me, Agent DiNozzo. I am a busy man," he told me in his rich accent.

"I do have a good reason," I replied, looking him up and down. He had ordered me a glass of red wine, which got me worried.

Was he going to poison me?

"And it is?" his lips pressed to the rim of his drink.

"I wish to marry your daughter."

Whatever he was expecting, it was most certainly not this. He spat the scotch out of his mouth, right onto the table. He did not move to wipe it with a napkin.

"Are you joking?"

"Certainly not, sir," I gulped. I wasn't particularly scared of this man, but he was powerful. He could do stuff to me that I couldn't dream of.

"Are you even dating? And if so, for how long?"

"I plan to propose on our first anniversary, if that's what you mean."

"Why?" Eli banged his head on the table, "Why you?"

"I love her," I responded, "More than anything. Through thick and thin. All that jazz. And you may not appreciate that, but I do. If it wasn't for Ziva, I wouldn't have much to live for. I get up every morning just to see her beautiful face. Now, I honestly don't care if you say no, because I swear to God I will propose to her no matter what."

That moment, Eli looked at me. It was a strange expression- full of curiosity.

"I may not like you very much, Anthony Dimitri DiNozzo but I am sure you understand that. Frankly, you are the most annoying agent I have ever met and I hated you more than your peers when I met your team. But…"

"But what?" I pushed on.

"But I understand that you love my daughter very, very much. Isn't that so?"

I nodded, scared that if I spoke, he'd say no. Even though I don't care, I'd still prefer it if he accepted.

"I loved Rivka, you know," Eli spoke again, "You know Rivka, Ziva's Ima? Well, I met her in a café. I was a rising Mossad agent, she was a school teacher. I accidentally bumped into her and knocked her coffee out of her hand. I offered to buy her one and we got talking. Next thing I knew we were married with our first child on the way. When she died, I shielded my emotions. I said it was for the children when it was actually for myself. I still love her. Much like you love Ziva. So my answer is yes."

"Seriously?" I thought he was joking.

"Yes," he told me, "Now get out of my sight before I changed my mind." His tone was serious, but there was a twinkle in the old man's eye.

"Cheers, Daddy David."

"Never call me that again," he called as I rushed out of the restaurant.

For some reason, my hearing had turned off at some point.

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