Chapter 5: Why? How? Who?

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Yeah, so this will be the conclusion of this story, which saddens me. It was one of the hardest stories to write, yet still so much fun!

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May lowered her body, laying on Ash again, and pressed her lips against his... Kissing him.

Ash's eyes went wide as May's lips met his. May grabbed his head with both of her hands and pressed her lips against his, adding pressure.

Ash didn't know what to do; did he want it to stop? Did he want to continue? He was paralyzed, so he did the only thing he could do.

"M-" Ash tried to say, but it was muffled by May's kiss. May noticed his attempt to say something, and broke the kiss, But not getting up off of him.

"Mmm…" Ash tried to say. It had been so long since he had actually spoke, he felt as if he had lost his voice, it was like trying to get an old clock to work after years of not being used.

"… Mmm…" Ash continued, trying to speak.

"You can do it, Ash," May urged, "Talk to me."

Pikachu had watched the scene unfold and scurried down the slope. He came to a stop next to Ash, watching his trainer and best friend try to speak. Despite the fact the Pikachu heard Ash talk to him through telepathy, he still longed to hear his trainer speak words aloud, there was something different about the audible communication that Pikachu liked so much better.

"M-M-Ma-" Ash continued trying.

May grabbed his left hand with her right. "You can do this, Ash," May said, "I understand it's hard, but you can do it."

"Pika Pikachu, PikaPi," Pikachu said, patting Ash on the shoulder.

"may..." He said weakly, his voice all scratchy and shaky. Ash covered his mouth and coughed several times. "M-May...?"

Tears began to build up in May's eyes. As well as Pikachu's, eyes. "Yeah Ash?" She asked, she was about to burst in happiness after hearing his voice again.

"W-what wa-as th-th-that for?" Ash asked.

May smiled and sighed. "Catching two Pokémon with one Pokéball, I guess," she told him.

Ash chuckled, "Y-you c-can't-t cat-tch t-two P-Po-Pokémon in one Po-Pokéball..." he said, "T-that's-s i-impossib-b-ble..."

May sweat-dropped, "It was a metaphor, dummy!" She playfully knocked on his head.

Ash tilted his head and raised a brow. "w-what?" he asked, he let out another cough. His voice still sounded extremely scratchy.

May rolled her eyes, "I mean, I accomplished two objectives in one action."

Ash raised his brow again, "What w-were the two ob-b-bject-tives?"

May laid her head down, not wanting to look Ash in the eye. "One, I wanted to get that mouth of yours to starting talking again, and second, to get a message across to you."

Ash tilted his head again, "W-what was th-the message?" he asked, coughing again.

May sighed and lifted her head again, looking at him, "You asked a lot of questions..."

Ash shrugged, "You don't give very c-clear answers..."

May sighed and laid her head back down on Ash's chest. "So what w-were you trying t-to tell me?" Ash asked.

May sweat-dropped, "Isn't it obvious?" She asked, "I like you! Gosh darn it! Why else would I kiss you?"

May was blushing a dark red at this point, but Ash couldn't tell. "Maybe... Uh... I-I had noodle on my lip?"

"Dear Arceus, you're hopeless..." May grumbled, but she smiled none the less, "But maybe that's why I've been so attracted to you."

"Wait..." Ash asked, "How long have y-you been attracted t-to me?"

May continued to lie on Ash, but readjusted her position. "Oh, I don't know... I think it started in Sinnoh..." She looked at Ash, preparing to explain. "I didn't realize what was there until it was gone," she told him, "When I left for Johto, I felt like something was wrong... When I met back up with you in Sinnoh, I realized what was missing."

"What?" Ash asked.

"A piece of my heart," May said, clenching her hand close to her chest "You had taken it, and went off to Sinnoh with it."

Ash blinked a few times, "I didn't mean to," he said.

May laughed at his ignorance, "That's not a bad thing, doofus..." she said.

Ash coughed several times. "I don't think my voice will completely come back for a while," Ash said, suddenly changing the subject, his voice indeed still sounded scratchy.

"I'm just happy to hear your voice," May said, quickly kissing Ash again.

Ash smiled at May before looking at Pikachu. "Looks like I'm fixed, buddy," Ash said, ruffling Pikachu's fur. The electric type squealed in happiness and hugged Ash's head.

"Fixed?" May asked, getting off of Ash and lying down in the snow next to him. Now that May was no longer lying on top of Ash, Pikachu happily hopped up to where she had previously been, and snuggled into the warm spot she had left.

Ash sighed and stroked Pikachu's back. "I haven't told you why I came up to Mount S-Silver."

May scooted closer to Ash, "No, you didn't, what happened?"

"This is it, Pikachu... It's time..."

He and Pikachu were walking down one of the many halls of Anabel's Battle Tower. They had been staying there for a short while. Ash was learning to communicate to Pokémon through telepathy.

"Wow, this is nerve wrecking..." Ash told Pikachu as he sat down in front of the television phone.


"Maybe I should wait..." He said, "I'll do this some other time, when I'm not as nervous..."

Ash was about to stand up, but Pikachu began to protest. "Pika Pika Pikachu Pi!" he said.

Ash sighed in defeat, "You're right... I need to do this... It's for the best..."

With that, Ash pressed the power button on the television phone, which turned on and let out a low hum. Ash took a deep breath and carefully punched in a few numbers. The connecting screen briefly appeared before a familiar face appeared on it.

"Hello, this is Nurse Joy, and you have contacted the Pokémon Center of Slateport City in the Hoenn region. How can I help you?" a familiar voice said through the speaker.

"Hey Nurse Joy, is Dawn there?" Ash asked. Nurse Joy looked away from the screen and began to rummage through some paperwork. "Yes, there is a 'Dawn' staying here, would you like me to get her?" she asked.

Ash smiled and nodded, "That would be great, thanks."

Nurse Joy disappeared off the screen to look for Dawn. Ash sighed, "I can't believe I'm doing this, Pikachu."

After leaving Sinnoh, Ash began to miss Dawn... A lot. She was on his mind all the time. Ash decided to ask Anabel about it, and she suggested that perhaps Ash was attracted to Dawn. When Ash thought about it, he had always felt a strong connection to Dawn, if would make sense if he had, in-fact, fallen for her.

He couldn't help but smile when he saw her face. He loved her peppy and energetic personality, in a way, it reminded him of himself. Their companionship, their high fives, their connection in general seemed to be enough proof.

Ash had concluded that he liked Dawn... a lot. He felt like he almost couldn't concentrate on anything but Dawn.

"Hey, Ash!"

Ash snapped from his thoughts and gulped. "H-Hey, Dawn," he said.

Dawn looked a little concerned, "Ash, are you feeling okay? You look a little pale..."

"Pale?" Ash asked, "N-No, I'll dine- I mean- I'm fine..." he mentally face-palmed for acting like an idiot, he was talking to a friend, why couldn't he act normal?

"Are you sure? You don't seem normal?" Dawn asked.

"I'm g-great..." Ash said, "Listen... Dawn... there's something really important that I need to tell you, and-"

"Oh! Ash hold that thought! I have super exciting news!" Dawn said happily, interrupting Ash.

Ash tilted his head, "What?"

Dawn's smile grew even wider than before, "You remember my rival, Kenny?" She asked.

Ash exchanged glances with Pikachu. "Uh, yeah..." he told her.

"Weeellllll," Dawn said, sounding slightly embarrassed, "He and I are together!"

Ash shook his head, "What?" He asked.

"Together, you know, like a couple!" Dawn said, happily throwing her hands in the air, "Kenny come over here! Ash is on the phone!"

Ash's heart sunk, and a wave of disbelief swept over him.

Oh no... He thought.

"Hey, Ash," Kenny said, cheerfully, "Did you hear the news?"

Ash couldn't reply, his jaw had gone slack and he stared at the screen. Dawn let out a laugh, "Look at his face, Ash, you're such a goofball!" Dawn said as she and Kenny laughed. Ash on the other hand, was not laughing, he felt as if he was dying inside.

"You're a goofball!" Kenny told Dawn.

"Well then you are too!" Dawn said back. They laughed again before beginning to kiss each other.

"N-n-no..." Ash said under his breath, "D-Dawn..."

The two teens and Pikachu sat in the snow silently.

"Pika pika..." Pikachu said sadly, breaking the silence. Even if he wasn't attracted to Dawn like Ash had been, he felt his pain. Pikachu reflected Ash sadness more than any of his other Pokémon, and it always got him down in the dumps thinking about it.

"She broke my heart, and didn't even realize it," Ash said as he gazed up at the sky, watching it slowly grow darker. "She... B-Broke me..."

"Ash... I'm so sorry," May said. Although it slightly stung to hear that Ash had like Dawn first, she couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

"After that... I went into a long, hard depression... And I felt like I had lost my will to live," Ash explained. "I snuck away from the Battle Tower without even saying goodbye to Anabel, snuck to the Pokémon Ranch in Pallet Town and got all of my Pokémon, and came up here..."

Ash sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "I had mastered how to communicate with Pokémon through telepathy," he explained, "So I had no reason to speak aloud... And eventually completely stopped talking."

May nodded, the explanation filled in a few holes, "So, what about Buizel? What happened to him?"

Ash sighed and looked at May sadly. "As I came up here... I tried to forget about Dawn. Buizel was originally Dawn's Pokémon, so every time I looked at him, he reminded me of her."

May tilted her head. "And?" She asked.

Ash took a deep breath, "So I released him... I told him that loved him, but I just couldn't bare the memories of Dawn," Ash said sadly, his eyes watering. "I don't know where he is right now..."

May looked up at the sky; it must have pained Ash to part with his Pokémon like that, in addition to the whole Dawn situation. It's was no wonder he was so depressed and quiet.

"Wow," May said, "Why did you move up to the top of Mount Silver, of all places?" She was hoping to change the subject and the mood of the conversation.

"To toughen up my Pokémon," Ash said, "The harsh weather is great for training... Plus, I hoping to be in a place no one would find me."

May let out a laugh, "I guess that didn't work."

"Yeah, I guess not," Ash said, also laughing, "Speaking of which, how did you find me."

May looked at him, recalling everything that had happened. "Well, I went over to Pallet Town to visit you," she began, "And when I got there, I heard about your disappearance. This trainer by the name of Lyra claimed to have battled a trainer like you up on Mount Silver."

Ash raised a brow, "Oh? Did she have an obnoxiously large white hat with a red bow, and brown pigtails that defied gravity?" he asked.

May snapped her fingers and smiled, "That's her."

Ash let out a low growl. "So she is the one responsible for all this." he grumbled.

May laughed again. "Yep," She said, "Anyways, Gary and I began to think the trainer she had talked about was actually you, so we came up here."

Ash nodded, and began to get back up. "Was it worth the trip up? Climbing up Mount Silver is a horror story," Ash said, "I would know."

May smiled and stood up as well. "It was totally worth with," she said with a smile.

Smiling as well, Ash leaned forward and hugged May, surprising the girl. "Thanks, May," he said, "Thanks for fixing me..."

Finally reacting, May hugged Ash back, "No problem."

Ash let go of May and backed up a little, "I don't know how I can repay you," he told her.

May smiled and looked towards the direction of Pallet Town. "Come back home," She said, "Ash, your mother is miserable, and all your friends are really upset."

Ash looked at May for moment, considering whether or not he should take her offer. "What about Dawn?" he asked,

May shook her head, "Forget about Dawn. You're over her, now... Right?"

Ash thought for another moment before a smirk appeared on his face. "You're right," he agreed, "I am over her... I... Have you now..."

May, Ash, and Pikachu, had returned to the cabin, and Ash began to pack his things. He let out a sigh and looked around, "I'm so ready to leave this place," he told Pikachu, his voice was slowly returning, but it was still scratchy "All it reminds me of are bitter memories..."

May walked into the room, kissing Ash as she passed by. "Although... I guess it wasn't completely bad..." Ash said as he watched May disappear around the corner.

"Pika Pikachu!" Pikachu said, also looking about the cabin.

"You're ready to leave too, eh?" Ash asked, "Well that's good, because we're leaving as soon as possible."

He finished throwing his Pokéballs, clothes, and other belongings into his backpack and stepped into the room May was in.

"Ready to go?" She asked. Ash smiled and nodded. The three stepped out of the cabin, and into the snow. "Ugh, I'm not looking forward to the trip down the mountain," May grumbled.

Ash chuckled, "Actually, it won't be as hard as you expect." With that, he and Pikachu walked in the opposite direction May had anticipated, and disappeared around the cabin.

"Ash! Wait up!" May exclaimed, dashing after them. She ran around to the back of the cabin and stopped short when she saw were she was.

"I never showed you where the final tunnel led to," Ash explained, he was standing at the entrance of the cave. "Follow me."

With that, he and Pikachu went into the cave and May trailed close behind. "Prepare to be amazed," Ash said jokingly as they approached the fork.

They entered the middle tunnel and walked down it in silence. "So where does this lead to?" May asked.

Ash smiled at her, "You'll see, you'll see."

The tunnel was slanted; it was obvious they were heading downward. After bumping into several Zubats and other Pokémon, taking several turns and rounding corners, and tripping over a few rocks. May could finally see to exit of the tunnel.

"Last one to the exit is a rotten Exeggcute!" Ash said, breaking into a run.

May smiled to herself, he was already turning back to his old self. "Hey! No fair!" She shouted back. She chased after him to the exit.

When they reached the exit, May let out a gasp. Mount Silver loomed over them, and through lots of trees and bushes, she could see a town. "This is the foot of Mount Silver, there's the Pokémon Center and the train station!" she turned around and looked at Ash, "We didn't have to go down the mountain the hard way!" she sounded very please.

"Well, how else did you expect me to get supplies? See the super market is over there," Ash said, pointing towards the familiar building, "I wouldn't carry it all up the mountain in the snow, this tunnel is a thousand times easier."

"Tell me about it," May grumbled.

May and Ash had hopped on the next train headed to Pallet Town. May watched the landscape rush by as Ash watched Mount Sliver slowly shrink and eventually disappear.

"So what will you be doing after you visit Pallet Town?" May asked Ash.

He thought for moment before shrugging. "I don't know, I'll probably head back over to Unova, and get all the badges," he said.

"Oh..." May said, looking back out the window.


"Hey, you should come with me," Ash suggested.

"Pika pika!" Pikachu agreed.

May looked back at them. "R-really? I-I would hate to be a bother," she said bashfully.

"You wouldn't be a bother," Ash told her, "What where you planning on doing?"

May began to count off the regions she had gone through, "Uh, well I went through Hoenn and Kanto with you, after that I went to Johto, and I just finished my journey through Sinnoh. so that leaves-"

"Unova!" Ash finished her sentence. "Listen, May, you kissed me, now you have to travel with me."

May laughed, "Oh, I guess you're right, it comes with the package," she replied.

"Oh man..." Ash groaned as he stood in front of his house. "What happened to this place."

May patted his shoulder, "Your mom stopped taking care of it after your disappearance."

"Whoa... Man is she gonna have a fit when she sees me..." Ash said.

May shrugged. "Maybe I should break the news to her gently, and then you can show yourself," May suggested. Ash nodded and walked off the porch, hiding out of sight.

*Ding, dong*

May rang the doorbell, and heard footsteps behind the door. The doorknob jiggled and Ash's mom opened the door.

"Oh, hello, May," Mrs. Ketchum said, "What brings you here?"

May smiled, rubbing her hands together. "I have some news, um... Regarding Ash."

Mrs. Ketchum's eyes grew wide, "Really? What is it?"

May chuckled and rubbed the back of her hand, "You're not going to believe this, but... He's alive and well."

Mrs. Ketchum's reaction surprised May; she bent over and grabbed her shoulders. "He is! Really? Where is he!" She asked franticly, hungry for more information.

"He's... Uh... Right here..." May said. On cue, Ash walked back into sight with Pikachu, his mother froze at his sight.

"Hey, Mom," Ash said sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

"A-Ash?" Mrs. Ketchum, she stuttered as if she was seeing a ghost Pokémon. She let go of May and rushed to Ash, hugging her son tightly.

"Oh Ashykins!" Mrs. Ketchum exclaimed. May did her best to hold back a snort from hearing Ash's nickname. "Where on earth have you been?" she asked.

"T-training..." Ash said.

May looked closely at the hugging family. "Mrs. Ketchum, are you okay?" she asked.

"I-I'm fine," Her eyes were all watery; she sniffed and wiped a tear off her face. "Oh, thank Arceus you're okay." She took several deep breaths, trying to get her emotions under control. May was indeed surprised by Mrs. Ketchum's reaction; she didn't think she would be so dramatic and emotional.

"Hey, Ash," May said, knowing he wanted him mother to release him from the crushing embrace. "Let's head down to Professor Oak's Lab, I'm sure everyone will want to see you."

"Y-yeah," Ash said, "That's a great idea..."

His mother finally let go of him, kissing his forehead before letting him go. "I'll be back soon, Mom," Ash assured her.

As they walked down the path, May finally let out her laugh. "Oh, Ashykins..." She mimicked, clasping her hands together.

Ash rolled his eyes and growled, "Oh shut up."

Ash knocked on the front door and stepped back, waiting patiently for it to open. With a creak, the door swung open, revealing a surprised Gary Oak.

"Ash?" He blurted, he glanced at May, who nodded and put on a proud face. "Down so soon, eh?" He asked.


"And I can talk now too," Ash said, Gary almost fell backwards in surprise.

"H-Holy Miltank!" He exclaimed, "Tracy, Gramps, come look at this!"

In a matter of seconds, Tracy and Professor Oak were at the door, both just as surprised as Gary had been.

"Whoa! Ash, is that really you?" Tracy asked.

"Haha, yep!" Ash said happily, but his voice still sounded a bit rusty.

"Pika pika!" Pikachu added.

Gary pulled May aside as Ash began to talk with Tracy and Professor Oak. "How'd you do it?" he asked, still amazed, "I didn't expect you guys for months, if not at all! It only took you a couple of days!"

May giggled, "Oh, I kissed him." She said casually.

Gary looked at her for a minute, checking to see if she was being serious. "Wow, good thinking, it looks like it worked," He told her.

"Yep," May said proudly, "and when I succeeded, I couldn't wait to see that priceless face you made back there at the door."

Gary rolled his eyes, "Oh give me a break..."

When Ash, May, and Pikachu returned home, they were greeted by the scent of a large feast laid out on the table. Ash and Pikachu's jaw almost fell off their mouths when they saw it.

"Oh man," Ash said, his body literally began to shake and vibrate with excitement.

May noticed a confused look on Mrs. Ketchum's face. "You see, Ash has been living off of berry soup and stew for the last several months... He probably is excited about the variety." May explained.

*Ring!* *Ring!*

Mrs. Ketchum looked in the direction of the TV phone. "I'll get it," she said, rushing off towards it. Ash was about to sit down and eat, but his mother returned. "Ash, it's for you," she said.

Ash sighed and got up from the table. "I should have seen that coming," he grumbled. He and Pikachu stepped out of the room, May decided to follow them.

Ash sat down in front of the TV phone, and froze.

"Hey, Ash!" said a familiar voice through the phone.

May got a better look at the screen and gasped when she saw the familiar blue haired girl's face plastered across the screen.

"D-Dawn?" Ash asked, barely able to speak.

"I heard that you returned after your disappearance, so I thought I would call and say hello!" She said cheerfully.

Ash couldn't speak; the words couldn't come out of his mouth… again. May popped her head in-between the phone and Ash. "Hey, Dawn!" She said.

Dawn face brightened, "Hey, May! Long time, no see!"

May smiled, "It has been a long time," she admitted, "How have you been?"

The two talk for a few minutes as Ash pulled himself together. He laid a hand on May's shoulder, causing her to look at him. He nodded, assuring her he was ready.

"Well, I'll give you back to Ash," May said, "Bye, Dawn!"

"Bye, May!" Dawn replied. May move away from the camera, but still kept close, holding onto Ash's hand to give him reassurance.

"So where did you go off to, Ash?" Dawn asked, "You had me and Kenny worried sick."

At the sound of Kenny's name, Ash winced slightly. May squeezed his hand, smiling at him.

"S-sorry D-Dawn..." Ash stuttered, "I went-t on a-a... Um... training t-thing..."

Dawn smiled and nodded. "Still practicing to be the very best, why am I not surprised?"

She and Ash both laughed, May smiled as Ash began to loosen up.

"We should hang out sometime," Dawn suggested, "Get you a girlfriend and go on a double date or something."

Ash blushed and scratched the back of his head. "I actually already have a girlfriend," he told Dawn.

Dawn tilted her head, "Really? Who?" When Ash didn't reply, and glanced at May, a sly grin appeared on Dawn's face. "You and May? That's awesome!"

Ash and May were sitting on Ash's bed together; Pikachu had fallen asleep at the foot of the bed.

"Thanks for saving me during that conversation with Dawn," Ash said gratefully, "I don't know what could have happened if you hadn't intervened the way you had."

May smiled and snuggled her head into the crook of his neck. "That's what I'm here for," she said, "To fix all your problems."

She and Ash both laughed. "Well could to deal with Charizard?" he asked, "He's been a little defiant lately."

May laughed again, "I'll see what I can do."


Ash took a deep breath, running his hand through his hair. "Thanks again for everything, May," he sighed. "I was really stuck deep in my isolated, little shell, but you found me... And no matter how hard I resisted, you dragged me out of that shell."

May chuckled and kissed Ash on the cheek. "You're welcome... anytime..."


"... Ashykins."


The End

Like I said before, this was probably the hardest story I have ever written, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy writing it.

But boy, I don't suggest writing a story like this, unless you are really looking for a challenge. I didn't realize how difficult this would actually be, the fact that Ash couldn't talk was just a huge problem.

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