Here I am again with a new story. I haven't given up Killing Time but I'm stuck in the middle of a chapter and I thought maybe writing something new might help giggle my brain. Hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 1


Oh my God, the boy's mouth was like a fucking piece of art. The way he worked my cock should have been a crime. Wait, in a couple of states it still is! Damn this is no time to get the giggles. He felt Seth's nose in his pubs and shit the tingle started again and got his full attention. He knew without a doubt the boy was sniffing his neatly trimmed curls getting his self more worked up than he already was. A soft groan escaped Seth and proved he was right. It always made this so much more exciting because Seth sucked him like he needed it, even more than breathing.

"Seth, baby, so fucking good," he encouraged the boy. He deserved it. Not that he had any feelings for Seth. Not that he had any real feelings for anyone. He'd learned the hard way feelings just got you kicked in the ass. Nope, Edward Cullen didn't need feelings like that, just this kind that made his body ache with need and shoot pleasure through it.

Somewhere in the back of his mind his subconscious was telling him it was wrong using Seth but then he'd been used and he'd lived through it. It had made him stronger, able to control his emotions. He knew the kid thought he was in love with him but that would pass too. As far as Edward could tell there was no such thing, it was just a rumor. Yea, people pretended they loved you then they threw you away like newspaper out of the bottom of a birdcage.

"Baby, what's wrong," Seth cooed from his kneeling position looking up at Edward with large brown eyes shaded with worry instead of lust. That wouldn't do. Stop thinking Ed old boy and give the kid what he wants.

"Shit, don't stop! Suck my cock. What are you waiting for," Edward barked at him.

Seth got back to work immediately with even more fervor. I shut out everything else, especially my fucking brain and just felt. The sounds coming from Seth and the heat from his mouth started drowning out everything else.

Moments later cum was squirting down Seth's throat and he was humming excitedly drinking every drop like it was nectar from the God's. Then I felt his body jerking and knew he was cumming in his jeans.

Petting Seth's silky locks, he withdrew his cock from the boy's lips where he still licked at it. Put it back in his jeans and zipped up. He had a club to run.

"Thanks Ed that was…" Seth trailed off all dreamy eyed.

"Yea, it was, kid," he said but somehow he felt off. He didn't want to hurt Seth, so he smiled at him and unlocked his office door.

"I've got to get to work. Come on. Go have a drink on me," I pushed him into the hall leading to the main floor of my club.

"'K later, Ed," Seth headed out to find his next mouthful proudly sporting a large damp circle on the front of his jeans. He'd be bragging to the other twinks how he got it before I even got to the bar.

Jacob Black was something to look at, that was for sure and had been my best friend for as long as I could remember. His presence behind the bar kept things quiet in Ed's Place and that's the way he liked it. He was well over six feet tall with biceps the size of most men's thighs, not to mention the flat stomach ripped with hard formed muscle. The nights he worked behind the bar in a wife beater the sales were always up. He had his long jet black hair pulled back in a pony tail tonight showing off the strong jaw line of his Indian heritage. Skin the color of warm coco just made him look more mouth watering.

Edward laughed at the two guys sitting at the far end of the bar drooling into their drinks. Rumor had it that Jake was gay. Truth was he wasn't. Wasn't even bi and it was a damn shame but that boat had sailed a long time ago for them. Their friendship had been cemented in more than a physical attraction. If he could just learn to like or even just put up with his bitch of a girlfriend then things would be okay. But that bitch just pissed him off and that wasn't likely to change anytime soon.

A nod from Jake caught his attention. He looked casually over at the guys I had noticed drooling over him as if to say "you should hear this shit". I walked behind the bar and picked up a log sheet. I pretended to take inventory of the bottles lined up across the back sideboard and had a listen to their conversation.

"I heard the dancers are ripped so tight, it hurt to look at them," the tall thinner guy with dirty blond hair said with a creepy sounding moan.

"How the hell can anyone know that? The club doesn't even open till Saturday night," the stocky dark haired man grunted back.

"I heard a rumor from some guy who delivers there," tall and skinny took a swig of his beer.

"Yea, well I heard the owner's got some strict shit rule about no blowing or fucking in his club," dark and obviously horny said. "What's up with that; after all that's what clubs are for isn't it, hooking up?"

"You're right about that, Mitchie," the blond said as he rubbed long slender fingers over the other man's hand. "Thank fuck the owner of Ed's Place doesn't mind a little jiz on the floor of the back hall."

I nodded and Jake set them up with another round of shots and beers. He set them down quietly in front of them and said "compliments of the owner". Both men gushed and mumbled out their thanks making Jake roll his eyes.

"Ever seen him," Mitchie asked as he threw back his shot then sipped on his beer. "You know the guy that owns this place. Rumor has it; he's straight but likes to watch guys getting it on." They both laughed.

Who the hell did they think they were gossiping about him like two old women in rocking chairs? Him, Edward Fucking Cullen! Jake's arm crossed in front of my body to stop my movement towards the two asses at the bar. The look on Jake's face let me know he'd handle it.

"Look guys the "owner" says you're done. So pay up and get the fuck out," Jake leaned on the bar in front of the two men and visibly flexed his biceps.

Both men jumped back, threw a few bills on the counter and then made for the door. I could hear "Mitchie" tell his fuck buddy that they'd just go check out "Golden Halo" when it opened as he grabbed at the other's man ass.

Nobody talked about Edward in his own place…nobody! He looked at Jacob still too stunned and enraged to talk about it. He looked around the club and noticed that the usual Thursday night crowd seemed a little down to him. Could it be possible that he was going to lose customers to this new place? He hadn't even heard there was a new place opening.

"What were they talking about, Jake," he asked turning to his friend who was wiping down the bar where the guys had been drinking. He filled an order for one of the waiters then turned to Edward.

"There's a new club going in where that old ballet studio was four blocks down on Lent Street," Jake said as he placed money in the cash register. "I'd have thought you'd seen the construction going on. Looks nice from the outside, I could check it out for you tomorrow if you want. I hear they are still taking applications for bartenders." He was trying to hold back a smile and make his face look serious. Edward could see through it for what it was, his friend being his friend.

"The crowd's slow tonight. I think I'm going to go on home, you close up tonight and I'll see you tomorrow night," Edward said over his shoulder as he rounded the bar.

"Sure, sure," came the regular feedback from Jake.

"Give Bella my love," he added as an afterthought. God he hated that bitch but he wouldn't lose Jake's friendship over her.

As he patted Ben, the club's doorman and bouncer, he called back, "And you might as well check to see if I am still on the rumor treadmill while you're at it. Find out if I'm still straight," Edward laughed at his friend and at Ben, whose mouth had dropped open. He stared after Edward admiring the view as his boss walked out the door into the ool late night air.

Edward's loft was within walking distance of his club but in the opposite direction that he headed as he left. He turned right and walked the four blocks to where the new club was going to be. The building was big; bigger than his place. They could pack a whole lot of sweating gyrating bodies into a place like that. The second floor windows were tall and set together in groups of four. Edward lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. When he looked up he saw a man cross in front of one of the set's of windows. A man so breathtakingly handsome he stopped taking in air for a moment.

His body was long and lean. Not an ounce of fat would be found under those finally tailored clothes. Edward couldn't really see how tall he was or the details of his face because of the back light coming from the room. What he did see was what appeared to be golden colored locks framing a regally shaped face. The light bounced on the hair causing it to appear as if a halo wrapped around the man's head. A Golden Halo, well fuck me, Edward mumbled under his breath.

I am hooked on Adele's album and one song in particular "Rumor Has It". That's where the idea for this story comes from. Let me know whether you love it or hate it. As always, thank you for reading.