- When work eneded Max and Caroline walked back home together in scilence. When they walked into the apartment Caroline went to her bed and Max was about to lock her self in her room when she paused.

'just tell me one thing. Why did you have to lie?' max said staring at her

'becuase I was afraid if you knew that William still wanted to be with me you, you would of never wanted to be with me'

'but I didn't even tell you that I loved you until after you told me things didn't work out'

'I still had feelings for you regardless. Even if you wouldn't of said you loved me that night I still would of had feelings for you, and I can't base a relationship with someone on a lie. If I would of dated William again it wouldn't of ment anything to me. And I thought that if I told you William wanted me back, there was no way in hell you would of told me your feelings.'

'I guess...I did kinda over react' max said looking down, not wanting to admit she was wrong

'you did lie, but it's not like you were going to cheat on me with him behind my back...right?'


'I'm sorry for freaking out on you'

'I'm sorry for lying' Max walked twards Caroline and put out her hand

'friends?' Caroline smiled and took her hand, but instead of shaking in she used it to bring her self up. She then put her arms around her waist.

'girlfriends' she smiled and leaned into max for a kiss.

I wrote this like a month ago and never got to publishing it! It was fun to wright :) I know im not the best writer :/ but I tired. And I also know im really bad at spelling :( thanks for reading! Id apprecate reviews :)