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Jasper: Is she really going to end it here? How can she do that?

Edward: I know I ask her the same thing myself and all she would say was, she'd heard a rumor.

Jasper: What the fuck does that mean?

Edward: I said I don't know! Now come here and do something with those sexy lips besides talk.

Jasper: Well when you put it like that…kissing noises and lots of moaning

Cbaty: Boys. Boys! BOYS!

Edward and Jasper: WHAT?

Cbaty: Can we just let them read the chapter please? You might want to pay attention to the very first scene. It's one of Edward's favorites!

Edward: Oh you're telling them about that…

Jasper: What? She's telling them what Edward?

Edward: ***whisper, whisper***

Jasper: Damn that was a good one. Let's read it together.

Cbaty: Let's do that. Happy reading!

Chapter 9


It just didn't get any better than this, unless of course the roles were reversed. I liked it that way, too. But for now having my aching dick buried deep inside my man while he was pinned up against the door was…everything.

Jasper's deep groan let me know he had caught me thinking too much and not fucking him hard enough and boy did he like it hard. Get back to your man, Edward and don't let your mind drift so much.

I couldn't help but palm the firm globes of his ass, watching my cock disappear in and out of his hot tunnel. Letting my eyes travel up the length of his body, following his spine and the dimples along the way, I soon felt my heart clinching in my chest. The new ink written on his left shoulder matched the ones on my right shoulder and I kissed them tenderly in case they were still sore. After all, it had only been a week since we've had them done.

"Oh Edward, baby please touch me, please," his hoarse voice called back to me.

How could I not? With one hand, I held his hip tightly pulling him to me. I pressed my chest flat against his back, molded myself to him. Then with the other hand, I reached around to gently take his length in my grasp. I felt the shudder resonate through him and I head the verbal curse and kiss of breath as a reaction to my touch. He needed me and a feeling of ecstasy passed through me. I said the memorized words now written on each of our bodies, knowing the affect it would have on him.

"Shush baby, you know 'I've got your back and you've got mine'. Let go Jazz, give it to me. Cum for me," I whispered over his shoulder and tugged once more on the velvety soft skin of his cock.

"Fuck! Yes! Edwarddddddddddd!" he screamed against the door and his pulsing cock spilled over my hand onto the floor. His channel clinched around me and that was all I needed to join him in the same void of pleasure.

He slumped against me and I knew I had to hold both of us up until our breathing returned to normal and the muscles in our legs began to work again. I could hear all the sweet mumblings and coos that always followed our joining. Whatever the position, whoever was on top or bottom, where ever we were, Jasper never forgot to spend time relishing the moment and each other. He was just part of who he is and why I loved him.

I grasp the condom and slowly withdrew from his body, hating to break our connection. As I pulled away from him, he twisted his body to turn around and face me. He was flushed and God he was beautiful. He was also wearing a sneaky little smile.

"Do you always dedicate a new office this way," he asked drawing me into him for a slow sweet kiss.

"Well this," I indicated what we had just done, "is a rumor we can't really afford to have circulating around here now can we? I've heard the senior partner in this club has a reputation that must be upheld and rules that are unbreakable," I said laughing, thinking he'd get the joke. He didn't. I quickly stopped laughing when a deep frown crossed his face.

"You said you could live with it. I can't change that rule not even for you," Jasper said quietly. Bending over he gathered his clothes and started to redress. I'd somehow hurt him and it that was never my intention.

I stopped him as he slid his jeans up over his slender hips and made him look at me.

"I never asked you to change it and I completely understand why it's important to you," I said then added, "I never meant to imply anything else. But you have to admit we both know how the rumor mill winds around here. We wouldn't want this to get around so from now on its strictly business in the office…"

His smile spoke volumes; thrust and something I'd never seen in anyone else's eyes before him. It had taken me months to figure it out but now that I knew it for what it was, love; I gave it right back to him tenfold.

"So at home your ass is mine," he purred against my ear, causing shivers to race up and down my spine. Cheeky bastard!

"Not unless I get your first," I groaned back at him and he shoved me away playfully.

"Come on let's get dressed. There's a club downstairs to run and I heard the new boss is showing his face tonight," he said tossing those golden ringlets about his head as he moved.

After we were both decent and slightly more presentable, we headed downstairs to the main floor of the club.

"Are Jake and Leah going to make it tonight," Jasper asked just as the elevator door opened. Music was pounding out a hard beat and we could hardly hear each other. It was great. I leaned in closer to him so he could hear me.

"No, not tonight. He gave Riley the night off so he and Seth could come by. You know how Seth likes to watch the show and he hasn't been here since things got serious with Riley," I tried to speak over the music.

"I'm going to check behind the bar, make sure the stock is looking good and everything is okay with Jared the new guy. Can you go check on Em and Paul? Make sure everything is ready for their revues tonight," Jasper answered back over the drone of the music. I nodded and made my way through the crowd to the far side of the room and the hallway that led backstage. I could hear Emmett's very upset voice as I stepped past the cutoff curtain into the main stage area.

"NO! You cannot go on stage like that Paul!" Emmett yelled almost sounding frantic.

I walked across the stage in time to see Paul bend over to slip on one of his shoes. He was wearing a pair of silver short shorts so tight they looked like they were painted on his body. Fuck! I realized upon a closer look that dear God, it was paint covering his very exposed ass!

"I don't know what you're complaining about," Paul snapped back at Emmett. "You've been out there in pants so tiny that your dick played 'peek-a-boo' with the crowd!"

I couldn't help but burst into laughter at the two of them and the argument they were having. They didn't find it as amusing as I did from the scowls on their faces when they turned to look at me. Emmett turned back to Paul and continued his rant.

"I've told you a dozen times, Paul that was an accident! Why don't you believe me," Emmett was almost in tears.

"That wasn't what I heard," Paul roared back. Emmett looked at him incredulously.

"GOD damn rumors! This," he pointed at the painted on shorts and extremely tiny matching g string, "is because of some fucking rumor?" Emmett was madder than I had ever seen him.

In a very soft voice barely heard above the music pounding out, Paul said, "The guy said you were grinning so big your dimples were huge and it looked like you were getting off on exposing yourself to him and his buddies."

I suddenly felt very angry for both of them and my hate for the rumor mill grew by leaps and bounds. All those rumors were hurting people and had the potential to destroy relationships. But what could we really do about? We couldn't make a new rule that said 'No fucking rumors mentioned here'. We can't just stop people from talking. I realized all we can really do is not listen and learn to trust our partners.

"Em, Paul," I called out grabbing their attention. "Listen to me for just a minute," I looked hard at the two men standing in front of me, my friends.

"Em how much, do you love Paul," I asked my big teddy bear of a friend. "Do you love him enough to trust him? And Paul how about you? DO you love Emmett enough to put your complete trust in him? Cause if either of you can't answer a very loud "HELL YES", then walk away right now." I waited for the coming explosion and I didn't have to wait long. It made me smile in spite of their furious reactions.

"Walk away! Are you fucking nuts!" Em screamed at me. "I've waited my whole life for a man like Paul!"

"Walk away! Shit! No! Em's the best thing that ever happened to me," Paul yelled at the same time.

They both answered almost in unison, "I'd trust him with my life!" It got very quiet after that. I looked at both of them my arms crossed over my chest and an eyebrow cocked in question.

"So what's the problem and why are either of you listening to someone else's word vomit?" I asked as they turned to look at each other.

It took less than a second and the "I'm sorry's" started and the "I should have know betters" followed with embraces and kisses. I coughed loudly enough to be heard over the music and their talking.

"You two have ten minutes to get ready for the first show and Paul you can't go out there with your ass painted and a just a g string. You'll get us shut down and that my friend is no rumor," I said and we all laughed.

I stayed back stage during the first set playing bouncer. Assuring our dancers that no would be groupies made their way back without a personal invitation. Paul and Em came off stage and disappeared somewhere. I could only imagine what they were getting up to and they better have made it to Em's apartment or the owner would be one pissed off man. That thought of Jasper's smirking face caused me to laugh to myself. My phone vibrated against my thigh at that exact moment.

The incoming text said:

**Trouble at the bar. Need you right now** J

I raced through the backstage area and headed straight for the main bar. I could see Jasper holding back that ex jock Mike Newton who hit on me all those months ago and Garrett was struggling to hold Riley back. He was about to lose the battle when I saw Seth step between the two angry men.

"Riley, please baby, calm down," Seth was crying as he tried to get Riley to look at him.

"That asshole is going to pay for talking to you like that," Riley shouted at Newton as he struggled to break free of Garrett's hold.

"Every word I said was fucking true and he knows it," Newton shouted throwing a look toward Seth. "He's a cum whore and he's always been an easy pick up. He's never turned down a cock in his life. Just ask him!"

"You son of a bitch, I'll break you in two," Riley lunged and broke free of Garrett and in the process knocked Seth to the floor…hard! When Riley realized what he had done, he stopped cold in his tracks. I reached Seth first and was helping him up when Riley tried to apologize.

"Stop, Riley, just stop," Seth said. Everyone seated at the bar and standing close by had stopped, glued to the scene going down in front of them.

"Let him go Jasper," Seth said and Jasper relaxed his hold on Newton. "Riley…he's right. That is exactly what I was. You can ask anybody here, they'll tell you it's true." I'd never seen Seth look so miserable before.

"Seth…" Riley tried to speak but Seth put a hand up to stop him.

"It was true," he emphasized the word was before he continued.

"Buy then Edward and Jasper showed me what true love was and what I was missing. Edward did me the biggest favor that anyone had ever done, he turned me down. Then you came into my life and turned it upside down," Seth said looking straight at Riley.

"I don't ever plan on being the old Seth ever again," Seth said as he walked up close to Riley. "I want to be the Seth that you've helped me become for the rest of my days." Riley pulled Seth into his arms and kissed him hard. Shouts and loud cheers went up all around us. When they finally broke apart, you could see the strong connection between them as clear as day.

"Newton take your sorry ass out of my place and don't ever come back," I said facing the completely astonished piece of crap.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Jasper owns the Golden Halo and he's the only one that can ban me," Newton said getting in my face.

I felt my fist tighten and my arm come around only seconds before the completely satisfying sound of Newton's nose cracking reached my ears and his ass hit the floor. He was sitting there holding his nose while the blood seeped through his fingers looking up at me.

"That was true but the new name of this club is the Horny Halo and Jasper and I are joint owners, so I can throw you out and I can ban you. Garrett help this piece of shit to the door," I said over my shoulder as I walked to stand by Jasper.

Cheers went up around the bar and the music announcing the second revue for the night came up. Jasper grabbed me in a tight hug, pushing my back up against the bar and kissing me. I felt his cock brush up against my hip and he was hard as stone.

"Good Lord, you turn me on when you go all bossy on me," Jasper said with a panting breath against me lips. I couldn't help the smile that crossed my face.

"I'll remember that later," I said. "And that's no fucking rumor."

***Several hours later***

I looked back over my shoulder at the new sign outside our place, Jasper's and mine. Oh Emmett was still a partner too but he wanted to stay in the revue and dance and I was happy to be a working partner. The golden halo shined bright in the dark of the night and the bright red horns that sprouted from it flashed light in every direction. It looked fabulous.

Walking the few blocks back to my old club in the wee hours of the morning, I realized this would be the last time that I would make this trip. Jasper had understood that I needed to be sure that Jake did okay on his opening night too. I stopped in front of the door where the sign that used to read 'Ed's Place' had been replaced with one that said 'Jake's'. It looked good. Pushing the door open, I walked inside.

It was still the same club but Jake had made several changes for the better, I admitted. There was a big piano in the corner now where a friend of Leah's came to play music and sing a couple of nights a week. More tables had been added and the atmosphere had changed. Now there were more straight couples than gay but that was okay. Everyone was admitted no matter their sexual preferences. The place actually reminded me of one of those old piano bars out of the late 50's and before the Beatles invaded in the 60's. If felt comfortable. Jake was tending bar and Leah was cleaning up. Last call had been given and there were only a handful of people left in the place. Jake smiled hugely at me when he saw me standing at the entrance.

"So how did opening night go," I asked when I reached the bar and he placed a beer on the edge in front of me.

"You know, it was actually really good," he answered then turned to Leah. "Don't you think so, hun?"

Leah turned to face me and you could just see the round little belly under her apron showing now. She was still glowing.

"I think we did pretty good considering," Leah smiled then added. "Of course you heard the rumor that the man himself, Edward Cullen, sold Ed's Place and moved on."

"Yea I heard that rumor," I answered and took a pull on my beer. "Have you heard the one about the ex gay club that not operates for gays and straights and one of the owners is a pregnant woman?"

"I heard that one," Jake quipped back. "And for once the fucking rumor is true!" We all broke out in laughter at that point; well RUMOR HAS IT, that's what happened.

The End

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