Prologue ~ Shattered

A little girl with deep purple hair peeking out from under a hood was huddled in a dark corner, blue bruises littering her face. Crystalline tears trickled down her flushed cheeks from her large amethyst eyes. Her oversized charcoal hoodie hung off her petite form, making her seem even smaller, hunched in a tight ball as she protected her head from blow after blow.

"No..." she quavered, blood oozing from her torn legs, visible through the holes in her leggings.

"Stop it!" she yelled weakly, terrified eyes widening in pain, slim arms held up in vain. The masked men paid her screams no heed.

"Freaks like you need to be taught a lesson" said one, a bulky man whose voice rasped unpleasantly. "It's because of you our town is avoided, brat!" he continued, grasping the girl by the back of her hoodie so she dangled there, like a lost puppy, wriggling desperately.

"No, let me go please! Please!" she screamed hoarsely, scrunching her eyes shut, pathetically lashing out with a tiny fist.

"Shut up!" Another man bellowed in her face, his calloused fist connecting with an audible thump against her cheek, almost wrenching her out of the bulkier man's grip.

"No, stop it, you're hurting me! Stop!" she yelped again, clutching her stinging cheek, tears streaming down her face, blurring her vision so the men were blurry in the shadowed room.

"Help! Please, someone help!" she repeated, hoping against hope that someone was near. That someone would hear her pleas. That someone would care. But no-one did. Her screams fell on deaf ears.

"No... Stop..." she sobbed, her malnourished frame shaking with the force of her crying, lying in a pool of her own blood. She shrank away from the men, who didn't seem to be leaving her. "Leave me alone, please!" she shrieked, her shouts quavering and sputtering out. Terror frozen on her face, she tried to dart through their legs but one of them caught her and yanked her back.

"We're not done with you yet, bitch." He grinned, his teeth rotting and putrid breath washing over the girl, who cowered against the wall. When the thickset man shoved her aside, her dark hood slipped from her head. It revealed two pointed ears, a light purple, and several shades lighter than her ruffled hair. She screeched and twisted away, finally slipping away from the gang, biting the reaching hands and lashing out like a cornered animal when any came near. When the men looked out past the room, the last thing they saw was a lilac, forked tail twitching around the corner and a trail of crimson footprints.

Author's Note : The chapters will get longer after this, promise :)