New story that popped into my head a few days ago. Don't own PJO.

I work for an illegal company; a company who kills innocents. I was recruited when I was only twelve; when I found out my father runs the organization. My mother never knew, and never will know. For her own safety. We kill those who find out, who won't join us, who threaten to expose us.

Everyone works in pairs, and I work with my cousin, Nico Di Angelo. We are the youngest homicides in the company, but we are the most experienced. We travel around the country, killing those are assigned to be eliminated

I hate my job, we both do. But we are too deep to climb out of our mess. We had a chance to oppose our fathers, but we declined. It was our only chance, but we were only thirteen back then, back when we thought we were free. But now, three years later, we realize it is a prison. We are trapped. We cannot escape. We have dug too deep, and cannot escape.

Why am I telling you? You must know the truth, however, if you continue, realize that you and those you love are in danger. Realize I might be the one to find you; to kill you.

I am Percy Jackson, and I work for the MoA; the Murderers of America.

Should I continue? The chapters won't be this short, I promise.