Draco's eyes opened slowly. All he could see was long black table. The rest of the room was darkness. He didn't know where he was or what he was doing there. A white light flashed and suddenly Luna was lying on the table. Draco rushed towards her and stretched his arms out to embrace her. But, he couldn't touch her.

"What is going on?" he asked aloud, "Luna, can you hear, me?" Luna didn't move. It was only then that Draco saw the lifelessness in her eyes. Draco then heard laughter that would scare his father in seconds. Luna sat up on the table and closed her eyes. Her eyes opened and were blood red. She opened her mouth and screamed. Blood ran from her mouth like a facet.

Draco woke up sweating. He was breathing heavily and immediately got up and went to the bathroom. Draco turned on the facet and splashed water on his face. When he looked in the mirror, his face was covered in blood. He turned his head, breathed, and looked again. There was nothing there.

Luna's morning wasn't nearly as strange as Draco's. She has gotten up early and took a walk to look for the Nargles that stole her shoes. She walked towards the edge of Hogsmeade following a trail, but she couldn't find a single Nargle.

Luna went back to her room only find Draco pounding on her door.

"Draco? What are you doing?"

Draco turned and hugged her, "Thank goodness you're okay!"

"Why wouldn't I be Draco? I only took a walk."

Draco pulled back almost immediately after Luna had spoken. "Oh, no reason." Draco rushed back to his room and slammed the door.

Luna just smiled and went into her room.

About an hour later, the couple made it to Hogwarts, but Hagrid was nowhere to be found.

"I guess we can just do the dailies," Luna suggested.

There was a loud bang and a piece of paper appeared in front of them. It said, "Just because I be gone doesn't mean you two can cut work. If ye ain't be at the castle by the time I be sending this, then Finch will have yer hides. Today the two of you are gonna be mopping all the bathrooms, cleaning off the bottom of the desks and chairs and be washing the desks and chairs too. The house elves should have put all the desks and chairs in the great hall. If they ain't be there, well then you'll have to go to every classroom. Don't be forgetting the dailies either. Till later, Hagrid." The letter burst into flames.

"Was it just me or did he seem worried?" Luna asked. Draco looked at her funny. "It was just an observation," Luna said.

"How could it be an observation?" Draco asked, "You didn't see anything."

"Never mind," Luna said, "How are we going to split up the work?"

"You can do the desks and chairs and the dailies you did yesterday," Draco said.

"No way Malfoy!" Luna argued, "I won't finish all that all of that. You can do the dailies. I'll do the desks and chairs."

"Fine!" Draco said. The two set off to do their work.

Towards noon, Draco had finished doing all of the dailies except feeding the creatures. He decided to do it with Luna so it would be more fun. He quickly walked back to the Great Hall.

Luna was humming to herself focusing on getting the job done. She had finished washing all of the desks and only had about fifty chairs yet. Luna still couldn't believe how much gum was stuck to the desks, but the yellow color betrayed the Hufflepuff house. She didn't know it, but a hooded figure had apparated into the Great Hall. It drew a wand and headed towards Luna. The only sound Luna could hear was her hum.

As the figure walked closer to Luna, Draco opened the door to the Great Hall. Draco's mouth opened in shock at he saw the figure. It turned toward him and disapperated. Draco ran towards Luna.

"Hello Draco," Luna said smiling, "Have you finished everything on the list already?"

"Yes Luna," Draco replied, "Are you alright?"

"Of course, why I wouldn't I be?" Luna said.

"I thought I saw something behind you," Draco said solemnly.

"There was something then?" Luna asked.

"Yes, did you not notice?"

"I did. It was a Dabberblimp. Thanks for scarring it off! I wasn't sure what I was going to do?"

"Oh, well your welcome… I still have to feed the creatures. Why don't you go get started and I'll finish up here," Draco suggested.

"That sounds wonderful," Luna said happily, "it just this last bit. Meet me out there when you're done!" Luna walked out of the Great Hall skipping. Draco just starred as she walked off. He couldn't help but feel warm inside. He quickly shook off the feeling and went to work. It was only after Draco finished that he felt someone in the shadows.

"She's a crazy girl you know," a woman said.

Draco stood up and looked around, "Who's there?"

"Just little ole me," the woman said. Bellatrix LeStrange emerged from the shadows, "Crazy runs in the family. At least on my end."

"What do you want Aunt Bella?"

"I just want to make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. And to warn you to watch that girl, you don't want her to disappear," Bellatrix laughed.

Draco ran out of the Great Hall to Hagrid's hut. As he neared the hut, he heard Luna scream. Draco called out her name and kept running. He closed upon the creatures, but Luna wasn't there. Draco looked around trying to find something. As he got on the far side of the fences, he found a bucket that had held some food.

Draco, seeing no other option, ran into the forest and called out her name. He didn't hear a response, so he went in deeper. The forest around him was dark and eyes were watching him. Draco called out her name again. A branch snapped and he ran towards the sound. There was no one there, but a footprint in the mud proved that someone had been there. For most of the night Draco searched for Luna. Eventually he couldn't see and as much as it pained him so, he returned to Hogsmeade. He again searched throughout the town looking for Luna, but she was nowhere to be found.

Sadly, the only thing Draco could do was return to the hotel. He knocked on her door, and got no reply. He went to his own room and fell asleep.

When he opened his eyes he saw Luna, in all black. Draco got up to grab her. Luna just stood there emotionless as Draco hugged her. When he pulled away, she turned to ash and a pile of ash and blood was all that remained. Laughter echoed around and the ash blew away and the blood disappeared. Draco looked down and Luna's face melded into the floor. Her dead eyes met his and she screamed.

Draco once again woke up in a cold sweat. Luna was missing and there was nothing he could do about it.

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