Birds of Prey

Because I have been dabbling in DC and Marvel lately, I decided to test the waters in the area. This story is inspired by the Young Justice Series, but with some significant changes including characters, story, and relations.

Before you can get started on this story, you need to understand some background on the world and the characters.

World: This story takes place in world I call Earth-52. It's a mash between multiple universes from DC, Marvel, and other various universes that I feel like putting in, so there is no set history. The only thing that is established is that the Justice League was formed from the original 7 heroes following the invasion of Starro.

Justice League: Founded by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and the Flash following the invasion of Starro. The Justice League was a successful organization that expanded to registering many heroes until the League was disbanded after the Apokolipian Invasion and the subsequent death of the Martian Manhunter at the hands of Darkseid.

Thirty years later, Queen Bee and her HIVE drones invaded Earth and were defeated by the new Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Aquagirl. 6 of the members worked to reestablish the Justice League, but Batman refused to join them until two years later. The Justice League has been publicly active for five years and has expanded to 18 members.

Founders: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquagirl, Martian Manhunter

Members: Artemis, Spider-Girl, Micron, Warhawk, Spoiler, Doctor Fate, Wolverine, Static, Avatar, Raven, Iron Man

Important Backgrounds:

Superman: Conner Kent was created as a genetic replication of Superman by Lex Luthor, but turned against his creator to serve for justice. When the sun was transformed into a toxic hazard by Superman's enemy, Solaris, the Man of Steel sacrificed himself to restore the sun to its original shape, leaving Conner to carry the mantle. Since Conner was still getting a grasp on his Kryptonian heritage, it took several decades until he finally emerged as the new Superman and waged constant battle against his arch-enemy, Lena Luthor, daughter of Lex Luthor who has been merged with Brainiac on a genetic level.

During his extensive years of training, Conner understood that his Kryptonian physiology slowed down his aging rate, but being a genetic clone of the original has retarded his growth rate to an extent equal to Wolverine. Superman has two sidekicks: Ariella Kent (Supergirl), a 7 year-old girl that claims to be the daughter of Superman from an alternate dimension. And Christopher Kent (Nightwing), teenage grandson of the original Superman and the nephew of Conner. Though they are both equally powerful (Ariella is considered the strongest of them), Conner doesn't believe they are ready for the Justice League due to their lack of self-control and experience.

Conner formerly had a relationship with M'gann M'orzz, the current Martian Manhunter, until they broke off following the death of the original Martian Manhunter. He has currently developed a relationship with Cassandra Sandsmark, the current Wonder Woman.

Batman: Batman's history is relatively close to the original. Bruce Wayne retired from crime fighting after unintentionally killing his arch-enemy, the Joker, leaving Gotham in the hands of Nightwing and Red Robin. Terry McGinnis accidentally stumbled into the Bat Cave after a visit to Bruce Wayne's mansion and later returns for the original Batsuit after his father was murdered by the Jokerz. After much investigation, Terry confronted Derek Powers, who would one day become his arch-enemy, Blight. After determining that Terry was a worthy successor of the Batman mantle, Bruce publicly announced the creation of "Batman Inc.", which would provide funding to many superheroes including Batman, Spoiler, Artemis, and the Justice League.

Though he is the least experienced member of the founding Justice League, Terry is widely considered the most powerful. Being personally trained by Bruce Wayne, Azrael, Lady Shiva, and Nightwing, Terry is proficient in many fields to take down enemies. Terry's first partner was Stephanie Brown (Spoiler), daughter of a third-rate villain Clue Master. They worked together for two years until Spoiler took a solo career in Bludhaven under Batman's recommendation and eventually became a full-time member of the Justice League. His current partner is Cassandra Cain (Batgirl), daughter of Lady Shiva. Because of her inability to read, write, or speak proper sentences, it has become harder for Cassandra to adapt to the world around her. With Cassandra's future in mind, Bruce Wayne officially adopted Cassandra as his legal daughter and devoted much of his time teaching Cassandra the basic of normal culture.

As the Batman, it is natural that Terry has developed many relationships with multiple women in the superhero community including Aquagirl, Batgirl, and Artemis. He has finally settled down to an intimate romance with Spider-Girl, May Parker.

Wonder Woman: Before his defeat at the hands of the original Wonder Woman, Ares vowed to send a champion that would destroy Themyscira. In response to this threat, Zeus, King of the Gods, sought out a woman of noble heart that would mother the champion of the gods. He came across a kind-hearted archeologist named Helena Sandsmark and blessed her with a child that was gifted with the powers of the Greek Gods. This child would eventually become known as Cassandra. Though her mother was generous in nature, Cassandra was, in her words, "a spoiled brat", often taking advantage of her looks and mother's wealth. But during a cruise in the Atlantic, Cassandra and the ship were attack by a warrior named Genocide, who claimed to be the champion of Ares.

After Genocide sank the ship, Cassandra floated aimlessly on a piece of debris until she miraculously drifted on to the shores of Themyscira. It was there she met Queen Diana, the previous Wonder Woman, and learned the true nature of her birth. After coming to terms with her fate and meeting the father she never knew, Cassandra trained for months with the Amazons, learning how to a mighty warrior in preparations for facing Genocide. It was during her fight with her arch-enemy that Cassandra learned she had inherited her father's lightning powers. With the threat of Genocide still present, Cassandra has drastically changed her ways and fights against the forces of evil as the new Wonder Woman.

Cassandra has formed many bonds after changing her snobbish ways; particularly a friendly rivalry with Artemis of Bana-Mighdall. She has also devoted a romantic interest with Conner Kent, the current Superman.

Flash: Bart Allen, grandson of the second Flash, worked under the name of Impulse as the sidekick of Wally West, the third Flash. But after a conflict with Inertia, Wally was gravely injured in battle, forcing Bart to temporarily take up the mantle of the Flash. After witnessing Bart's heroism against Inertia, Wally felt that it was time to step down and allow Bart to take up the position he was born to inherit. Now fully christened as the new Flash, Bart uses his superhuman speed to take down evil and have a little fun along the way.

Though he was a sidekick himself for a time, it is now Bart's turn to mentor the next generation. A couple years following Bart's ascension to the Flash, Wally West's wife, Linda Parks, gave birth to twin children: Iris and Jai West – both are named after important members of the Flash family. But unlike the rest of her family, Iris proved to be more in tuned with the Speed Force that it drastically accelerated her age. Within a week, Iris had already exhausted her entire lifespan. In order to counteract the effects, Bart used his own connection to the Speed Force to siphon of Iris's energy to revert her back to a child. Bart has now taken Iris under his wing as the new Impulse.

Bart Allen considers himself quite the ladies man, regularly flirting with female superheroes such as Aquagirl and Artemis. While most of his relationships were amusing and short lived, Bart has shown to develop a more legitimate attraction to the Teen Titans member, Solstice, to the point of actual romance. While Solstice hints that she may return his feelings, Bart tries to keep his distance due to the dangers of their jobs and the gap between their ages

Green Lantern: Once Nekron had been defeated in the Blackest Night, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Sinestro, Hal Jordon, Saint Walker, Indigo-1, and Carol Farris united their separate Corps to form the White Lantern Corps and became the New Guardians of the Universe. With their newly established Corps, the New Guardians commissioned 7 lanterns in each Space Sector – one for each of the colors. With Nekron free to revive the dead for his Black Lantern Corps, the White Lantern Corp have expanded their numbers dramatically to counteract their numbers. One such lantern was the Green Lantern of Sector 2814: Kyle Rayner.

Kyle Rayner is one of the more recent Green Lanterns personally selected by Kai-Ro, the previous Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Kyle has proven to be a more interesting Lantern as he was favorable to all 7 colors of the Emotional Spectrum, but he selected the Green Lantern Ring as his weapon of choice. Kyle is a favorable opponent against the Black Lantern Corps as his light is strong enough to banish the souls of the dead with enough concentration. Though there are some Lanterns immune to his light such as his arch-enemy, Black Hand.

Recently, Kyle has taken on a trainee from Earth named Jennifer-Lynn Hayden that has recently been inducted as a Green Lantern. But instead of taking the Green Lantern name, she has elected to call herself the Jade Lantern because "there is too much Green". Though they are teacher and trainee, Kyle and Jennifer are pushing the borders of a romantic relationship.

Aquagirl: Mareena and her twin sister, Hila, were the daughters of Aquaman and princesses of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. But unlike her studious and disciplined sister, Mareena was reckless and always chasing after adventure. For that reason, she had very little friends outside her caretaker, Kaldur'ahm, and a pet tiger-shark she named Razor. But one day, Atlantis was invaded by a man calling himself Stingray and the king of Atlantis was assassinated in the midst of the chaos. After finding evidence that Aquaman was murdered by an Atlantian weapon, Mareena was quickly accused and banished from Atlantis, despite her sister's protest.

It would be some time before Mareena would come to realize that it was her sister, who had working in the shadows under the name Siren, who orchestrated the invasion and killed their father in cold blood. Hila had always known that their father had favored Mareena despite being the prodigal child and planned to take the throne by force if necessary. In a final battle for the throne, Aquagirl and Siren battled at an active undersea volcano until Mareena dealt the final blow that sent her sister falling into the chasm. Though all evidence shows that Hila is dead, Mareena knows that her sister is alive and is waiting for the perfect time to strike. With her name cleared, Mareena returned to Atlantis and was coroneted as the Queen of Atlantis.

Mareena's time on the surface world has allowed her to redevelop its bonds with Atlantis following Hila's short reign. Though she is obligated to serve her people, Mareena tends to pass the responsibility off to her caretaker and join the fight with the Justice League. Mareena has shown romantic interest in Batman, but has come to accept that he loves Spider-Girl.

Martian Manhunter: After J'onn J'onnz was killed by Darkseid, M'gann M'orzz blamed the Justice League for saving her mentor and left Earth to return to the empty home world of Mars. On the silent red planet, M'gann shed her false appearance as a Green Martian and accepted her White Martian heritage, no longer caring what people thought. After spending many decades alone on Mars, M'gann began to grow more cold and isolated from society, eventually become more serious in nature. But when Queen Bee's forces passed by her atmosphere on the way to Earth, M'gann contemplated returning to the blue planet to warn them of their impending danger. Ultimately, she chose to stay out of it – Earth wasn't her home anymore.

However, she was no longer given the option of remaining neutral as one of Queen Bee's slaves found and captured M'gann, viewing her as a threat. She was taken to Earth as a captive until she was released by her former lover, Superman. Though she initially elected to stay out of the battle, she was eventually persuaded by the original Batman to take up the fight. She now resides in the Justice League's Watchtower as her new home and watches over all planetary threats. Though she fights for the forces of good, she does not attempt to hide her isolation from humanity, often finding herself wondering why she chooses to protect such fragile and contradictory creatures.

Artemis: The granddaughter of Dick Grayson and Artemis Crock, Serah Grayson has inherited much from her grandmother including her looks and love of archery. Serah used to live in Gotham city with her little brother, Thomas Grayson (who would later become her arch-enemy, Red X), until her parents finally divorced. While Serah moved with her mother to Star City, Thomas stayed with their father in Gotham. It was during the move that Serah accidentally stumbled across her grandmother's old costume and her mother explained her heritage as the granddaughter of two of Gotham's greatest heroes. While Serah originally intended to sell the costume for a lot of money, she ended up wearing the old suit after mother's work was attacked by a rogue archer named Merlyn. By some miracle, Serah managed to defeat Merlyn, which caught the attention of her legal great-grandfather, Bruce Wayne, and publicly provided funding to Serah through Batman Inc.

After busting an underground child prostitution ring, a girl named Mia Dearden followed Artemis home and discovered her true identity as Serah Grayson. Mia threatened to expose Serah's true identity unless she personally trained her to fight. But when Serah refused, Mia left and ended up being captured by one of Artemis's enemies. Serah eventually rescued Mia, who was grateful and promised never to reveal her identity. The next day, Mia Dearden was officially adopted into the Grayson Family and became Artemis's new sidekick: Speedy.

Artemis's personality allows her to get along well with most of the superhero community and even developed a competitive rivalry with Batman. She has also had many romantic exploits involving Batman and the Flash.

Spider-Girl: Around the time May Parker was born, her father – Spider-Man – had lost his leg against the Green Goblin and was forced to retire from a life as a superhero. Since then, Peter and Mary-Jane had hoped to keep their daughter away from the life as a superhero. Their hopes were in vain as May had developed spider powers on her fifteenth birthday, forcing her parents to reveal the truth about her father being Spider-Man. Though they protested against May taking up the webs, she went against her parent's wishes and designed her own costume, taking up the name Spider-Girl after her father.

Though May doesn't have skills as developed as her father, she has proven her worth as a web-slinger and eventually earned her parent's faith. Along the way, she has developed many partnerships with superheroes such as American Dream, Dark Devil, and Batman. She is widely remembered as one of the founding members of the next generation of Avengers before she was expelled from the team by the other members for allowing a pair of supervillains to walk free. She was rejected by most of the superhero community since then until Batman and Artemis appeared, giving her the opportunity to join Justice League.

Spider-Girl does have a sidekick of her own, but it was kind of forced upon her. Felicity Hardy, daughter of the Black Cat, used her knowledge to deduce Spider-Girl's identity and crafted a costume inspired by the Scarlet Spider, eventually taking the mantle for herself. Though Felicity has no powers, Spider-Girl has provided her with web-slinging cartridges and trained her in acrobatics. While May does think that Felicity is a capable hero, she does not believe she is up to Justice League standards just yet.

Wolverine: James Howlett, currently named Logan, is a mutant from the 1880's whose accelerated healing factor has allowed him to retard his aging factor to a crawl. Having fought in three wars during his lifetime, Logan was the ideal test subject for Weapon X, which fused his bone structure with adamantium – a process Logan was only able to survive through his healing ability. But because of the process, Logan's memories were distorted to the point where he could no longer remember his own name.

Over the years, Logan has remained as Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngster, training generations of X-Men in honing their own mutant abilities and hopefully allowing them to successfully integrate into society. With the appearance of the Justice League, mutants have become more widely accepted into modern society. When Aquagirl and Spider-Girl arrived at the school offering Wolverine a position in the Justice League, Wolverine turned them down multiple times. But after Xavier's school was attacked by some remaining radicals, Wolverine came to realize that the world might not be fully prepared for the mutant society and joined the Justice League in hopes of bettering relationships between people and mutants.

During his lifetime, Wolverine came to have one son named Daken, but the child has unfortunately inherited his temper in addition to his powers, making it difficult for him to connect with the other heroes. Unbeknownst to him, Weapon X had secretly been working to recreate the process that made Wolverine who he is and even started working on a new project called X-23.

Avatar: Korra was born with the spirit of the Avatar, which allowed her to bend her will against the four elements: earth, fire, air, and water. Though she was gifted with the ultimate power in the world, the stress and responsibility of being the planet's only protector often overwhelmed her. Long ago, when a terrorist organization known as the Equalists planned to bury Republic City in a man-made earthquake, Korra and her pet polar bear-dog, Naga, sacrificed themselves by force activating the Avatar State and transforming their bodies into crystal underground, providing support to the city to keep it from collapsing. The Equalists were eventually defeated and the Avatar spirit was never seen again.

It is revealed that Korra and Naga were alive in the crystal and were awakened by Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. 1200 years later in San Francisco. Though Nick Fury intended to weaponize Korra's powers, the teenage girl proved to be too much of a wild card and ended up exposing herself to the public. With the news of a new hero in San Francisco, Nick Fury had no choice but to publicly deputize Korra as official S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. As a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, she constantly fights against various villains as long as she remains within the legal limits. Her most powerful adversary is Amon, who is revealed to have been the first to discover the chemical that would one day be called Lazarus, and the Equalists in their pursuit to eliminate Metahumans. But while the world knows her as the Avatar, she has taken up the name Korra Wavecrest, modern teenager, as her secret identity. It was some time that Korra was invited by Green Lantern to be the last member of the Justice League.

Korra has developed many relationships in S.H.I.E.L.D. including Maria Hill, who had become a big sister to the girl. Korra eventually reveals her identity to her best friend and classmate, Angelina Majors, who provides computer support under the alias Achieve – the name Oracle was taken by Delia Dennis in Gotham. Since arriving in San Francisco, Korra has discovered her bisexual nature, forming many relationships including Red X and Julie Power. She is presently married to her long-time lover, Scandal Savage, but the marriage is only legal in Argentina. Recently, Korra has also taken up training a new S.H.I.E.L.D. trainee under the name Ravager.

Birds of Prey: Inspired by the original all-female superhero team created by the first Batgirl, the sidekicks of the Justice League work together as a separate division to their mentors, taking missions that specialize in observation, covert, and sometimes reinforcement. Unlike their predecessors of Young Justice, this group does not mind being referred to as sidekicks; even accepting is as a compliment because of their respect for their mentors. After much debate, it was decided that Batgirl would become their leader because of her years of experience and her natural ability to leader with little effort.

Members: Batgirl, Impulse, Speedy, Talon, Jade, Ravager