Hi all! A new fic for a new year! (yes i know, it's March already, but this has been on the boil for a few months!) Please bear with me in that I borrowed the opening from the end of "Angels in Waiting". I really like these scenes and always thought they were underrated. The rest of this fic might be short-lived. I don't know yet, where this will take us all. But if you like the chase, enjoy the challenge and relish the hunt... then maybe, just maybe, you'll stick with me!

Kelly headed up the angels as they breezed into the office the next morning, finding Bosley predictably once again going through the books.

"Up, Bosley!" Kelly called, as she approached his chair.

"W-what?" A sheepish Bosley stuttered. Kelly caught hold of his discarded suit jacket smartly, on her way towards him.

"Get up! Put on your coat!" She briskly reached his chair and held out his jacket for him.

"Why?" A startled Bosley did as he was told, throwing a ledger back down on his desk.

"Coz you're going somewhere!" Kelly answered, grinning. The phone rang just as he stood and allowed Kelly to help him into his jacket. He didn't even have time to reach across his desk and take the call, as Kris pinged the speaker switch.

"Hi Charlie, we just got here."

"You don't even have to pack," Sabrina chimed in, "we brought you a whole new wardrobe, you can go straight to the airport, huh?" She gave Bosley a winning smile, as Kelly finished helping him on with his jacket, then came round to the other side of the table to join Sabrina and Kris.

"And you better hurry, because your plane leaves in less than an hour." Sabrina and Kelly both checked their watches, then Kelly handed over a brown envelope to Bosley.

"Here's your ticket and some extra cash!"

"But where am I going?" Bosley accepted the envelope in bewilderment.

Charlie answered his question.

"I'm sending you to the Bahamas for a few days, Bosley."

"The Bahamas? To do what?" Bosley was almost beside himself.

"To do absolutely nothing." Charlie replied.

"Nothing? I don't understand!" Bosley was still trying to make sense of this very sudden surprise.

The girls smiled, then Sabrina leaned forward a little, in mock secrecy.

"Pssst! Bosley, it's called… a vacation!"

" A vacation?" A hint of a smile touched Bosleys lips, as the idea of a very welcome break beckoned cajolingly before him. Then the idea fizzled a little. "But I've got all this bookwork to do!" He protested loudly, half expecting to have to shrug his jacket back off and get back down to work. But Sabrina kept the dream alive.

"That's okay - we're gonna take care of the bookkeeping!" She assured him, still smiling.

Bosleys sense of fair play was distressed. "No, no no! I lost the game, you won! I'm supposed to do all the bookwork! What you're doing doesn't make sense!" He finished, feeling genuinely troubled by all this sudden change of plan.

Kris shrugged. "Well that just goes to show ya!"

"Which is?" Bosley still protested.

Kris looked mischievously around the group.

"We're not all as predictable as you are!" Kelly and Sabrina joined in Kris's joke as Bosley shook his head in submission.

"Have a good time, Bosley." Charlie warmly gave Bosley a final thumbs up to be on his way and Kelly grabbed him away from his desk and the latent bookkeeping.

"C'mon Bos!"

You know, I am crazy about all three of you?" Bosley chirped, as the girls ushered him out of the office.

"Or did you know that too?" He joked.

"Oh we know everything about you Bos…"

"You're predictable!" Kris laughed, as Bosley half turned in amusement on his way out the door. And five minutes later, Bosley was away. The girls came back into the office after waving Bosley off, feeling very pleased and content, even though at least three days paperwork loomed before them.

Sabrina sighed as she went around to the bar to make coffee.

"Ah, Bosley is going to have a great time, isn't he?"

Kelly was hovering over his desk, picking up the ledger and other various folders.

"It's about time he had a break!" She felt a little twinge of guilt. "You know, I do take him for granted occasionally. I should never do that."

"Yeah Kelly, you're right." Kris agreed from the sofa. "This is a team - we should never just assume that Bosley is around just to … well, you know … do the paperwork."

"Yeah, he's a good man. From now on…" Sabrina said thoughtfully, as she sorted out the drinks, "…let's try not to hedge Bos into his chair so much. I'm as guilty as anyone. Kelly's right. He deserves more."

The morning wore on, and all three angels knuckled down to the books, finding more and more reasons to give Bosley credit where credit was due. This was not as simple as people thought. Although all three angels were more than competent at their own personal financial budgeting, they realised that accounting for a business that handled so many unorthodox matters which crisscrossed so many national or cultural backgrounds, it wasn't always just as simple as dotting the I's and crossing the T's. They had to hand it to both Bosley and Charlie.

By lunch time, even Sabrina was beginning to get a headache. Kelly and Kris had both succumbed to carbohydrate deprivation by around 11am and were feeling the effects that not even intravenous caffeine could have assuaged.

"Okay. I'm ravenous!" Kris lamented, from her sitting position on the floor, surrounded by open folders, sheets of jotted notes, typed notes, various pencils and a calculator. "I need to eat. Seriously."

Kelly checked her watch.

"Right. It's 12.30. Okay, what's everyone want? Are we ordering in?" Kelly looked up from the big ledger she was poring over, at Bosleys desk.

Sabrina shuffled a big fat wad of computer printout into some kind of neat pile that she could readily pick up on, and placed it on the couch next to her.

"You know, I fancy going over to the pub on the corner of Eighteen and Grand - you know, where Bosley goes?"

"Oh, yeah - Cheerio." Kris looked up. "I've been there before, the foods good, even if the coffee is a little…" She shook her hand in the air to emphasize her feelings, "ah-aaah!" She grinned.

"Well I've drunk enough coffee this morning to fill the LA river!" Sabrina joked. "And I like the food there too! What do you think, Kelly?"

Kelly looked up and threw her pencil down and smiled. "C'mon, let's go out and eat! I need a change of scenery! You two go ahead, I'll just call Charlie and let him know we're out to lunch."

"Don't forget the answer machine." Sabrina called over her shoulder, as she and Kris headed out the door.

"So, the steak sounds real nice!" Kris enthused, as she pored over a more inviting cut of paperwork. "Yeah," she nodded almost to herself, "I'm going for the steak with fries and salad."

She looked up from her menu, and cast a glance towards Sabrina and Kelly, who were still on the verge of decision making.

She grinned as they both looked up from their browsing and met her enquiring look.

"And to follow…" She added, casting her eyes back down to business and flipping the menu to the desserts with a flourish, "Hmm, ooh, let me see…"

Kelly and Sabrina simultaneously glanced at each other with raised eyebrows, knowing full well that the size of steak that Kris was ready to order would be enough to fill a Jill-sized lion for a month.

Sabrina snapped her menu shut with determination.

"Okay Kris, we'll do this your way - steaks all round and a house dessert to follow!" She smiled mischievously.

Kris looked back across the table at Sabrina, a challenging glint in her eye.

"I could eat you under this table today, Bri, I am so hungry!" Kris grinned. Kelly looked at Sabrina then back at Kris, feeling a little more easy that her two friends were finally beginning to gel.

Since Jill's long absences in Europe had become more frequent, Kelly had been more worried recently about Kris and Sabrina's relationship. In her heart, Kelly knew that Sabrina missed Jill badly. Hell, so did all of them. But for some reason, Bri had taken it hardest. And Kelly knew, that it had told on her and Kris's relationship, even though Bri would never ever admit such a thing. No, it was not Sabrina's style to give in to anything as petty as one-up-man-ship. Sabrina had treated Kris as welcomingly and as endearingly as she knew how, Kelly had noted. It was just that…


A commanding voice boomed across the restaurant, as three men rushed through the door, armed and taking every single occupant by complete surprise. One of the men went straight to the bar and the tills, whilst the other two split up, one heading for the rear of the premises, the other hanging back, around the diners tables. As cries of anxiety and shock went up, a shot was fired, bringing the majority of diners to silence, save for a few whimpers from frightened females.

The man who had hung back around the tables suddenly made himself more known to his intended victims.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! This is what's generally know as… a stick up!" The man shouted, then lowered his voice a little to suit the quietude of his audience.

"Put all your wallets and purses out on your table! Do it now, and you will not get hurt!"

Kelly, Kris and Sabrina sat still, tense, yet ready. Each one of them already honing in to each others grasp of the situation, each one already feeling each others need to act, yet waiting for the exact moment to present itself, waiting for the moment when they could act without endangering the lives of those around them. The moment was not yet. They eyed each other, acknowledging everything, giving nothing away.

"So, come on, lovely ladies, let the dog see the rabbit!" The man either in charge or designated as booty grabber, was obviously British. His accent stuck out a mile. So did the weapon he was brandishing, as he made his way among the tables. If anyone amongst the diners had been a weapons expert, they might possibly have noted that one of the gang was carrying an antique flintlock pistol.

"That's it, grandad! Get your wads out and hand it over! You really don't need all this cash to yourself do you?" The thief intoned mockingly, as he scooped handfuls of bills away from his frightened and disturbed victims and shoved them into a rucksack.

Sabrina heard the man snickering under his breath as he approached their own table. Her back was to the action behind, so she kept her head down but cast her eyes upward to see how the front was guarded. Damn. Yet another armed man, nervously keeping watch there. This was just not looking good.

"Right, ladies! You're next!" A seemingly chirpy voice broke through her thoughts. Sabrina looked around the table. Kelly and Kris were ready, that she knew. But what was the play? She didn't know right off. Tensely, she turned and looked right at their aggressor.

"Hey lady!" He seemed to be put off-guard by Sabrina's sudden scrutiny. But as briefly as Sabrina had turned to him and turned away, she got and filed an almost complete mental note of his appearance, including the weapon he was waving around.

"What yer lookin' at? Get your purses on the table! NOW!" The chirp in his voice was gone, replaced by anxiety and need.

Kelly checked Kris.

Then slowly, almost methodically, each angel produced their purses, and laid them on the table top, in front of themselves.

The thief smiled. Boy, candy from a baby? That's an understatement, he smiled to himself. He stepped around to the top of the table and took up a position nearest the entrance. He checked his man over at the bar, neatly retrieving the takings from the two tills, with no fuss what so ever. He had good men. He turned his pistol and his full attention to the table of good looking women in front of him. My, what a score! On a different day…. He mused silently.

"Okay girls - empty those purses - now!"

Kris was the first to make a move. She was nearest. Kelly and Sabrina immediately picked up their own purses and either unzipped or unfastened. Then, as one, unflinchingly, they slowly allowed the contents of their purses to drop down - into their waiting grasp.

Kelly was first to take the Brit by surprise, as she deftly brought her gun up from the table to the thief in one smooth movement. She met his eyes unflinchingly. A second later, the thief found himself covered by three guns to one.

Seconds ticked by, as the Brit realised he'd just been outsmarted. His countenance fell. His pistol wavered in the air. He saw three guns pointed right at him, from three switched on girls whom he'd mistakenly assumed were just three harmless floozies. Nuts.

"Okay, girls!" He began to back-peddle. "Tell you what!" And with that, he ducked, lunged and came up with a handful of Kris by her hair.

"Shoot!" Bri cursed under her breath. She hadn't anticipated this. Yet she kept her gun aimed right back at the Brit. But now, as she and Kelly looked on in alarm, the Brit had the muzzle of his gun - whatever it was - stuck right into Kris's temple.

"Hey girls, I got you!" He laughed, seemingly very sure of himself. Kelly and Sabrina kept their own guns trained on the felon, not at all perturbed. Another few seconds of silence fell.

Then an even darker silence fell across the whole restaurant as everyone was suddenly aware of the drama being played out at the table nearest the door.

"Hey, c'mon!" The Brit shouted agitatedly back across the table, shattering his own quiet. He tightened his grip on Kris and made sure of his intentions as he made a big show of pushing the business end of his immaculate flintlock pistol further across Kris's hairline.

"I'm not a violent guy, but if you don't give up… "

Sabrina gave Kelly the signal she had been waiting for.