E/O Drabble challenge, word: water.

Summary: Rule #1 in love and war: Never ever underestimate your foes…

A/N: Actually I wanted to sit out this one, get some rest - but as we know: there's no rest for the wicked, and as soon as a certain image had entered my mind there was no holding back :-)

He sneaks across the roof, his mouth twitching in a silent snarl when he sees them arriving. Two figures get out of the car, walking towards the abandoned factory with the careless confidence of predators.

And why wouldn't they?

Their kind has already destroyed most of what had ever been precious to him. Now they come to squash him like an ugly bug.

He smiles mirthlessly.

Some people believe bugs can survive an apocalypse. And he has still something to fight for.

John Winchester opens the water tank, speaking a grim prayer as he's watching the cross slowly sinking down.