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Many, Many years later

Running, hiding, trying to find him.

"Harry!" Sirius screamed out, he couldn't believe his godson. Fully believing Voldemort had kidnapped Sirius, if only he had've taken the stupid Occlumency lessons from Snape. But then again, Snivellus was an awful teacher.

He ran straight into a duel between his little niece Tonks and Bellatrix. Pushing Tonks to the side, he decided to duel with Bella. "You can do better than that, cousin" he shouted at her. He wanted to taunt her, invoke her fury, make her want him. He could never compensate for Lord Voldemort in her eyes, but he couldn't forget those beautiful brown eyes.

She hit him with a stunning spell right in the chest. He started to fall backwards being sucked into the Veil. The ghost of a laugh mixed with surprise still etched on his face. Killed by the only one he had ever loved, forever and for always.

He could still taste her sweet lips as descended into death, almost like a peaceful sleep.