If You're Lucky Enough

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Summary: What if the bullet hadn't hit Kate? What if it hit someone else?

"Roy Montgomery once told me that there are no victories, only battles…"

Richard Castle stood straight and strong over the open grave as he watched Kate Beckett battle through Montgomery's eulogy. He hadn't wanted her to give it. After the turmoil in the garage, despite knowing that Roy had killed the men who wanted Kate dead, Castle hadn't wanted her exposed. He'd told her so that morning, but the look of hurt on her face was enough to keep him quiet and accept that she needed to do this.

"…and if you're lucky enough, you'll find someone who's willing to stand with you."

Beckett turned her head to her partner of three years, her heart swelling with pride and affection for the writer who'd stolen her heart. She'd been a nightmare to deal with the past few days in the aftermath of Montgomery's death and the failed capture of her mother's killer, and he'd been there. He'd been more than there; he'd been amazing. Maybe it was time…but she couldn't think about that now. Reluctantly, she turned her head back to the sea of grieving friends and family before her.

"Our captain would want us to carry on the fight…"

Castle kept in the smile threatening to break through at Kate's acknowledgement. He knew they still had a long way to go before she'd be willing to trust him with a relationship, but it was more than enough for now that she knew he wasn't going anywhere. How could he? He was head over heels in love with his partner and he'd stand with her as long as there was life in his… what on earth was that? Castle's mind was jolted away from his partner by a blinding glint on the other side of the cemetery. He stood up on his toes and squinted in a failed attempt to figure out what was going on. What ever it was, it couldn't be good. A second later, the glare faltered, and Castle's heart stopped as he saw the barrel of a rifle pointed at the love of his life.

"And even if there is…"

"KATE!" Castle yelled as he slammed into Beckett, throwing the two of them to the ground as the sound of a gunshot registered somewhere in the back of his mind. Screams echoed around his pulsing head, but it didn't matter, not as long as she was safe. "Beckett!" He had to help her. Was he too late? Was she okay? He felt for his arms, but couldn't seem to find the energy to lift them. Was he in shock? This was not the time. He had to know though; he had to see her. Why couldn't he see her?

"Kate…?" He asked to the chaos. The voice behind the question sounded foreign to the usually cocky writer.

"Rick, you have to hold still!" Cried Kate. He still couldn't see her, but her voice sounded strong. She was okay. Everything was going to be okay. Castle felt his eyes close in relief, but the second they did, he felt himself being shaken back to reality.

"Rick, stay with me! Please!" Why was she asking him to do the obvious? Of course he'd stay with her; he just had to rest. The adrenaline was just too much. If he could just close his eyes…

"Rick, please! You can't leave me. Hold on!" He felt droplets falling onto his face. Beckett was crying. But she couldn't be, she had to be okay! Castle fought to respond, but the ability to move his lips seemed to have left him. The last thing Richard Castle heard before he succumbed was Katherine Beckett's voice telling him she loved him.

So, this has probably been done before, but the plot bunny won't leave me alone! Hope you enjoy!