This is just a fluffy/smutty update. :)

Chapter 23

It was not even a week later when an envelope too large to fit inside the box appeared at the Victorian house along Cape May's beaches.

Kurt answered the door at nine in the morning, still wiping the sleep from his eyes and trying too hard not to glare at the man just doing his job. "Yes?" he said tentatively, having spotted the envelope.

"I have a rather large envelope for a Mr. Kurt E. Hummel?" the man said politely.

"T-that would be me," Kurt was nervous because he automatically knew what the envelope was – it was from Parsons. "Can you take it back?" he said quickly, without thinking. "I mean, that's me. I'm Kurt E. Hummel."

The man smiled behind his bushy mustache, "Well then this envelope would be for you. Have a nice day sir." The man nodded before turning and leaving. If they would have been in different positions, Kurt would have sprinted away from the house.

"I'm an idiot," he murmured as he inspected the envelope. It wasn't anything like the envelope he had received in February. Instead, it was so stuffed full of papers that the envelope was barely staying closed. He traced the bright red design on the return address.

This was it.

This was the acceptance to Parsons.

It had to be, Kurt reasoned. There was no way they would send him a huge packet just to reject him. That seemed far too cruel to do to someone.

Kurt knew Blaine was on the dock with the children from the hotel, but he didn't even care. He slipped his boat shoes on, forgot about the fact that he was in pajamas, and ran toward the dock. He knew anyone that saw him would think he was crazy but for the first time:

He didn't care.

He didn't care that his hair was a mess.

He didn't care that his clothes really didn't match.

He didn't care that he hadn't even opened the envelope yet.

All that mattered was the fact that he had the envelope in his hands, and that he would be going, as an equal, to New York with Blaine.

Tears formed in his eyes the moment he saw Blaine standing on the dock. His broad shoulders and back were to Kurt, but it didn't matter.

"Mr. Blaine…." A child said while pointing behind him.

Blaine turned quickly and his eyes lit up at the sight of Kurt and the envelope.

They didn't even need to say anything. Kurt didn't even know what he was doing, he jumped up on Blaine and hugged him, "I got in! I got in!"

Blaine was twirling him around, wet tears falling onto his shoulder, "I'm so proud of you!"

Kurt realized they were putting on a show for twelve very confused children, and lowered his legs quickly. "I didn't even open it yet…but it's the big envelope."

Blaine laughed, "Open it now!"

Kurt slipped his finger under the envelope and opened it despite his shaking fingers. He wanted to catalogue this memory in his brain for the rest of time – every single face, every sound, every emotion.

He unfolded the letter carefully – he was going to scrapbook it later.

He read it to Blaine.

Dear Mr. Hummel:

Congratulations! You have been moved to the Parsons New School of Design Class of 2017 registry. You are one of only three students to be moved to the new class. Our academic and art committees have the utmost confidence in your abilities and your obvious growth has surprised and inspired us. We are thrilled to have you in our ranks and even more excited to learn of your experiences working with Victorian garments this summer. You are expected to arrive August 24, 2012 for your orientation.

The letter went on to describe dorming, finances, and meal plans. Kurt didn't even pay attention to the other forms – he just hugged the letter to his chest.

"I did it," he whispered, oblivious to Blaine staring at him.

"You are amazing," Blaine whispered as he wrapped his arms around Kurt. "I knew they would realize the huge mistake they made. One of three to move from the waitlist! One of three! Do you know many people they probably had – hundreds!"

"I doubt it," Kurt said while reddening quickly. "But I'm happy they have faith in me."

"How couldn't they?" Blaine exclaimed, "You are Kurt Hummel!"

"Oh my god, I have to tell my dad! I have to tell Meg! I have to tell Mercedes!" Kurt couldn't wait for them to share in his excitement. They'd all been there for so long that he knew they would love to see him win as much as he wanted to win.

Blaine pressed a kiss to Kurt's temple, "And I have to get back to work, unfortunately. How about we celebrate tonight," his tone went gravelly by the end. "I know Meg is out of town right now."

Kurt shivered, "In front of children Blaine, really? I expected better of you."

Blaine winked, "They didn't hear any of it anyway. They're too distracted by the parasailer."

Kurt turned to see that Blaine was right – they were all staring into the sky. He wondered how Blaine even knew what they were doing. He knew that he couldn't pay attention to the children and be engaged in a conversation at the same time. Not for the first time, Kurt thought about if that was how it would be in the future. Would Blaine still have that sixth sense when it came to children?

Would he be that way with their children?

"Kurt? Are you okay?" Blaine grabbed his hand, "You have a weird look on your face…"

Kurt shook his head, "I was just thinking about…the future."

"I'm so happy for you," Blaine said sincerely, "but I really do need to get back to work if we want to pay the bills in our fancy apartment while we are in New York."

Kurt grinned, "I'll see you tonight for dinner, right?"

"I'll be there around five. Dress nice."

"Dinner was good," Kurt commented between kisses as Blaine pulled him up the stairs.

"Excellent," Blaine whispered as he leaned down to kiss Kurt's neck. He pulled back quickly and grabbed Kurt's hand to lead him into Kurt's bedroom.

As soon as Blaine had shut the door, Kurt found himself pressed up against it, the warmth pressing into his chest sharply contrasting from the coldness of the door his back was pressed into. He hadn't even had time to take a breath before Blaine's lips met his and he couldn't believe this had happened. Kurt could feel how desperate, how full of want and need and lust Blaine's kiss was. It hadn't been like that yet, the inherent need and want to feel each other.

And it was fucking amazing.

He returned the kiss with as much passion as he possibly could, and he smirked just a little when he felt Blaine moan into the kiss. The pale boy pulled his lips from Blaine's, and the shorter boy pouted from the loss. Kurt wasn't done, though. Soon he pressed his lips against Blaine's jaw, and when they passed over his pulse point, the olive-skinned boy couldn't stop the moan that passed between his parted lips. Kurt felt like being slightly adventurous and bit down gently on the juncture between shoulder and neck.

"Kurt... god, Kurt," Blaine panted as Kurt worked at making a hickey that would mark Blaine as his, and at that moment Kurt didn't care what anyone would think when they saw the mark.

Kurt looked at his handiwork, and, satisfied with the shade of purple he had turned Blaine's olive skin, he brought his lips up to Blaine's and felt the warm, soft lips meet his, matching exactly how much passion he put into the kiss. He ran his tongue along Blaine's lower lip, and soon Blaine's mouth was open and their tongues were wrestling and Kurt must have won because Blaine's tongue had stilled and Kurt could taste coffee and vanilla, and then something that could only be described as Blaine. It was musky, salty, yet kind of sweet. He explored every inch of Blaine's mouth, trying to get as much of that taste as he possibly could. Kurt pulled away once more, and smiled softly as Blaine whimpered from the loss.

"That was... unexpected." Blaine tried to catch his breath, but Kurt pawed through his clothes and made that nearly impossible.

"Yeah, but judging by the noises you were making, you thoroughly enjoyed that," Kurt said as he leaned further into Blaine.

Blaine captured Kurt's lips in a fiery kiss, showing all the passion he was too afraid to reveal just hours earlier on the dock. He ran his tongue along Kurt's bottom lip, and Kurt hadn't even realized he'd opened his lips before he felt Blaine's tongue in his mouth and all attempts at thinking were replaced with Blaine's name and various curses.

Soon Blaine's mouth was on Kurt's neck again and Kurt couldn't breathe because holy crap it felt so fucking good. "Blaine!" Kurt cried out as Blaine trailed little nips down Kurt's jaw line, sucking on the taller boy's pulse point. Kurt knew he fully intended to leave a hickey that was almost identical to the one Kurt had left earlier.

"I love you so much," Blaine gasped when he pulled back.

"I love you too," Kurt said, kissing him quickly, "I can't wait until we can do this all the time in New York. Just us. No waiting for the house to be empty."

Their lips crashed together once more, neither sure who initiated the kiss, and Blaine tried to lead the way as Kurt refused to detach his lips from Blaine's. They knocked over Kurt's desk chair and managed to run into the bed frame when they finally reached the bed.

Once they reached the bed, Blaine found himself pressed up against the wall instead, with very soft lips kissing, biting, sucking at his neck.

"Kurt- too many clothes- god, Kurt, I love you." Kurt smirked and relaxed the pressure that was keeping Blaine against the wall. Kurt needed to feel Blaine's skin and knew Blaine was thinking the same thing. They moved toward the bed stripping.

Kurt ripped off the last articles of clothing covering his torso, and took a second to admire Blaine, the trails of dark hair coating his chest, the faint six-pack that made Kurt's cock twitch, the V that dipped down into his pants, which were forming a tent. The taller boy let out a soft moan, and half-spoke, half-whispered, "You're perfect."

Kurt knew he said it every time, but it was true. He still had a hard time believing this was his.

Blaine stared at Kurt, his fingers gently trailing down Kurt's skin, "God, Kurt, you're so beautiful." Blaine nuzzled into his neck again, "I'm so freaking lucky. You're perfect."

Kurt's eyes met Blaine's, hope shining through the blue and green and gray that mixed together to form an indescribable color. "Y-you really think so?"

"Absolutely. I can't imagine anyone telling you otherwise, and I can't believe how lucky I am to be with you right now." Kurt felt truly gorgeous when he was with Blaine, like the words other people said didn't matter. The dark-haired boy pressed a soft kiss to Kurt's lips, which responded instantly. They kissed until their lungs burned from the need to breathe, and pulled apart, gasping for air.

Kurt's eyes traced the contours of Blaine's shirtless body, and before his brain could stop him, Kurt was on top of Blaine, hands memorizing every inch of tanned skin, lips crashing back into lips with primal need that Kurt didn't know he was capable of feeling. Long fingers grazed Blaine's nipples, and the shorter boy bucked involuntarily, his arousal meeting Kurt's.

Both let out a loud, harsh moan and ground their cocks together, desperately craving friction, anything to give them relief. Again, the thought that there were far too many layers between them crossed their minds, and Blaine's hands traveled to Kurt's jeans, unbuttoning them and peeling them off his boyfriend's legs.

He arched into Kurt (earning a rather loud moan) and Kurt ripped the tight jeans away from their owner. His hips pressed down into Blaine's and both boys' vision blurred from the pleasure and the fact that there was essentially nothing between them.

Both had the same thought at the same time and thumbs were hooked into waistbands and before they had time to think about whether they should really be doing this, boxers were flung carelessly off the bed and they were grinding into each other with no barriers. Precum dripped from both heads and the pleasure when cock met aching cock was too much and not enough at the same time.

Before long, Kurt moved from Blaine's mouth to trail sloppy kisses down his neck, pausing to nip again at his collarbone, and continued with the kisses down his chest, veering off to the side to tease Blaine's nipple, just for a second, before returning to his path. He felt the hair getting thicker as he neared Blaine's arousal, and stopped to glance at it. His heart raced as he took in the sight of the boy that was only his.

His mouth was situated directly above Blaine, and he was so very close to the other boy's cock, yet he didn't touch it. It seemed he did everything but touch it. He moved his head around it, letting his nose graze the surrounding skin, yet was very careful to avoid the pulsating length he knew would be Blaine's undoing.

"God, Kurt..." Blaine whimpered, and Kurt could feel his cock, which had been hard far longer than could be comfortable, twitch from the desperation in the olive-skinned boy's voice.

Then Kurt had an idea. "Tell me what you want, Blaine."

"Kurt... need... you..." The feel of Kurt's hot breath against the head of his cock was almost too much, and any attempts at forming words were thrown out the window.

"You have me, baby. I'm going to need you to be more specific." Kurt had to bite the inside of his cheek to focus on something other than his own desperation, but it seemed to have the opposite effect. His cock throbbed painfully, and he had to bite his lip to stifle a moan, which added to his arousal even more, if that was possible.

Blaine's mouth seemed to be more capable of coherency than his brain at that moment. "God, Kurt, I need you to suck me right now please. I'm going to die if you don't."

Kurt couldn't resist any more, and pressed his tongue to the rock-hard cock sitting in front of him. The harsh groan that Kurt somehow knew was his name.

Kurt smirked, the power he had over Blaine boosting his confidence. He kissed the head of Blaine's arousal, and took it into his mouth, as far as he could. Blaine, unable to stop himself, bucked up. Kurt squeezed his thigh to show him that it was okay.

All Blaine could do was nod, and his vision faded to white for a moment as his dick was surrounded by the wet heat of Kurt's mouth. Tentatively, he began to thrust, shallowly at first, then gained confidence at the amazing feeling. Kurt reveled in the feeling, he could feel Blaine's legs shaking and hear him losing the ability to control himself.

"Kurt- close," was all he could say, but Kurt pulled off of his dick with something even better in mind. And he wasn't quite ready for Blaine to come yet.

"Babe, I want you to fuck me." The request startled Blaine, and he looked at Kurt.

"Do- are you sure- if you want to, I can bottom. I don't ne-" He was cut off by a pair of lips moving confidently against his own.

"Blaine, I'm sure. And I want to bottom, just to see what it's like."

"It-it'll hurt. Still sure?"

"Just fuck me. But, erm, I think you want to prep me first." Kurt winced at what it might feel like without stretching. He saw a question about to form, and answered it with a nod toward the nightstand.

Though, he was nervous.

Blaine scrambled for a condom and some lube, and squeezed the cool liquid onto his fingers. He motioned for Kurt to spread his legs, and the porcelain-skinned boy did, almost shaking with anticipation. Blaine circled around Kurt's hole before finally inching a single finger in.

Kurt's vision swam and he instinctively clenched around Blaine's finger, but forced himself to relax when the burn intensified. Slowly, the pain faded to a bearable level and Kurt nodded, almost imperceptibly, giving permission for Blaine to continue. The paler boy felt a pressure and suddenly burning pain shot up his back as Blaine pushed in a second finger. He froze, and when Kurt began to relax, he wiggled his fingers, stretching Kurt as much as possible before crooking his fingers just right, causing the younger one to cry out from the sudden burst of pleasure.

"OHFUCKBLAINERIGHTTHERE!" was all Kurt was able to say as an intense wave of pleasure destroyed all ability to form thoughts that didn't consist of Blaine's name and choice swears.

"Right... here?" On the second word, Blaine crooked his fingers again, hitting Kurt's prostate at the perfect angle. Kurt screamed out Blaine's name, along with curse words he wouldn't say in polite conversation. He ground his hips down onto Blaine's fingers, desperate for more.

This needed to happen much more frequently.

Blaine moaned and Kurt blushed when he saw him looking at his hand. "Babe…I need…"

"Do it," Kurt instructed.

He pulled out his fingers and wasted no time in rolling on a condom. He slicked up his cock in record time and positioned himself at Kurt's entrance. Kurt knew that all Blaine wanted to do was shove the rest in and just pound Kurt so hard he wouldn't be able to walk for a week, but he knew he couldn't do that to him – Kurt needed time to adjust. Kurt also knew that Blaine understood that.

Slowly, gently, he pushed in, stopping to let Kurt adjust whenever he felt the smaller boy clench around him. By the time he was all the way in Kurt, white spots were dancing across his vision and he let a loud moan slip.

"God, Kurt, you're so fucking tight..." Blaine gripping onto Kurt tightly – enough to leave marks for quite a few days. Carefully, he pulled out until just the head of his cock was in Kurt, and moaned softly when Kurt clenched around it. He thrust in again, and then Kurt met his thrust. They found a rhythm and, with a slight angle adjustment from Blaine, Kurt cried out when Blaine found his prostate.

"FUCK! Ah, Blaine, holy shit, Blaine," Kurt moaned, chanting Blaine's name like it would save his life. "So close, Blaine, I'm co-HOLYSHITBLAINE!"

Blaine breathed in sharply as he felt Kurt contract around him, and suddenly there was hot, sticky cum all over their stomach, and the fact that he was the one that had done this to Kurt was enough to send Blaine falling over the edge. Pleasure seemed to be flowing through his veins instead of blood, and he nearly blacked out from the overload. When he came down from his high, he gently pulled out of a half-conscious Kurt, and soon they were on their sides, Kurt pressed up against Blaine's muscular chest, and then Blaine was fast asleep around him.

Kurt couldn't wait for New York.