Sherlock met her on his first day at uni. He wasn't exactly thrilled with the whole ordeal, but he was also thrilled. He had gotten into one of the top schools in Britain, after all, it couldn't be too terrible. But he'd also been going to what was supposedly one of the top secondary schools and that had been incredibly tedious. The only reason he'd lasted was by convincing a couple of the more intelligent teachers to let him do a lot of work study. It kept him deeply segregated from the rest of the students, but that was the way he liked it.

To his excitement, he had his chemistry class the first day. He had managed to get into one of the upper-division sections so even if the professor was utterly boring and dull, Sherlock could probably very easily get his hands on some more interesting equipment to entertain himself.

Sadly, it turned out that the first day was going to consist of going over the syllabus and what was expected for the semester. Sherlock sat in his chair, grumbling under his breath for the vast majority of the hour as the professor tried to make the same things they'd be hearing in every class sound unique and interesting. There must have been some higher power who took a liking to Sherlock that day, however, for the professor finished going over the syllabus early and filled the rest of the hour up by asking what were supposed to be hard, yet basic, questions.

Sherlock amused himself by answering one of these questions with a detailed explanation. Every other student turned to see who this know-it-all was, surprised to find a kid several years younger than themselves. Sherlock couldn't help the rush of pride that swelled up inside of him when he realized everyone was actually impressed and kept going with his explanation. He got a little ahead of himself, however, and made a mistake.

He knew it as soon as it was out of his mouth. He cursed himself mentally, but his mouth kept talking. He thought maybe he saw a couple of frowns of confusion, but they were quickly shaken off, the students thinking maybe they'd heard him wrong. A moment passed and slowly, a hand rose into the air. Sherlock growled, eyes snapping to the offender.

"What?" he barked. The girl smiled almost warily at him, arm falling down to her desk.

"Sorry, just... you said something that wasn't right a moment ago."

Sherlock wanted to be angry at her, for noticing and for pointing it out. He'd almost gotten away with it, he'd been so close... But he couldn't. Instead, he found himself staring as she explained, rather succinctly, how he had been wrong and what was actually correct. She was right, of course, which continued to floor him. When she finished talking, she held his gaze as if waiting for him to reply, but he found he couldn't. All he could do was stare.

Luckily the professor dismissed the class at that point and Sherlock was able to shake himself out of it without gaining too much attention. The girl grinned at him as if she knew what was going through his head, before leaning down, grabbing her bag, and walking out the door. Sherlock reached for his bag as well, watching her out of the corner of his eye.

It was at that point that he decided he needed to learn more about her.

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