001. Beginnings

She would never be exactly sure what had brought her to Kansas of all places that day. Especially that particular town in Kansas, or even that particular spot. But she could easily say that she was glad she did come.

Meg hadn't been living in a hole since the last time she had seen the Winchesters and their favorite angel pal. She knew exactly what had been happening through a few sources, but also through the human news surprisingly. A news broadcast of a man claiming to be god in a church was all she needed to have her curiosity perked. One quick trip to said church and a glance at the stained glass window cemented her suspicions.

Clarence had lost his shit.

It was only a matter of time, really. Fighting a civil war in heaven, working with Crowley, and taking in thousands of souls probably didn't sit too well with him. Now he was playing god with all of this borrowed power, not fully realizing his own strength.

The smartest thing that Meg could do was to travel to the opposite side of the country until he had burned off all of that extra power. But curiosity truly got the best of her and now she was at a reservoir in Bootbock, Kansas.

Earlier on in the day she had witnessed Castiel's meatsuit submerge into the water (poisoning the water supply in the process, but she couldn't have cared less about that). The Winchesters and that old guy (Billy? Bobby?) had mourned his death for about 10 seconds before moving on, taking the trench coat in the process.

It was night now and Meg found herself leaning against the fence that led to the reservoir. There was a good chance that he was still alive, but an even better chance that an empty meatsuit was just stuck at the bottom. She was never that good at conflicts, but she was also never good at working alone.

There had always been some underling somewhere that she could kick around to do all of the tedious tasks for her, not this time though. Crowley was still alive and still looking for demons who had sided with Lucifer which meant that she had a huge target on her back. Now that she was alone it seemed that she was in more danger than before. And what better way to ward off enemies than with an angel tagging along?

The plan wasn't exactly foolproof, but if Clarence was still alive then she may be able to keep him around. He had helped her out last time (along with the Winchesters, but they didn't really count anymore) and had even gotten a little hands-y with her. She wasn't stupid to think that he would agree to be an underling, but maybe a partner or a confidant.

After contemplating for a few more moments, Meg swung open the gate and walked to the edge of the water. Looking down into the reservoir's depths, she gave a deep sigh before kicking off her boots.

"You better be alive, Clarence," she said under her breath, shrugging her jacket off of her shoulders.

Once she had stripped down to nothing but her underwear (because wet jeans were the absolute worst), Meg looked down into the clear water before dipping a toe in. It was probably freezing to a human, but to her it was lukewarm. Nodding in approval, Meg took a few steps into the shallow water.

She walked into the water until she was waist-deep before diving under. Opening her eyes, she found herself grateful that she was in the public water supply since it was virtually clean. There wasn't a lot of gunk floating around anywhere, making a body probably the easiest thing to look for.

Meg was close to the place where he had plunged under when she saw a necktie floating a ways in front of her. She grabbed the tie and kicked up with her legs to return to the surface. Under further inspection it was clear that this was his tie which meant that she was getting close.

Again she ducked down into the water, this time going a bit deeper. She didn't know what she was expecting when she found him, but him lying on the floor of the reservoir with a perfectly intact meatsuit wasn't something she had thought of. His clothes weren't exactly in the best condition, but everything else was fine. It was as if nothing had touched him at all.

When Meg reached him she wrapped an arm around his stomach and kicked up once again to return to the surface. Breaking the water, it was obvious that the last thing his head wanted to do was stay above water much to her aggravation.

"Come on, Clarence," Meg groaned as she reached the shallow end of the reservoir again, her feet brushing the bottom. "Work with me here."

Working with her seemed to be the opposite of what his body wanted to do though. His head kept lolling to the side and eventually Meg got fed up and just let it dip into the water. It's not like he knew he was gulping down water, and he wasn't exactly her responsibility. If he really was still alive then as soon as he wakes up he should shower her with gratitude.

Gratitude would have to wait though. Meg was able to bring his body to the edge of the water and back onto land. Once the upper part of his body was safely on land, Meg climbed out of the reservoir and made her way toward her discarded clothes. She changed back into her shirt and jeans, leaving her jacket and boots next to the fence. Meg made her way back to Castiel and continued dragging his body completely out of the water.

He wasn't breathing, he looked pale, and there was no pulse. Everything signified that he was dead, but Meg wasn't going to give up just yet. She had just dived into public water for that guy; there was no way in hell that she was going to assume that he was dead just because he wasn't breathing. He was an angel after all.

Pressing her clasped hands against his chest, Meg started to press down in measured pumps. She could vaguely remember CPR lessons when she was a human all of those years ago. You weren't supposed to press too hard because something might get broken or smashed or something. But in the case of bringing an angel back to life and her being much stronger than a human, this was probably the exception.

A few minutes passed and there was no difference in his state. He still appeared to be completely dead. Pulling back her hair, Meg stooped low and tilted his head back before pressing her lips against his, blowing air into his lungs. After giving a few more breaths, she continued to pound against his chest. Her patience was growing thin though, and her measured compressions turned to erratic punches to the chest.

"Wake up, you stupid pansy!" she growled, punching his chest and hearing something give a sharp crack.

He didn't wake up though, nor did he give any signs that he would wake up. The entire thing was beginning to seem pointless as she pressed her head against his chest and shut her eyes. Nothing. No heartbeat, no breathing, absolutely nothing.

Meg was about to give up entirely when she finally heard something. It wasn't a pulse or an intake of breath, but something else. A single soul was resonating inside the meatsuit. Her goody two-shoes Clarence was still inside there after all. Sitting back up, Meg pressed her hands to his chest one more time and started the compressions again. After a few more pumps a choking noise filled the air and water started to gurgle out of his mouth.

Castiel's eyes shot open and he began to cough, clutching his chest with a pained expression before looking around wildly. She knew that he was probably looking for Winchester 1 and Winchester 2. There was no doubt in her mind that she was probably the last thing he expected to see.

When his eyes met hers, he didn't say anything. He didn't show any other emotion except for confusion and surprise. Talking probably wouldn't do too well either since he had been stuck at the bottom of a reservoir all day. So, she decided to speak for him.

"Yeah, you owe me one, Clarence."