Student of the Black Dragon

Acnologia leisurely yawned, baring his teeth slightly as he rested on a cliff. He had been flying all day and night, and he wanted to take a break. There was a small city near, but Acnologia didn't really think he was up to it. He just wasn't in a very destructive frame of mind. Maybe he'd come back next week.

The black dragon was suddenly disturbed from his passiveness, when he heard some soft crying. His eyes wandered down, and he noticed a small human wandering through the forest. It was a young boy, who had pink hair, and was only wear a worn out pair of pants. From what Acnologia could hear, the boy was crying.

The dragon blinked slightly, as he went flew down for a closer look. Acnologia landed right in front of the boy, surprising him, and making him scream even more.

"GO AWAY!" the boy cried as he fell down. Acnologia didn't respond at first, as he studied the boy.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" the boy cried again, as his tears came back even more. Not really interested in dealing with the kid, Acnologia held up his finger, and got ready to crush the kid like an insect.

"LEAVE!" the boy screamed again, in a tone that didn't seem as afraid, but more demanding. That made Acnologia pause, for a reason he didn't really know. Looking at the child more closely, he reminded the Apocalypse Dragon of Igneel in one way or another. That piqued Acnologia's interest somewhat.

"Where are your parents?" the dragon rumbled. The kid's head shot up, and met the colossal dragon's gaze. He remained sniffling, and tearing.

"You can either answer me, or I can smash you into a paste," Acnologia said frankly. That got the kid talking.

"D… Dead," the boy stuttered slowly, through his tears," I'm… I'm alone."

"So I assembled," Acnologia said," Did you come from the village nearby?" The boy slowly nodded.

"What's your name?"

"N… N…," the boy stuttered.

"Stutter again, and I will swallow you whole," Acnologia hissed.

"Natsu!" the boy yelled quickly.

Summer, Acnologia thought, noting the meaning of the boy's name. He decided it was fitting, because of his pink hair, and fiery personality. Despite himself, Acnologia laughed, his interest in this child growing by the second.

"What's so funny?" Natsu asked nervously.

"You amuse me boy," Acnologia answered calmly," You just might be worth keeping around." That was when the dragon slowly scooped Natsu up in one of his claws, and held him up to eye level.

"From this moment onward, you are my apprentice," Acnologia said. Natsu's eyes widened.

"Are you going to take care of me?" he asked slowly.

"I wouldn't say…," Acnologia began, but before he could finish, Natsu happily jumped up, and grabbed Acnologia's nose.

"THANK YOU!" he said.

Acnologia decided to let the human have his moment, no skin of his teeth. Despite what the boy might think though, Acnologia was not doing this out of the kindness of his heart. For him, it was more amusing to see human's destroy each other, before he stepped in and finished the job. If Acnologia could raise Natsu to hate humanity as he did, Natsu would do the heavy lifting for him, and it would be interesting to see how a human destroyed humanity in such a fashion.

"We will waste no time," Acnologia said," First light tomorrow, we will begin training!"


Natsu snored loudly, as he lay in the cave that Acnologia showed him to.

"WAKE!" came a sudden roar. Natsu let out a yelp as he jumped up, and hit his head on the rocks. He groaned, as he looked up. He noticed Acnologia standing at the entrance of his cave.

"We have no time to waste, human!" Acnologia said firmly," We must begin now!"

"But its so early!" Natsu complained.

"You confuse me with an individual who cares," Acnologia growled," Now you have a few seconds before I force you out of that cave!" Natsu moaned as he staggered into the light. With that, the training began.

It did not take Natsu long to hate training. All the time, Acnologia ran him absolutely ragged, barely ever giving him a chance to take a break. And what the dragon made Natsu do, seemed just as outlandish. It involved Natsu breaking apart large rocks, and uprooting trees.

One time, when Natsu was trying to take down a large tree, he collapsed.

"On your feet!" Acnologia ordered as he hovered over him. the force from his wings causing Natsu to hold onto the ground so that he didn't go flying.

"I can't!" Natsu cried.

"I said, on your feet!" Acnologia repeated," I know you are stronger than that! Now get up!"

Natsu weakly got up, as he charged at the try once again. He charged the dark energy Acnologia taught him how to harness, and slammed it into the tree. The tree split apart, and was obliterated. Natsu took a breath, as he managed to calm down.

"Why did you stop!" Acnologia roared," Destroy the entire forest!"

"But…," Natsu began.

"DO IT!"

After a moment's hesitation, Natsu let out a roar, as he charged, destroying all the trees he could see.

"That's it Natsu!" Acnologia said as his student rampaged on," Show no mercy! Crush your enemies with no hesitation!" Natsu let our an animalistic roar, as he continued to destroy the forest. He then took a deep breath, and gathered the energy in his mouth, before firing it into the trees, leveling them. It might not have been as strong as Acnologia's attack, but it still did a number and created a small clearing.

Exhausted Natsu collapsed, but Acnologia caught him.

"Impressive," he said softly, as he looked at the sleeping Natsu," I suppose taking you in was a good idea after all."


Over the years, Natsu's training with Acnologia began to show incredible results. Natsu had a power level that would impress someone, looking at his stature. But it took a personal level on Natsu. The boy was now dark, steadfast, and ruthless. He showed no hesitation when he was fighting and never let mercy take hold of him.

Interestingly, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, Acnologia, also seemed to be affected by the years. He became protective of Natsu, and taught him other skills, such as how to read and write. The relationship between the two became closer, and became more akin to father and son, rather than just teacher and student.

However, everything took a sudden turn, one day, in the year x777.

Natsu yawned, as he wandered towards where his teacher normally spent his time.

"Hey, Acnologia!" he called, but when he looked around, there was nothing to be seen. The giant black dragon seemed to have vanished.

"Acnologia!" Natsu called as he looked around, but there was nothing there. Natsu ran, as he desperately looked for his foster father, but no such luck.

"Dad!" he cried before falling to his knees.

Note: Well, this was the first chapter of the story.

I am in need of suggestions as to how the story should play out, and I also wonder what element we could call Acnologia. As you might have guessed, Natsu is going to act much darker in this story, since he was raised by Acnologia. I'm not sure if he's going to join Fairy Tail, and even if, I don't know how he would be able to.

I don't know if I can fit pairings into this