i love you guys.

even if you give me horrible words and hurtful meanings.

but i love living more.

so please don't kill me.











Sawada Tsunahime's mornings were not all that great.

But that didn't mean they were all that horrible.

Sure, getting ready was boring, but that was because it was mandatory and required.


Although, it seriously was boring.

Tsunahime lived by herself, because she could no longer take the level of teenage angst in the Sawada household.

Her little brother Tsunayoshi was a dear, but his consistent sulking and depressed form was contagious. If she stayed there as he turned thirteen, she would become as miserable as soggy vegetables.

When she graduated from high school, the first thing she did was search up a cheap apartment room that she could afford at the least price and get the hell out of there.

Of course, she told Nana first, and made sure to make it sound like she was moving out for the benefit of Tsuna's upcoming puberty.

But she still had to visit daily for the entire summer break duration after she was done moving out, which pretty much was a bummer.

She couldn't remember herself being in such a hissy-fit like Tsuna when she was his age, but then again, she wasn't what you'd call a normal person.

Although, Tsuna and Nana wasn't exactly normal either.

Not to mention the hulking King-Kong figure of a man named Iemitsu.

She wondered where he was now.

Maybe he was dead.

Who knows.

That man never sent any cards or letters, so the father and husband-less family did not have a single clue as to if he was still alive or not.

But she doubted that her mother worried about it or her little brother even cared.

Backtracking to her boring process of getting up and getting ready for the day, Tsunahime slowly opened her eyes. She blinked off the natural drowsiness she still felt, and rolled to her back, sighing. She sat up and stared into empty space for a good two minutes, allowing her brain to let in the information that it was morning and time for her to get her butt into gear.

But as a reward for absolutely nothing, she sat there for another minute, enjoying the peaceful pleasantly sleepy and quiet gray of her shadowed room. Then she finally yawned, sliding her bare legs out from under her light blue blanket. She stood, dangling at a bent angle for a short moment and leaning back the next, then straightening, dragging her feet as she walked sluggishly to her small bathroom.

She stopped in front of the mirror, looking disinterestedly at herself and then dipping her head down, grabbing her toothbrush and squeezing a little too much of minty-fresh chemically-dangerous but teeth-whitening paste on it.

That obstacle was cleared by brushing her teeth longer than usual, because she wasn't the one to waste usable products. And toothpaste was ridiculously expensive nowadays. She remembered it being much cheaper when she was still with that goddamningly lonesome family.

When she was done, she was exhaling frosty breath and her tongue was numb.

At least her teeth were as sparkly as those strange Twilight vampires.

Tsunahime made a face at how clean the inside of her mouth felt and turned on the water, swiveling and twisting the hot and cold handles until the temperature of the water was to her liking.

There went her money down the drain.

Oh, well.

She pulled up the plug and turned the running water off, lowering her hands into the collected pool of lukewarm water and bringing it to her face as she lowered her head to meet it halfway.

At the first splash, droplets of water made dark spots on her white t-shirt.

She paid no mind to that.

But when the bottom half got soaked, she gave it a dirty look and proceeded to bullshit it by dunking her face into the water-filled sink, making the no-longer-warm liquid overflow and splatter the tiled floor and wet her toes.

She stayed like that for a while, making bubbles and opening her eyes underwater and listening to the dull echoing sound of her knuckles rapping on the underside of the sink.

It was kind of fun, but soon her need for oxygen was too much to bear and she lifted her head from the sink.

A small, strange noise was made in her throat when she bonked the crown of her head on the faucet. The pain made her jerk her head up quickly upon reflex, and at the suddenness of it made her slip on the spilled water.

The short bang sound of her body hitting the hard tiles made the downstairs unemployed man wonder what the hell his neighbor was doing at six in the morning before promptly returning to his sleep on the cold floor.

Tsunahime felt the aching of her hip all too well. But instead of groaning in pain, she simply rolled to her uninjured side and stood with the grace of a lumbering bear.

She looked at herself in the mirror again, and snorted at her appearance.

Dripping hair, wet face, soaked shirt, obscured eyes...

She thought she made a pretty good Sadako.

Except, with brown hair and more healthy-looking skin.

She thought for a second or two, and then walked out of the bathroom, doing her best with partially covered eyes to find her cellphone.

After a few stumbles and one full faceplant, the wet nineteen-year-old's hands finally managed to grab hold of the portable communication device.

Tsunahime made her way back to the bathroom and positioned herself in front of the shower stall. Holding up two fingers in the victory sign and keeping a straight face, she took a couple pictures.

She looked through them and picked out the best one, deleting the rest.

Having done that, she tossed her cellphone onto the bed and pulled out a towel, wiping herself dry while unplugging the sink and watching the water swirl down the drain to who-knows-where.

As usual, she didn't take a shower (she was too lazy and she thought she didn't smell that bad anyway) and teetered over to the pile of unfolded clothes, picking through the crumpled garments and plucking out the ones she wanted to wear.

Discarding her half-wet shirt into the black trashbag with all the rest of her worn garb, she pulled an identical white shirt on and tugged a coffee-colored hoodie over it, then freeing her caught hair. Picking up the navy sweatpants she separated from the mess she called her clothes, she slid into them relatively easily.

Almost done with the "getting ready" part, she plopped down on the springy bed. Feeling something hard, she lifted a leg and reached under. She found herself holding up her cellphone, so flipped it open to check the time.

Seeing that she had more than an hour to get to her morning class, she nodded to herself and scanned the floor as she pocketed the device. Locating a matching pair of socks, she made sure they didn't stink before struggling to get them over her feet.

Setting her now-socked soles on the carpet floor, she energized herself (or tried to) with an another affirmative nod and stood, trotting over to the tattered brown messenger bag and camera lying on the floor.

She swung the bag onto her shoulder, hung the camera over her neck, and stuck a pose just because it fit the action sequence.

Putting her sneakers on was a little difficult because she was too lazy to untie the laces for easy fitting, resulting in a few throbbing fingers and fabric-burned heels.

Well, it didn't hurt all that much, so whatever.

Tsunahime nodded herself again, this time a little more firmly, and opened her door.

With a deep breath of fresh morning air, she was ready for whatever morning decided to toss her away.

If life gives you lemons, amaze them with a cup of grape juice.

And then spill it all over life's brand-spanking-new white shirt.

Or shoes.

But she preferred it drinking the damn thing in one shot.

If it couldn't?

Then it should drown trying.














i shall give you a cookie if you can correctly guess who's morning i described.

you would be so surprised.

oh, and if you're guessing what universe this is,

i'm gonna bullshit it and say it's the canon plot.

it's during the start of the Daily Life guys!

Tsuna was 12 when Tsunahime moved out.

she was 18 at the time.

now that she's 19, he's 13.


you know what?

i'll explain everything else in the next chapter.

...if i decide that they're be one.


thank you.