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Last time...

Iona turned and snatched Giroro's gun out of his hands, whirled around and fired a shot at Aki.

The blast came forth from the weapon and headed in the direction it had been shot.

It also missed Aki by a mile,

wound up being a straight shot through the open back door,

and blasted into the fence in the backyard.

Aki, Dororo and Giroro stared at Iona before turning and following the path of the shot with their eyes.

Iona sweatdropped/C***...I really shouldn't have tried to shoot her./

Giroro turned back to the purple keronian in disbelief.


"Was that...?"

Iona gingerly placed the weapon back in his hands.

"... ... ... ... ... ...A warning shot."

The three others in the room faceplanted and Giroro jumped up.


Iona folded her arms, "That's because I didn't try to hit her. I was shooting at the show that I could."

Giroro smacked his hand to his face. "Sure. I'll accept that this time. BUT DON'T TOUCH MY GUN AGAIN!"

Iona folded her arms. "Sure. No problem Giroro-gocho."

She then turned and quickly exited the room (Bolted is more like it).

Giroro stared at the weapon in his hands. "There is no way anyone can actually miss that badly...right?

Continuing on...

Iona made it back to her clearing without incident and dove into her tent. "I can't believe I did that..."

She grabbed her sword off her back and started to polish it. Usually she wouldn't do that inside of her tent but she would this time. She wasn't willing to exit her tent right at the moment.

/I just gave away a weakness...because I got mad... That's ridiculous! I need to have better self control then that... This planet seems to make discipline melt away./

She continued to polish her blade until she had calmed down enough to exit the tent. When she did, she saw that Giroro was standing there.

After briefly wondering if he was here to laugh at her, she shoved the thought out of her head, straightened herself up, and faced him,

"What is it that you want Giroro-Goucho?"

Giroro extended his hand, holding a gun, out to Iona. "Take this."

Iona blinked at him, "...Why?"

Giroro's eyebrow twitched. "Because your shooting sucks! It could get you killed! You need to be able to do it with some proficiency at least!"

Iona folded her arms, "I have trained enough in my strengths, that my lack of shooting skill in not a problem."

/He already knew... I guess a military crack shot like him would be able to tell a poor shot from a mile away./

Giroro rolled his eyes, "At least let me TRY to teach you. Maybe you'll figure out how to shoot within twenty feet of your intended target."

Iona sweatdropped, "It...wasn't that bad..."

Giroro folded his arms, "Yes. It was. Now take the gun and let me teach you how to shoot. It really bugs me that even Keroro can shoot better then you."

Iona reached forward and snatched the gun away from Giroro, "That imbecile couldn't shoot his own foot."

Giroro smirked inwardly, /Got her./ It really had bugged him for the last few hours. Being a short range fighter was all well and good, but there would come a point in time where she might need to be able to fight from a distance, and then what would she do? Throw her sword? Not likely.

Learning how to aim and fire a gun properly would be her best option. As a one of the best shots in the military, he would be the best suited to attempt teaching her.

Iona shook her head slightly. /He plans to teach me how to shoot? Yeah...he wouldn't be the first. Good luck with that Giroro-goucho./ However, she followed him out of her clearing without further protest.

Aldis returned to the Hinata house and meandered through the base until she reached Kululu's lab. A little bit worried that he had seen her sneaking through the files, she poked her head in and called out before entering.

"Hello? Kululu-kun?"

Deeply engrossed in his work, the scientist of the Keroro Platoon did not respond right away. Aldis frowned,


She called again and rapped her knuckles against the metal door. The sound jolted Kululu out of his thoughts and he quickly looked up at everything he had displayed across his screens.

"Possessions, Real? Or Fake?" "How do you know...?" "Watch! This Thing is possessed!" "No Photoshop! Honest Possession! Caught on Film!"

Beyond embarrassed at how ridiculous he was acting, Kululu quickly shut down the screens. It wouldn't do for anyone to think he was abandoning facts and proven science. Kululu folded his arms and frowned inwardly. Was it possible that he had imagined the action from the toy? Kululu found that hard to believe since he based everything he knew on his own precise observations.

Unfortunately, what he saw went against the facts that were available. That was why he had delved into the research. However, he had yet to find any hard evidence of unnatural phenomenon.

Aldis gave up announcing her presence and walked into the room and over to Kululu.

"Is everything alright?" She cautiously asked, noting that the screens in front of Kululu were blank. She furrowed her brow in concern and waved her hand in front of Kululu.


Kululu looked up at her, "What is it?"

Aldis grinned, "You're okay! You haven't gone mental!"

Kululu stared at the real Keronian incredulously for a minute, as the room got quiet again.

Aldis sweatdropped, "Aaaaanyways, You're been cooped up in this lab too long. Have you even gone outside lately?"

Kululu smirked, "Kukuku...Why would I do that? There are things that I can be doing down here"

Aldis rolled her eyes and folded her arms, "Yeah..." *motions towards multitude of black, inactive screens* "You're really cranking away at that work you have to get done."

Kululu tried to think up a response that wouldn't give away what he was working on. Too bad for him, Aldis had already set her mind on dragging the "needy shut-in" outside.

She grabbed his arm and attempted to leave with him. Kululu stayed stubbornly seated. She stopped and turned to face him.

"Fine then. We'll do it your way." She folded her arms and thought for a moment,

"...I wonder..." She murmured to herself as she cast her gaze over the nearby multitude of inventions.

She walked away from the chair where Kululu was firmly planted and began to examine them closer. Kululu, curious as to her intentions, got up and followed the strange Keronian. (Strange to even Kululu's standards? is weird...)

She looked at each individual device closely and checked out their intended purposes, and the results-usually provided courtesy of Giroro-kun-before making her decision.

"This one will do." The creation she picked up was an old one. Kululu recognized it as one of the first things he ever built.

"What do you plan on doing with that?'s useless."

"Not for my intended purpose." She replied and smirked before turning around and aiming it at Kululu.

The scientist suddenly remembered what exactly it was that creation did./...Frog.../ Aldis pulled the trigger and Kululu found himself entangled in the ropes that came out the barrel. (Heh...It seems that Aldis is a better shot then Iona too.)

Aldis stepped over to Kululu and grinned, "No creation is ever useless. No matter how old or outdated it may seem."

She grabbed the end of the rope and proceeded to drag the reluctant Kululu out of his lab, down the hall, and towards the backyard.

When she got there, her captive glared at her. Aldis rolled her eyes, "Come on. I'm just helping you out."

Kululu folded his arms, "I will be sure to find a way to return this "favor", Aldis."

Aldis grinned brightly, "Nah! Don't worry about it!" Kululu sweatdropped, Aldis apparently hadn't caught the malice behind that statement.

The teal Keronian continued to drag him out and into a wooded area. "I found a stream near here. I want to go hang out there."

Although he wasn't terribly pleased with the manner in which she was showing him this, Kululu nevertheless brightened at the prospect of fresh water. He also wondered why he hadn't ever located the stream before.

Aldis eventually reached the stream and let Kululu out of the net. "See?! Isn't this place awesome!?"

Kululu sweatdropped, she was getting excited over a trickle of water. She may not be an idiot like the rest, but there was definitely something a little bit off about her. (Like he has any room to talk.)

He sat down near the water and she sat down across from him.

"So...", She began, a mischievous twinkle in her eye, "Who are we gonna prank first?"

Kululu stared at her blankly for a minute before letting a grin creep onto his face. "kukukukukuku...What did you have in mind?"

Aldis looked around quickly before smiling, "Well..."

Keroro walked into his room, eager to get started with building his brand new, limited edition, super ultra rare Gundam model.

His whole mind was focused on the box, and piecing together the tiny plastic parts. After a time, he looked up at the shelves that held his other models, looking for a spot on the already overcrowded wall for this new one.

He quickly spotted an empty space, which struck him as odd since he was never able to do that. He looked back down at the toy and happily continued putting it together before a cold chill of realization swept across his body.

He slowly looked back up at the shelves and swept his gaze across them.


Aldis and Kululu sat back and listened to Keroro's anguished scream.

Kululu folded his arms as stared at the screens that were playing back a live feed of Keroro's actions.

"Kukuku..." Aldis grinned as she watched from next to Kululu's chair

"I liked the plan, but that note they left really took the cake, eh Kululu-kun?"

Kululu grinned, "Kukuku...I agree."

He panned the camera over to the note and zoomed the lens in.

~The Gundam models have been taken and donated to charity. Thank you for your generosity.~

Aldis laughed again before moving forward and beginning to type. Kululu looked at her curiously,

"What are you doing?"

Aldis grinned, "Just going to mess with Keroro-kun a little bit more."

She hit an upload button and Kululu watched as the file with the footage from Keroro's traumatic breakdown was posted on YouTube.

The Sergeant, in all his fetal position glory, was going to be even more of a laughingstock then he already was.

Kululu chuckled, "Kukuku...good idea."

Aldis stood up straight and turned away from the screen, *grin*"Why thank you Kululu-kun! I'm pretty proud of it myself."

Kululu looked back at the screen. "Did you happen to have any other ideas...? ...Kukuku..."

Aldis folded her arms and thought deeply, "...any other ideas? Well of course I do."

She laughed and then turned to Kululu. "We'll have to lock ourselves into the lab for this one though. To avoid any possible radiating damage."

Kululu nodded, "What are you plotting this time?" Aldis just shook her head and glanced at a screen that had Giroro and Dororo talking.

"...I wonder..."

Kululu looked at the screen. "What are you wondering?"

Aldis blinked back into reality, "Huh? Oh it's nothing."

Kululu pushed forward, "no, what were you wondering? ...Or should I try to find out myself? Kukuku..." Aldis shrugged.

"Do what you want Kululu-kun." She grinned at him before turning and exiting the lab. She had something that she wanted to look into.

Giroro stood outside, talking to Dororo. He glanced over at the targets posted in various areas in the woods. His eyebrow twitched and Dororo turned to him in concern,

"What's the matter Giroro-dono?"

Giroro shook his head. "I have been trying to teach Iona how to shoot..."

Dororo glanced around at the completely untouched targets.

"I assume that it is not going so well?"

Giroro shook his head. "Not. At. All."


Iona took aim at a target and fired. Giroro watched as the shot completely missed its mark and veered wildly off course. His eyebrow twitched.

/That was as bad as it was when she had no time to aim at all./

Iona glared down at the weapon in her hand.

"I loathe you." Giroro sweatdropped,

"That's an inanimate object you know."

Iona shrugged, "Guns hate me. All manner of guns, pistols, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, *shakes head* I can't work with any of them."

Giroro frowned thoughtfully. He walked over and took the weapon from Iona before firing a direct hit into a target.

"There's nothing wrong with the gun."

Iona folded her arms. "That's what everyone says."

Giroro sweatdropped, "Then wouldn't the number of people saying that there is nothing wrong be the slightest bit convincing?"

Iona shook her head. "NO! I want you to watch something. You think it's my aim that's off right?"

Giroro nodded, "That's the only explanation that I have."

Iona turned and her hand blurred slightly as she flicked a shuriken into the very center of the posted target.

Giroro raised an eyebrow, "bulls-eye..."

Iona nodded, "My aim is near perfect. Guns just hate me."

Giroro shook his head. "It's not the weapon. It can't be the weapon. There has to be something that makes it not work for you."

Iona turned and started walking away, "and that's what my instructors have been trying to figure out from day one. Hope you do better at it then they did."

Giroro rolled his eyes, "How would I know if I did better?"

Iona turned back to him and laughed, "I'll learn how to shoot." That being said, she walked off, back towards her tent.

~~~~~End Flashback~~~~

Dororo thought for a moment. "It must bother her a lot."

Giroro turned to him, "What does?"

Dororo motioned to the undamaged targets, "Being a strong soldier is obviously important to her. It must upset her to have such an obvious weakness. That's why she has trained so hard to overcome that weakness."

Giroro turned to him, "What are you talking about? She barely wanted to even touch the gun."

Dororo nodded, "Exactly. She doesn't want to be reminded of the weakness. However, she has come up with ways to compensate for it. After all, She was a difficult opponent for you to fight wasn't she?"

Giroro folded his arms and nodded, "You have a point..."

Dororo nodded and turned to go back to his cabin. "Perhaps a different teaching method would be a better way to work with her."

Giroro sweatdropped /Yeah...but what way would that be...?/

Dororo headed along the path to his cabin. All seemed fairly peaceful in the woods until he heard someone calling out his name,

"Dororo-kun!" Dororo looked around and spotted Aldis, waving her arms around. He went over to her and she grinned widely.

"Hello Dororo-kun! Can I ask you something?"

Dororo nodded, "Of course you may."

Aldis beamed, "Awesome!..."

Dororo waited for a moment but when no further response came, he decided to ask, "What was it that you wish-!"


Dororo stumbled back, "...What?" He managed to choke out.

Aldis looked at him in intense curiosity, "I really gotta know. Please let me see! It's driving me crazy!"

Dororo shook his head, "I'm sorry... I'm afraid that I can't do that."

Aldis frowned, "Why not?"

Dororo sweatdropped, "um..." /I really don't have a good reason for not taking it off...I just like to keep it on.../ "I'd...simply rather not..."

Aldis folded her arms, "Fine, but that's not very nice."

Dororo's jaw dropped, "What!? But I-! I'm nice!"

Aldis shook her head, "You might be nice most of the time...but without you letting me look under the mask, my curiosity is just burning, and it's not nice for you to make me uncomf-"

"Leave him alone Aldis."

Iona stepped through the underbrush into the clearing. "Don't guilt Dororo-heicho into doing something he doesn't want to do."

Aldis turned to Iona and sighed, "but I wanna see."

Iona shook her head and laughed, "Just let it go."

Aldis nodded, "Fine, but only for now. I'll figure it out eventually."

She turned and walked away, back towards the house. Iona rolled her eyes, "You do that."

Dororo turned to Iona, "Thank you."

Iona shook her head, "Don't thank me. It's like you said... we're comrades right?" Dororo smiled underneath his mask and nodded.

Iona almost felt a pang of guilt, /Even if I decided that it would be easiest to gain his trust...It still bothers me a little. He really leaves himself vulnerable to something like this. He's too nice for his own good. Too trusting./

Iona motioned to Dororo, "Come on Lance Corporal. I made some tea over by my tent. You're welcome to have some if you would like." She said before beginning to walk away.

Dororo shook his head,


Iona paused briefly and nodded, even while wincing internally, "Dororo then..."

Dororo turned and followed Iona back to her tent.

Once Dororo left, Iona sat at her small desk and pulled out a piece of paper. She stared at it for a moment before beginning to write.


I have begun to sink myself into the workings of this platoon. I have taken on one of the soldiers as a teacher of sorts.

I am attempting to gain the trust of another soldier. It is much easier then it should be,

or has been in the past with other missions. I am still bothered by the lack of discipline

that this platoon shows. It makes them vulnerable to infiltration of the sort I myself am using right now.

The members of the platoon also seem to be bonded very closely with some of the local pekoponians.

Many of them show strength that would be well used against us. Due to these bonds,

I fear that the pekoponians have the advantage here. It would be very beneficial if the Keroro platoon were

ordered to set up a new base of operations in another location.

There is much going on within the Keroro platoon that I am unaware of.

Perhaps a lengthening of this projected mission timeline would be useful. I trust that you will make the best judgment as my Commanding Officer, I merely thought that I should make my opinions known.

Other then those factors, the mission goes well.


The violet Keronian stared at the piece of paper in front of her with her report on it. She knew that there was a good deal more that she could say.

She could talk about the suspicion that Corporal Giroro was fraternizing with the enemy.

She could talk about how it appeared that Lance Corporal Dororo appeared to have defected.

She could discuss Sergeant Keroro's lack of any attempt at progress with the mission and his blatant misuse of military invasion funds.

/However.../ She thought while sealing up the report.

/Most of those things are merely suspicions. I don't want the General to get the wrong idea. Just in case that's what I have been getting as well./

She took the letter and handed it off to Aldis, trusting that her friend would get it to the general in a timely manner, much as she had done the last time.

Aldis didn't have the same idea. She took the letter into her room again and pulled the report out before reading. A slow smile broke out across her face. Iona hadn't mentioned anything about treason, or possible breaking of the Keronian laws.

Several examples of which were plainly visible to her. She knew that Iona would have seen them if she had.

Then there was the lengthening of the mission request. She knew that she had to send that part on to the General without delay. So, as she had last time, she shredded the report, and sat down at her desk to contemplate what to say to the General.


I told you that Iona would make friends. I've made some too! Pekopon is a really cool place!

I see what you mean about it possibly being a waste of time to try to take it over though.

Anyways, Iona wants to make the mission longer. I think it would be a good idea too.

We'll come back and see you over our vacation next month. Thanks for writing back!


She sent the letter off to the General and sat back. She thought about a way to keep the mission classified and still tell Kululu. He was her friend after all.

In the end, she decided that it might be a bad idea, and that the best option would be to just keep quiet about the whole matter.

She headed off to bed, knowing that the General would get the report, and hoping that he lengthened the mission like they had asked.