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Chapter One

Golden eyes glanced at the overcast sky above. A sigh escaped his lips, and he lifted his cup taking a long sip of the bitter coffee inside. He winced ever so slightly at the taste. Only the most trained eye would have picked up the twitch of his. This amber eyed man then swept some blonde hair out of his face. His hair's natural glow was dimmed by the light of this place. Compared to where he was from, this place looked lifeless. This fact annoyed him, but then again so did Berlin.

Although it rained frequently enough, the people of Germany didn't seem to like rain all that much. This thought made the blonde chuckle, and he then shifted his gaze across all the other tables of the outdoor café. Every other seat was empty. He wasn't lonely though, he preferred it this way. Maybe he was anti-social, but he felt that he could only enjoy the company of certain people.

Then another man slipped into the seat in front of him. This man had shimmering blue eyes and pale blonde hair. The man's face was not all that different from his own. His heart couldn't help but ache at the sight of this man. He looked just like his brother, but this man was by no means Alphonse Elric.

"Edward. Still frequenting this café I see." Edward looked deeply into this man's eyes before giving him a small smile in greeting. It wasn't often that people saw him smile. At least this was the case if they weren't close to him in some way. Looking at this man made him think of his brother Alphonse, and even though there was pain associated with that he never wanted to forget about Al. Occasionally, Edward forced himself to think about Al for that very reason. What was Al doing? Was he happy, and if so did he still remember his brother? Edward knew that last question was beyond stupid, but he couldn't fight the curiosity the question brought him. But he was happy just knowing that he had gotten Al's body back just as he had promised.

"You know me all too well, Alfons. Tell me, why are you here though?" Edward inquired. Alfons laughed lightly in regards to the comment of knowing Edward too well. For having been acquainted only a short time, he certainly hoped he knew the young genius more than he should. Alfons Heiderich was a rocket scientist, and a rather impressive one for his age. He was one of the brilliant minds in the business. When he had met Edward only a year ago, the boy knew absolutely nothing about rockets, much less physics, chemistry or aerodynamics. But Edward had a passion for science. This passion allowed Edward to pick up on all of these things in only a few months of study. Edward was for more brilliant than him. It had taken Alfons years to learn what he had taught Edward in only months.

Edward had entered Alfons's life rather unexpectedly. Alfons followed court trials and such as a hobby, so he took notice when they were about to imprison a mad man for claiming he wasn't from Earth much less Germany. The look in Edward's eyes was one of panic and confusion, but certainly not the look of insanity. He knew insanity well, for most men in science were partially crazy themselves. And the German government wanted to jail him unless someone claimed him as kin.

To this day, a year later, Alfons still had no idea why he had stood in court that day and announced to the Judge that Edward was his brother. And when asked by friends he would simply say that the circumstances had been complicated. Edward had been hesitant to say thank you, but Alfons understood. Alfons never did believe Edward about being from a place called Amestris, but he knew the boy was honest about the people he told him about.

"Well," Alfons began, "I'm having trouble with the design of my latest rocket, and you're the only one I can discuss this with without having to explain everything." Edward smiled, knowing just how true this was. Edward had always been a scientific genius by anyone's or any places standards.

"Aw. Your other friends being their usual idiotic selves?" Edward teased lightly. Alfons appreciated the joke though, for he laughed.

"And as usual, you are my go to guy for my problems."

"Then quit talking and show me the work you have. You know how this works by now." At the end of this short exchange, Alfons reached into the brown suitcase he had brought along. He set a stack of papers on the table and pushed them towards Edward. The golden eyed scientist, however unofficial that title was, eagerly took the papers. His eyes shifted over the equations and designs with a speed that only this boy could accurately manage. Alfons was never by any means unimpressed by Edward's natural talents.

Continuing to watch the boy skim through the papers, Alfons couldn't help but notice how Edward had been with him a year, but had not so much as had a girl he liked. He didn't mind either way, though he was bothered by the apparent fact that he was the boys only friend.

When Edward finally looked up and set down the papers, Alfons was brought back to reality. "Here's your problem," Edward said, pointing to the main equation on the third page. "This angle you're trying to calculate shouldn't even be an angle. It needs to be a curve to balance out the design. And since you made it an angle, it threw off all your other equations." Alfons grinned like a small child at the revelation.

"I knew you were the man for the job!" Alfons exclaimed with joy.

"Is there ever anyone else?" Edward challenged light heartedly.

"Well, I supposedly pay Nick to double check my work…" Alfons noted in an accusatory tone.

"Nick is an idiot. Why don't you fire him and hire someone else?" Edward asked, honestly curious. Alfons was no idiot, so why would he hire complete dumbasses?

Alfons smiled at Edward's question. He had been trying to hire Edward for weeks now, but he always refused. "Does that mean you'll finally work for me?" The scientist asked, but he already knew the answer.

"Of course not. I don't want any attachments to this place. You know that." Edward explained for what felt like the hundredth time. Edward lived off the hope that maybe one day he would go back to Amestris. Back to Al, back to alchemy, and back to the world he loved so much. At this point, he would rather be a State Alchemist in Amestris then a Rocket Scientist in Berlin, Germany. He was grateful for what Alfons had done for him, but he just couldn't be happy here, and he didn't want to try. The former alchemist still lived by truth and still put his faith in equivalent exchange. The truth was that he wasn't happy, and he would never be until he was home. But that may never happen.

Alfons noted the look on Edward's face. He was deep in thought. He knew the boy wasn't totally happy. Edward blamed it on being homesick, but Alfons knew better. Even if Edward were to go home, it wouldn't change the fact that he had nothing to be happy about. Nothing to be happy for. "Even scientists can dream, dear Edward." Alfons announced once Edward had brought his attention back to the present.

Edward looked thoughtful for a moment before standing up. "Yeah, well maybe they shouldn't." Edward said almost cynically. Alfons knew better then to mistake this for bitterness. The boy was a true scientist, dedicated more than anyone else to the study, and only spoke of what he knew to be true. "I have to go. I'll see you later." Edward then turned and walked away.

Alfons watched Edward's back as he walked, heading into the road. Yes, the boy was a strange one, but he was certainly a gifted mind.

Then he saw it. Panic flooded his senses. A large car was speeding down the road and headed straight at Edward. "Edward!" Alfons yelled as loud as he could. Edward barely had time to look behind him at Alfons though. Amber eyes, shimmering with curiosity looked directly into his fear stricken ones. Then the car collided with him. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, Edward's body bending so unnaturally over the hood of the car. His legs bent in the wrong direction, and then there was blood everywhere. And Edward was on the ground. He was dead.

Alfons ran to Edward, and kneeled beside him and lifted the boys head, hoping to God that his suspicion was wrong. But he was only proven correct. Edward was gone. Tears streamed down his face. "Oh God… Edward! No… Not you. Anyone but you!" Alfons screamed through his tears. His friend, no, his closest friend was gone forever.

In what reality was this fair? Ha. Fair? If Edward could say anything right now he would point out that the truth about life is that it was hardly ever fair.