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Chapter 1

Peeta POV

I know I'm driving Katniss crazy but I don't care. After what happened last time, I'm like a hawk, always watching her. I can barely have her out of my sight. I'm just so worried something is going to happen to her. What if she trips and falls? I know that I'm the clumsiest out of the two of us, but I'm not carrying our baby inside me. I know she's starting to regret even telling me but she wouldn't have been able to hide it more than a couple of weeks after my birthday anyway. Her belly began to show. I was in awe the first time I noticed the bump. It made it so real. I know I had the ultrasound picture, but seeing it in the flesh, so to speak, really made it come to life. My hands are always on her stomach and so are hers, even if she didn't like to admit it. She instinctively is constantly touching her stomach and caressing it. She is absolutely beautiful and glowing. It's impossible not to take her to bed every five minutes.

As usual, I'm up before Katniss and getting ready to head over to the bakery. It's five o'clock in the morning and I'm normally there by six o'clock to throw the first loaf in the oven. If I didn't do so much prep work every night before I left, I would need to be in even earlier. But I always have a hard time parting myself from Katniss's graceful limbs. It's the one place in this world that I always want to be, in her arms. So I make small sacrifices and Rafe and I prep what we can ahead of time. He's in school all day so I'm pretty much on my own until he gets out. Katniss and I move in between our shops throughout the day, helping each other out as need be.

I'm sitting at the table when she joins me. She sits down and puts her forehead to mine. "Morning beautiful" I say as I kiss her smooth face. "Morning Peeta" she returns the familiar greeting. I get up and fix her some fried eggs with cheese and some orange juice. She takes her prenatal vitamins and scoffs down the food. Once she wakes up a bit, she bounces upstairs to get dressed. When she comes down, she has her hunting jacket on and grabs her bow and arrows. "You ready to go? I'll walk with you to the bakery." she says. I look at her and laugh. "Where do you think you're going with your bow and arrow?" I ask her. She looks at me like I'm stupid and replies "Going hunting. Thought I would catch some squirrels for dinner tonight."

I shake my head and wash off her breakfast dish. "Not gonna happen. May as well put it down. No hunting until after the baby is born. You can't be moving around like that. Running through the woods and climbing trees. You could get hurt." She looks at me like I took her favorite toy away. "Peeta, don't be ridiculous. You know I'll take it easy. The baby is tucked away nice and safe in here. A little hunting is not going to jeopardize it. I would never hurt our child" she counters. I stop what I'm doing and address her full on now, closing the distance between us. "I would feel more comfortable if you just didn't Katniss. Anything could happen out there. I'm not telling you not to go into the woods and gather plants. Bring your knife for protection. Or better yet, I'll go with you when you need to go. Rafe can watch the bakery. But I don't want you hunting. Period. I won't be able to handle the stress worrying about you."

Katniss rolls her eyes at me. "You're over reacting Peeta. You know I'll be fine." She decides to change her approach. She moves in closer to me and traces her finger on my throat. Her lips closing in on mine. She smiles seductively at me. I smile back at her. "Your sexy little smile isn't going to work on me this time. Don't let me catch that bow and arrow in the woods with you. I mean it Katniss. Not backing down on this one." I give her a quick kiss and move towards the door to grab my jacket. She's all pissed off now. "You coming? You can hang out with me at the bakery this morning. I'll make you some cheese buns if you'd like." I ask her. She pouts for a second and then flashes her gorgeous angry gray eyes at me.

"You suck Peeta." She snaps at me.

"I lick Katniss." I open the door for her and she storms out.

The next few weeks pretty much roll by the same way. Katniss is upset that I won't let her hunt but I don't impose any other restrictions on her. We had already agreed that we both wanted to be present at her doctor's appointments. I opened the bakery early and closed early afternoon to go with her. When we arrive at Dr. Biven's office, we're greeted and then shown into an examination room. Katniss doesn't have to change for this appointment and so we just wait. Staring at each other. Dr. Bivens comes in and asks Katniss how she's feeling and inquiring about any complications or discomfort. She glares at me and then asks the good doctor about the hunting issue. "Dr. Bivens, can I or can I not hunt?You said no climbing trees or craziness. I am very stealthy and I don't have to overexert myself to catch game. Peeta is being difficult and won't let me hunt." I can't believe she just tried to throw me under a bus.

The doctor looks at me with a raised eyebrow. "Let's hear it doc. Am I being unreasonable?" I ask, my arms folded. Dr. Bivens looks between the two of us. "While I am inclined to stay out of this lovers quarrel, I have to agree with Peeta, Katniss. I think it's better to be safe than sorry. You can miscarry right up until the end. I think it's better to just be thankful and not take unnecessary risks. I'm sorry to get in the middle of you two but if you want someone to blame, then you can now blame me."

I love this doctor! Us men need to stick together.

Katniss scowls at me again. I guess it's not going to end when we get home. Dr. Bivens breaks the silence. "So let's move on with the appointment, shall we?" he asks. He has Katniss lie down and he pulls up her shirt to expose her stomach. I know the man is a doctor, but I am slightly uncomfortable with him touching her. I try to shake it off as he pulls out a stethoscope and positions it to Katniss's belly. He smiles. "Heartbeat sounds good. Want to hear?" He puts another attachment onto her belly and we can hear our baby's heartbeat. We are both in awe and just stare at each other. I think we just got over our argument. He pulls the device off and fixes her shirt, then pulls her up to a sitting position.

"Things look good Katniss. Again, I'll see you in one month. No hunting. Take your vitamins. Call me if you have questions or concerns." he smiles and leaves the room.

When we get out to the street, we silently hold hands as we stroll home. I'm gonna have to go first and break the silence between us. I speak the first thing that comes to my mind. "That was pretty amazing, hearing the baby's heartbeat. Did you hear it last time?" I ask her. She smiles at me. "No, but I saw it beating on the screen during the ultra sound. That was pretty amazing too." I laugh. She continues. "This office visit was much better than last time too. Last time he examined me. You know, with his finger." I stop dead in my tracks. "What do you mean, his finger?" I ask. Katniss continues. "I had to get undressed, spread my legs open and he put some cold goop on his finger and stuck it inside me. Then he pressed all around my pelvic area. It was really uncomfortable."

I can't believe what she's saying. "Are you telling me that I have to go kill this man right now? Because I want to go kill this man right this very moment. Is that normal? Did you ask your mother?I don't know anything about this. I'd really hate to hurt him since he sided with me but I won't have any problem doing it if he's out of line." Katniss laughs. "Relax. I did ask Mother and she said it's normal. I guess they can tell you're pregnant and around how big your baby is by doing those thorough examinations. She said it's going to happen a couple of more times too. Don't freak out."

We arrive at our house now and I open the door for her to walk in. "Katniss, you just sprung on me that another man, albeit a doctor, fingered my wife. Please give me a minute to deal." She laughs at me and pulls me into her arms. "If it makes you feel any better, it was very uncomfortable and unnatural. Nothing like when you do it." She lowers her eyes and closes the distance between our faces. Her voice is raspy when she says "Would you like to examine me Dr. Mellark?" She gives me a kiss and runs her tongue over my lips and smiles at me. I laugh. Then she smiles at me seductively. "I bet my sexy little smile is working this time, isn't it?"

I chuckle back at her. I scoop her up and sit her down on the kitchen table. Then I say it.

"You're overdue for your exam Mrs. Mellark." She squeals in delight.

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