HalfafanD: Ember has turned Danny into a three year old! And that's not all! He's also stuck in Phantom form and everyone had just experienced it! Worst of all, it was all a plan of Vlad's to get the perfect son! Can the citizens of Amity Park protect their little hero?

Disclaimer: If you think I own Danny Phantom, you're nuts!

Tiny Toddler

Everyone gathered in the park, to see another battle between Danny Phantom and Ember. The fight went on for twenty minuets per say and Danny was staring to get wiped out from exhaustion.

"So Ember, how's your boyfriend? Enjoying his butt getting kicked every time he tries to get my pelt?" He asked in amusment. Ember, all though he skin was chalk white, was boiling with anger. She then played another cord on her guitar. A pink fist emerged then smacked Danny down ward.

"And thanks to you trashing his suit, I now have to take his stupid assignment!" She shouted in anger. She then played another cord and blasted Danny again. Jazz, Sam, and Tucker happened to be in the crowd and saw this because as soon as Danny was blasted, a worried shout of "Danny!" to make sure their friend was alright could be heard from the ground below.

Once Danny regained his strength while falling, he zoomed back up at Ember ready to strike. Ember went ahead and took this as her opportunity, 'cause what she did next was pull out a shringe and then dodged Danny's attack and flew up from behind.

Danny soon felt a prick on his arm. He turned to see Ember injecting something into him. But before he could attack her, the injection was done and she moved out of the way of his punch.

"Wha-what was that!" He shouted, his eyes and hands glowing emerald green showing he was demanding answers.

"Oh, you'll find out. Believe me, you'll find out. But by then, you won't care, heck, you won't even remember." Ember responded, smirking before striking a final blow with her guitar. The blast forced Danny down and land on the ground. Satispide, Ember flew away.

Sam, Tucker, and Jazz quickly ran over to where Danny landed, the group of Amity Park citizens following not too far behind. Once they reached the teen hero, they saw his hazmat suit emty but could spot a small lump underneath.

"Danny?" Jazz questioned as she knelt down and slowly lifted the suit's head hole since the lump happened to be inside the suit. Everyone gasped at what that mysterious lump was.

A small head with snow white hair and big, baby, emerald, green eyes emerged poked out of the jumpsuit.

HalfafanD: And… we're done here. Ok now guys, you know the drill.