076. Who?

The next morning, as soon as the sun shined through the window of the honeymoon suite, Meg started packing. She burned all of the fake IDs of her current meatsuit. She contemplated clothes, wondering if they would fit her original body. This meatsuit was shorter than her original body, she rememberd that much. In the end she bagged up most of the clothes that she had bought all of those months ago. She can buy new clothes when she gets her body back.

Just the thought made her giddy. She's going to get her body back. It was more than a little difficult to believe. After centuries of imagining what it would be like to be herself again, she was more than a little nervous. Castiel had assured her that there was nothing wrong with the body physically, but she couldn't help but worry. What if she's just remembering through a haze? What if she was super ugly, but she's blocking that from her memory?

Meg chose to ignore that when she heard a groan from the bed. She was sitting on the floor, so she had to sit up straighter to see what was going on. Castiel sat up, his hair tousled from sleeping. Meg smiled a bit, he's been sleeping a lot since he spends every waking moment either healing someone or working on her rebuilding her body.

"Good morning," she greeted, stuffing the jeans she had been folding into a bag with the rest of her clothes.

"What are you doing?" Castiel asked, getting out of bed and walking toward her.

"Spring cleaning," she shrugged.

"It's January."

"Winter cleaning, then."

Castiel looked at her suspiciously before shaking his head. He headed toward the bathroom and shut the door behind him. Meg continued to sit on the floor before shrugging and continuing with folding clothes. Tomorrow they were going to leave and she was beyond excited.

Meg had almost finished with folding when the bell at the front desk came to her attention. Carole was always manning the desk, ready to strike a lodger with her kindness. The fact that the bell just wouldn't stop sounding was a more than a little strange. There was a knock on the door moments later.

"Come in," Meg said, standing up.

Carole came into the room and motioned for her to come forward. Meg walked toward her and was about to ask what was up when Carole told her.

"I think it's a customer for Castiel," she said. "He's a little different from the other ones though."

"Okay, I'll go check him out," Meg assured.

Carole nodded in agreement. They walked out of the suite and Carole went straight to her own room. The door closed behind her quickly, but Meg paid it no mind. She headed downstairs, completely aware that she looked like she just fell out of bed.

There was a man in the lobby. He looked a little rugged and Meg pegged him instantly. He was a hunter.

Her body was almost screaming at her to run, but she knows that won't get her anywhere. The man looked at her and squinted.

"Who are you?" he asked in a Southern drawl.

"Meg," she said almost instantly.

Then she wanted to kick herself. Why did she tell him her real name?

"Who are you?" he asked again.

Apparently he doesn't want to know her name, but rather what she's doing at the inn. Or her connection with "Emmanuel". At least he doesn't suspect her of being a demon.

"I'm Emmanuel's wife," Meg lied smoothly, waving her left hand with the rings on it in front of him.

The man nodded, still squinting at her. It's then that Meg realized that he was losing his sight. A hunter without his sight was pretty useless.

"What can I do for you?" Meg asked, walking toward the front desk and leaning against it.

"I'm going blind," he said. "My right eye is already gone."

"Well, I'll go get him," Meg said. "Who are you?"

"Mackey," he said, giving no more information.

Meg nodded before hurrying back up the stairs. Castiel was leaning against the door of the honeymoon suite. He looked like he had been listening in.

"He's a hunter," she said.

"I know," Castiel said. "It's fine. If he has any demon tests, I'll pass them. You should stay up here."

Castiel left the hallway, leaving Meg to wait. She slid down the door and sat with her back against it. It was easy to listen in on what was happening downstairs.

First there was holy water, then there was silver, then there was salt. After a few more tests Mackey was convinced and Castiel effortlessly healed him. There was a short conversation after that. Mackey wanted to know how he could get ahold of him again. Castiel told him to come back to the inn and talk to Carole, that she would contact him.

Mackey left shortly after. Meg waited patiently against the door until he came walking up the stairs. Castiel shot her a small smile and she stood up.

"That went well," she said.

"I suppose it did," he shrugged.

Castiel opened the door to the suite and they walked in. He sat down on the bed and she leaned against the dresser, watching him.

"Are you sure you want a hunter knowing how to contact you?" she asked. "Who knows who he's going to tell about you."

"It's fine," he dismissed, shaking his head.

There were a few moments of silence that were a little awkward. Awkward moments of silence had been coming between them a lot lately, but this one felt particularly strange. What was so awkward?

"Um, do you want to start packing your stuff?" she asked.

"Sure, I can do that," he said.

Maybe Meg was a little worried. What if hunters started tracking them down because of Mackey? What if Mackey told two certain hunters about an amazing healer.

Yeah, like that would happen. The Winchesters were only going to find them when they wanted to be found. And that sure as hell wasn't happening anytime soon.