It's Called Puppy Love

"Happy birthday, Zi," Tony grinned at me. He's been my fiancé for exactly a month now, and a great one at that.

"Thank you," I shifted a little, catching my lips with his. He put his arms around me and deepened it.

"Would you like to open your amazing gift from your beloved?" Tony whispered in my ear, "I guarantee you will love me more for it."

"It depends what you mean by amazing," I retorted, "Tony-amazing or birthday-amazing?"

"Both," he smirked, "C'mon, birthday girl, what d'ya say?"

"5 more minutes."

"That's not the answer I was looking for," Tony responded, suddenly whipping me into his strong arms. I burst out laughing as he whirled me around the room. I kissed him again, stronger this time.

"If the gift is half as good at this, I bet it's brilliant," I told him.

"Not as brilliant as you," he responded, carrying me out of our bedroom into our living area. He strode over to the couch and dropped me on it, quite roughly, I suppose.

"That hurt," I protested in joke form.

"Turn to the table," he plonked down next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist. I did as I was told and found myself to be looking at a pink and blue box, which (unbeknownst to me at the time) had air holes punctured in the back.

"Are you going to open it?" he was more excited than I.

"Only if I get a kiss as a deposit," I turned back to him. He grinned and pecked me on the lips.

"Can you please open it now?" he moaned, "Pretty pleases for a pretty girl?"

"Fine," I smirked, leaning towards to box, unfolding its folds.

And ever so quickly, a small ball of fluff launched at my body, clinging on tight. I burst out laughing, taking me several seconds to realise it was a small Border Collie puppy.

"He's beautiful," I laughed, "Thank you so much."

"Don't make assumptions, it's a she," Tony pecked me on the temple, "And you're welcome, by the way."

"What's her name?" I wondered aloud, letting the puppy snuggle into my lap.

"That's up to you," Tony responded as I examined the cute animal rested on my person.

"Tia," I suddenly decided, "Tia is to be her name!"

"Tia it is!" Tony announced, "Let us announce it to the entire world."

"Idiot," I hit him in the stomach, playfully of course.

"Oi!" he feigned hurt, "I love you, yet you hate me. What have I done to you, my precious Ziva?"

"I love you, too," I kissed him briefly; "I love you a lot, actually."

"Funny that I love you more," he grinned at me, "I also think that Tia is getting squashed."

"Oh, sorry Tia!" I laughed some more.

"I think its called puppy love, right?" Tony smiled.

I have a friend named Molly (who goes by her FanFic name dnalwor) who had a border collie named Tia! So I nicked the name!

Peace be with you xxx

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