I love 2 broke girls! :D but there is not NEARLY enough fanfiction!so I decideded to take a shot at it. And yes this is maxoline. The way I look at it is, you see im a glee fan. And I ship brittana ( brittany and Santana), the fans made that happen so lets do what we can to make that couple happen too! This is my contrabuiton :) -

Max and Caroline were sitting on Caroline's bed together watching Lady Gaga's music video bad romance.

'ugh, what is with this girl? I swear she goes into a dumpster and glues peices of trash together and calls it fashion. Seriously I could send her a dress made out of all my used cupcake holders sewed together and she would think it's genious!' max said in her usual whitty tone.

'Max! All those dresses were made by the famous fashion designer alexander mcqueen'

'and how do you know this?'

'when I was rich, daddy paid for her to perform for me at my 25th birthday, we talked afterwards'

'on my 25th birthday a hooker named the gaga lady tried to get my boyfriend to sleep with her'

'oh max that sounds...awful'

'yea well, I'll kicked her right in her muffin, let's just say no one was getting involved in her love game that night'

Caroline laughed and leaned into max and put her hand on her shoulder 'your so funny, I love you'

It was ment to be a nice friendly gesture but max heard those last 3 words and froze up


'what?' Caroline said confused to maxes sudden mood change

'I... I got to go to bed, I have to wake up early for my babysitting job' max said eagerly getting out of the bed to her room.

'max,wait!' Caroline said, but she just heard the door close

The next day max and Caroline didn't see each other until they got to the diner. When Caroline woke up that morning max was long gone for her baby sitting duties, then after words max went to go visit chestnut.

'hey there pal, how are you?' max asked petting chestnut

'they didn't have any carrots at the store, so I got you some apples' max got a chair and sat in front of chestnut starting to feed him the first apple

'so, can I ask you something? Has Caroline ever told you..she loves you before?'

'yea, she did once, but I told her it couldn't be anything exclusive' max said in a high pitched voice as she always did with chestnut.

She laughed to her self 'yea well...she told me that yesterday, that she loved me... It wasn't like her undying love for me or anything. It was just, I... The last time a friend told me they loved me it didn't work so well and.. I just, I don't know. I got scared and ran off'

Chestnut huffed, and max fed him his next apple

'your a good listener, you know that?'

Max looked down at her cell phone and realized she had 30 minuites to get to the diner. 'oh crap! I gotta go ill see you later buddy' max said petting chestnut

'me and Caroline will come back soon'

Max walked into the diner seeing Caroline already waiting on tables and walked into the kitchen trying to avoid her, but she walked in after her.

'...hey' Caroline said wearly

'hi' max said looking down

'I'm sorry, for what ever I said or did' Caroline said genuinely

'it's cool' max said trying to brush it off

'no, it's not max, I ..can we talk out side?'


Caroline looked over at Oleg staring at them with a giant grin on his face

'roommates sqable ladies?'

'oh..yea, fine' max said walking past both caroline and Oleg twards the door.

Max walked out the door as Caroline followed behind her

'max what's going on? ..what did I do?'

Max was going to dance around the situation like she usually does, but she wanted to get this done and over with, she hates talking about anything with emotions but this..was more difficult for her then usual.

'don't tell me you love me'

'what, why?'

'becuase I told you not to' max said walking back in the the diner trying to end the conversation

'max that's rediculos, why can't I say I love you?'

'becuase I don't want you to!'


'Because, I don't want you to die!' max yelled at her across the diner for everyone to hear. She looked around seeing everyone stare at her, not wanting to be there anymore, she took her jacket from the counter, brushed her way past caroline and slammed the door, leaving Caroline stunned.

After her redicuosly hard shift at the diner, considering she worked alone Caroline could not wait to go home and get strait into bed, but first talk to max. She was truly worried about her. She walked though her door, head down, taking off her jacket expecting to see max making her cupcakes.

'hey ma-' Caroline looked up and she wasn't there. Caroline looked puzzled, and went to maxes room to see if she had gone to sleep. She opened the door carefully and whispered her name, but she looked in her bed to see she wasn't there eaither. Now she was really getting worried.

'max?' she looked in the back yard, but nothing.

'max!, max, where are you!' Caroline yelled.

She was staring to freak out, until it hit her to where max would be.

Caroline got off the trian in front of the stable where chestnut now resides praying max would be there. She walked across the street into the stable turning the corner to see chestnut and...no max.

'shit' Caroline said under her breath, but emidiatly perked up when she saw her horse.

'hey chestnut' she smiled

'how are you, my love. Have you sceen max?' she said petting him. She looked around and saw an apple sitting at the corner of the stable

'she was here...' she said to herself.

'ok, ches, as much as I would love to stay longer, I gotta go find max! I'll see you soon sweetheart' she said petting him one last time, walking out the stable, and closing his door.