"Listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway."

~ Robert Downey Jr.


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"Do you trust me?" She asked, biting her lip as her eyes darted, staring at each of his green.

With narrowed eyes he questioned her, but she gave nothing away.

Finally, he said the truth. "Of course, love."

Bella looked off to the side and gave a slight nod off to the side, but he wasn't sure. She smiled wickedly before she slowly disappeared underneath the water.

He didn't even see it coming.

In an instant his body was pulled under water by his feet and in his shock he let go of the air in his lungs. He was drowning, the salted water engulfed his lungs and his eyes, unable to see, stung with the sand he was kicking up in his panic.

Suddenly there was a sharp pain.

Then another.

And another before he faded to black.




He opened his eyes.

It was night.

He closed his eyes.

The anger ebbed at him.


He opened his eyes again, looking around him, he only saw the tide as it ebbed and flowed over the sand. He could hear the slight breeze, the popping of air in the sand, the tide.

Fatigue soon over took him so he closed his eyes.





He could hear the humming soft voice of his Siren, the chirping of nearby birds, and the surf.

Wicked beings, Siren.

Anger flared as the memories of being dragged under the surface of the water tainted his mind. He relived the way his air was stolen from his lungs violently only to be replaced with salt water and sand.

If he could scream in he would have. His body recoiled and thrashed.

Then he saw it.


Dark black eyes stared at him as she smiled roguishly. Her wet hair fanned out around her as her fin flapped back and forth keeping her upright.

"Edward, can you hear me?" She said with a soft voice.

He closed his eyes.

"Please trust me, Edward. Please trust me, Edward. Trust me." She said as if she was chanting. He couldn't understand how he could hear her clear as day underneath the water.

Over and over she chanted the same words.

He couldn't talk though and when she saw the look of anger and betrayal on his face, her animalistic features twisted back to her human form.

"I want to keep you forever, Edward!" She cried. Her face buckled as if she was sobbing. "I had to try!"

Twisting his body away from her, he tried to swim but the pain overtook him.

Strong arms grabbed him and he was being pulled closer to a hard, slick body.

Her body.

"You are changing… It is alright, my love." She smiled, softly clutching her hands over his cheeks. She held him still before her nails dug into the flesh of his neck, tearing the skin.

Edward thrashed and kicked, but she held him close.

"Easy there, Edward. Try not to harm our child." She said softly. "Almost done."




"Can you hear me?"

Edward moaned trying to turn away from his mate.

"You are angry, I know."

He harrumphed, closing his eyes tighter.

"I had to try!" Bella said in a high pitched squeal.

"Shush." He mustered up the energy to say. "Stop talking." The pain of her shrill voice was bothering him.

"You aren't taking this better than Emmett did." Bella frowned.

Edward's eyes opened and he took in his brown eyed mate. Her eyes were wide and beseeching, reminding him of the childhood movie, the little mermaid. She hovered over him, her body blocking the morning sun.

Her breasts were thrusted in his face and he couldn't help looking at them.

When she didn't get a reaction she was hoping for she bowed backward, her lip twitching into a curl.

"Please, Edward, I am so sorry! I did not fathom you would be so upset."

"Didn't… want… risk… baby." He huffed, his throat felt as if she had shoved swords down his esophagus. "could… have… died!"

Perhaps it was molten chimney pokers.

Or a small Velociraptor gutting him from the inside.

"Oh! The baby is fine!" She beamed, bouncing up and tentatively touching her small stomach, but Edward's eyes were still narrowed and angry so she settled back down, somberly. "I am sorry. I should have told you the plan. The other Siren made it up and I just followed them, followed the plan."

"Partners… Mates… talk…about plans."

Bella lifted a cup of water and helped Edward lift his head enough to drink. "Please forgive me," she whispered, "I cannot handle you being upset with me." She allowed the tears welling in her eyes fall over her cheeks and down into the sand.

"Don't… cry."

Bella just sobbed louder so he put aside his feelings and decided to change the subject.


"Oh." Bella's tears dried up as a smile played at her lips. "He is, different. Taking it well."

Edward pushed himself up, but fell right back into the sand.

"Wh- happened?" He said then started a coughing fit.

"Well, I bit you first. The others followed my lead. You panicked and that is why you are having the trouble talking. You were drowning, so I helped you breathe. "

Edward must have looked curious because his face twisted awkwardly. Bella was still not used to the way his face morphed slightly and became more angular. He really was stunning to look at.

As if he was Poseidon himself, Bella mused.

"We all were going to take mermaid form and inject you with our venom. Like Alice did to Jasper, but he didn't get back to the water in time so he had a harder time."

Bella frowned and Edward nodded, understanding better, but not yet completely.

"You were changed." Bella sighed, "You all were changed into what you called a Nix. You are a merman, Edward. We did not know we could do that until Jasper."

A rush of blood elevated his heart beat and Edward twisted to see his body.

Sure enough, his body now bore a light sparkle of scales over his hairless, dry legs. It was as if he had a very light grey tattoos over his legs and torso. His hands lifted and felt his neck; the four wounds where Bella cut him were now more like gills.

He didn't know what to think.

Was he happy that he could spend eternity with his children and mate or was he angry that she had betrayed his trust and caused him to almost drown?

With a shake of his head, he decided the latter didn't matter.

She chose him.

She wanted him.


"Emmett?" Edward asked again. Bella just pointed in the direction of the beach and just after the crash of the waves, was Emmett, playing happily with a couple of dolphins as they each tried to out swim each other.

"No… fuck-ing… way." He smiled but coughed out, watching Emmett as he arched his back and glided before falling down into the water.

"The rest?"

"Alice and Jasper are in her home. All is well, there. He's not violent, but doesn't talk much. Alice wonders if his vocal cords were ripped from Calypso, but maybe it's too soon to find out." Bella mused and then scoffed, "But they do not seem to need the attentions of others as of yet. He has been keeping her very occupied on her back. And her stomach and her side… many positions, actually. They are not shy." She smirked. "Emmett and Rose are in the water and Carlisle and Esme went back to their part of the island. They swam, there. It's faster."

"The soldiers come?"

Bella's face darkened. "Yesterday. "

"What hap-pened?"

"I had to take you to sea. Hide you behind the rocks, just there." Bella pointed to the cliffs. All is well, and there didn't seem to be anything amiss. They went on their way, begrudgingly."

"Something… you're not… saying." Edward said after a long sip of water. His throat was already feeling better.

Bella began to preen herself nervously. "One or two soldiers went missing. I do not know anything yet." She frowned. "We think one of the other Siren had taken him, possibly Ness or Victoria."

Two unaccompanied sailors lost. Two men on his Island with his Siren.

His pregnant mate.

Edward was not pleased.

At all.

A sharp growl radiated from him and startled Bella, who started to move away, but the movement caught his attention and the animalistic predator now within him took over.

A small smile tricked her lips and her gasp as he pushed her hard into the sand made her laugh.

Her strong nails punctured and ripped at his flesh as he growled. The noise was intoxication and with a shiver Bella couldn't help her excitement.

He could smell her pheromones and how they worked the senses.

The strain of not being connected to her was too much and with a nudge and push his cock finally found her warmth. The calmness overtook him momentarily before lust took over.

He pounded the shit out of her, uncaring to anyone around or anyone watching. He grasped her breast with the hand not holding himself up as his mouth did horrible luscious things to the skin at the base of her neck. It was then as he felt her body become rigid with her orgasm did he feel the odd, animalistic need to mark her. He tore into her flesh with his teeth, uncaring that she clawed at him as she screamed. Moments later, though, as her womb constricted to pump his cum from his cock, she recoiled and bit and latched onto his neck with her sharp teeth.

Edward came hard as he felt her body convulse around him, the tingling feelings prolonged as long as he could, shaking his strained muscles before the feeling dissipated completely.

"Fuck," He grunted, pushing forward one last time, deep inside her as his body covered hers. "That was intense."

Bella agreed with a moan, flexing her inside muscles around his cock. She felt it soon harden again and with a soft smile she asked, "Again?"

"Again," He agreed. "Best make-up sex ever. "He panted with a smile, he bound forward and kissed her deeply, pumping and pulling within her.




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