Cinderheart padded through the forest with the rest of Thunderclan after the battle in the tunnels with Windclan. Hollyleaf's plan had worked! Windclan hadn't seen it coming. Though they had won the battle something was bothering Cinderheart. Her thoughts kept going back to what Jayfeather in the forest.

"What do you want?" Jayfeather asked.

"I wanted Lionblaze," Cinderheart said, "But I can't have him."

"Oh? Really?" Jayfeather said, "Why not?"

"Because of his destiny," Cinderheart replied.

"You have a destiny, too, but that isn't the whole of who you are. You can still shape your own life."

Cinderheart was silent, but a slight amount of hope rose up in her.

"You have a chance to be happy, and to make Lionblaze happy, too. Don't throw that away because you spent too long trying to figure out the right thing to do."

Maybe Jayfaether was right. Maybe she should say yes to Lionblaze. With her heart full and happy for the first time in days Cinderheart walked towards camp ready to tell Lionblaze her decision.