An oranget leaned against a wall, amber eyes closed, hands in the pocket of his dark blue hoodie. "What's the plan master?" A small brown haired, grayish blue eyed teen dressed in a black hoodie and black jeans.

"Can you please not call me master" the oranget sighed, opening one of his eyes to look at the younger.

"Sorry…Ichigo" the teen nodded.

"Now come here, you are standing in direct light" Ichigo demanded.

The smaller male went over to him and muttered an apology. The oranget sighed. "Its fine Tensa, you're still learning, and that's what I'm here for" Ichigo replied.

Tensa nodded, staring at his feet. "HEY!" a voice called, snapping Tensa and Ichigo's attention to a car as it pulled up to the curb near them. The window rolled down and a smiling oranget sat in the car, brown eyes sparkling with excitement. "We got some work to do, a new job" the excited male chirped.

"Oh cool" Ichigo started as he glanced at the house behind them. "Can we meet you at that office in like an hour…me and Tensa have a quick job to do" Ichigo asked.

The other seemed to deflate a bit. "Sure Ichi…but try to be quick, this is a job that will interest you" he replied.

Ichigo nodded, waving as the other drove off. The amber eyed male looked at his appertice. "The plan is, don't die and get in and out, your instincts should keep you alive-"

"And my head will guide me" Tensa finished.

"Yeah" the oranget smirked.

Then the pair raced towards the house, silently with small matching grins.

"…That's a big job sir" Tensa stated, shifting uncomfortable. The teen had graduated the school but now was an apprentice to finish up the training needed for this job.

"We can do it Tensa-chan" Kon waved a hand, rolling his brown eyes.

"It will be fine Tensa…Kon's right…for once…we will take the job sir" Ichigo replied, bowing his head to their boss who nodded back.

"I send you three the best of luck" their boss stated in his deep, gruff tone.

Ichigo, Tensa, and Kon left the office. "It's gonna be a long night" Ichigo yawned.

"We can sleep on the plane to A-me-ri-ca" Tensa stated, trying very hard to pronounce America. Ichigo chuckled at the younger. He always wondered the brown haired male's reason for taking this kind of job, it didn't seem like the dream job for a young like him. Then again, it was the same thing for Ichigo but the job paid well and he loved traveling which he did a lot with this job.

"Yes we can Tensa…I bet Ichigo is gonna try to find that albino boyfriend of his" Kon teased.

Ichigo blushed, scowling. "First, he is my friend, not boyfriend-"

"That blush says otherwise" Kon interrupted.

"…second America is a huge place I doubt I will run into him" Ichigo finished.

"Ichigo…I have a personal question…since you like guys…do you top or bottom" Tensa asked curiously.

"TENSA!" Ichigo yelled, blushing furiously.

"…He bottoms…you can tell from that" Kon laughed.

"I hate both of you" Ichigo growled.

"…You are hiring a personal guard for us?" Grimmjow asked with a growl.

"We an't bitches, we can take care of ourselves" Nnoitra snapped.

"You are now famous and fan girls can be very crazy and powerful" their manager, a soft spoken, black haired male with large green eyes.

"We will be fine…we don't need any bitch-assed guards" Shiro sighed as he rolled over on the couch so he was upside down.

"Unless we can fuck them" Nnoitra stated.

"Not much of a guard then" Grimmjow snorted.

Their manager sighed. "It would be easier if you just accepted it…you are getting guards" he stated.

"Good luck with that Ulqui-chan" Shiro laughed.

Abruptly, Shiro's phone started to ring but the albino was too lazy to get up and get it from the table. "…Since when does your phone play music when someone calls you?" Nnoitra asked.

Shiro blinked and then his golden on black eyes lit up as he jumped up, grabbing his phone. It only played music when a certain number from a certain person called, a person he had heard or seen for over 4 years. "King?" he asked as soon as he picked, the excitement in his voice boomed.

A small laugh from the other line. "4 years and the first thing you say is the nickname you gave me in preschool…you haven't changed a bit Shi" a very familiar voice sighed happily. Shiro could practically hear the smile on the other's face.

The albino got up from the couch, giving the other people in the room a look that meant 'Will be back soon, this is very important'. Nnoitra rolled his eye and Grimmjow snorted. 'Ulqui-chan' just sighed.

Shiro went down the hall and plopped down on his bed. "It's great to hear from you again…I have missed ya" Shiro purred.

"Me too…I sort of have something I wanted to talk to you about" the other stated.

"What King?" Shiro asked, propping himself up on his elbows as he laid on his stomach.

"Well I'm gonna be in America again for a few months…so I wanted to know if you wanted to get together or something" the soft voice explained.

"Of course Ichi…where are you landing at? I will come get ya" Shiro offered.

"I have a few friends with me" 'Ichi' stated. "And we are landing in LA" he added.

"Awesome, my house isn't too far from there" Shiro chirped.

"Thanks Shi…but I should warn you that I do have work to do while I'm here" the other added.

Then a loud oww was heard. "You okay Ichigo?" Shiro panicked.

"What was that for Kon?" Ichigo snapped, his voice a little far away since he wasn't speaking to Shiro.

"You haven't seen your friend in like 4 years…you should spend time with him…idiot" another voice snapped.

"That didn't mean you had to hit him…you have a voicebox, use it…also we have to board in a few minutes so you should finish up your conversation with Shiro-kun" a 3rd voice stated.

"Sorry about that" Ichigo sighed. "Idiotic friend"

"It's fine…so call me when you get off the plane and I will come get you" Shiro chirped.

"No…you will not go get him" a voice snapped.

"Fine…YOU will get him Ulquiorra but I'm coming with you" Shiro snapped, hand over the phone.

The black haired male sighed but gave in. "Bye King" Shiro chirped into the phone.

"Bye Shi…see you soon" Ichigo sighed.

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