Part One

Picking the Tributes

Chapter 1

I wake to the sound of my sister, Melanie's, voice right above me. I grunt and turn from the noise trying to return to my dreams.

"Wake up Maysilee. We need to go eat." Melanie persists.

"Alright, Alright I'm getting up." I say a little grouchily sitting up in bed. Melanie lets a little giggle come up, but then her face turns solemn. I find this strange. She is always happy. The only time she is like this is on… Then I remember today is the day of the reaping. The day we have to go and stand in line to get our names put in the reaping ball.

Usually one girl and one boy, between the ages of twelve and eighteen, will be picked and forced to participate in the Hunger Games, A fight to the death on television, but this year they will pick to girls and two boys from each of the twelve districts to go to the Quarter Quell. Obviously the odds are not in our favor.

"Well how about that breakfast?" I say patting her shoulder and standing up.

"Yes mother has made a feast today let's hurry." Melanie replies and starts out the door.

I get dressed and follow her down. Melanie hasn't lied. The table is covered with food, eggs, bacon, muffins, orange juice, potatoes, and fruit. Even though my family is richer than most of the people in district twelve, we rarely have this much.

"Wow mom you sure out did yourself" I say walking up to my mother and help her grab some plates.

"Yes well I thought it would be nice to fill ourselves up." She says, but I know it's because she might not be able to make us another meal after today.

I smile at her and start to set the table. Out the window I see the train come in to the station. This means that Georgette Pelling, The woman sent from the Capitol to read the names of the tributes.

I shudder at the thought of those people from the Capitol that enjoy watching all these kids die. I push that from my mind as my father comes in and sits down.

We all sit as he says "Let's all eat."