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Recap: "I will only ask this one more time. Who are you?" The man questioned again. "Cammellia Rowena Capricorn."

The room was silent. "Everyone get out, except for you." He pointed at Cammi and motioned for the man behind him to stop moving. Once the room was empty, Cammi felt as if she was trapped in a cage. "Where did you hear that name?"The man asked still extremely calm. "I don't know what you mean. That is my name." She said softly. "Lies." He hissed at her. Suddenly she looked at him with enough anger that many men would have fallen down dead at just a sweep of her gaze. "What reason would I have to lie to you?" She spat at the man. His outward appearance gave no indication that her comment bothered him, but his eyes told another story. "If that is the case then you won't mind answering me these questions." He said with a slight smirk. Knowing he would continue on with or without her approval she just waited for the first question. "How did you lose your mother?" Cammi was expecting it but she didn't know how much it would truly hurt. "When I was three she was the local villages midwife, and one night she delivered a stillborn child and the father was so enraged that he ran her through with his sword." She said revealing no emotions. The men stared at her waiting and assessing. "What was her name?" She thought it would have been clear. "Rowena Ann Lysand." She said. "What would you do before bed when your mother was alive?" 'An odd question,' Cammi thought "She would sing me to sleep." Cammi answered. "And your father, what would he say to you right before you went to sleep after your mother died?" She watched his eyes as she answered his newest question. "The last part of the song my mother sang to me. If in the morning you find yourself alone, angels and stars will guide you home." Both Cammi and the man finished at the same time.

Cammi stared at him trying to think when she asked "H-how do you know that? And I don't want any false answers." She said with such force that the men both wince. "Basta make sure the room across from mine is prepared for Cammellia." Suddenly a blue light left Cammi's hands and blocked the man, Basta, from leaving. The blue light took the form of a large wolf. "No one will be going anywhere until I get answers," She said through her teeth. Both men looked at her before either of the even thought about answering her. "Cammellia, do you know what exactly happened to your father, the night he disappeared." Cammi shook her head in the negative. "It was the same thing that happened to you; one man's voice brought you from another world. A world in which, I your father, have grown to love." Cammi felt as if someone had drowned her. Emotions flooded her from all sides, confusion, hurt, betrayal, anger, happiness. "You're lying." She said through clenched teeth. "Why would I lie about such a thing, just as you have had no reason to lie neither have I?" He replied calmly. Cammi thought this over before putting her thoughts into words, "If you really are my father then tell me, where and how did you and my mother met and why did she do what she did that day?" A ghostly smile played at the corners of the man's mouth before he answered, "Me and my men had been given an order to go and find a woman that had special talents in magic, and bring her before the Adder King. We found her in the Wayless Woods and had planned on taking her right then but before we could she just disappeared and then reappeared behind me after taking out all of my men. She then held a knife to my throat and asked why we were there. I told her what we had been ordered to do and she said 'for the first time in my life I am going to trust a man.' And she came then soon after we were married. " He finished and Cammi pulled her magic back in, allowing the other man to leave.

She now felt empty, not knowing if she should believe him or not, but she did. She unconsciously sank to her knees before asking in a shaking whisper, "Why did you leave? Why did you leave me without a reason?" When she looked back up she saw the man who was her father. His mask had slipped away, the one he wore around everyone but her. He walked over and took her face into his hands before saying, "Believe me, my little flower, I would never have left you like I did, but I had no choice just like you. But at least you're here with me now." He gave her his smile, the one that was only for her, the one that lifted her hopes when everything felt like it would crush her. Finally breaking the wall she built around her heart, Cammi wrapped her arms around her father burying her head in his chest. "I've missed you papa." She whispered into the fabric of his shirt. "So have I, my flower, so have I."

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